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  1. Folly66


    Thanks blackhat250. Just find it amazing how the price jumps for the dt400. Take it the rd400 is a complete different cable? Fou d one that lists the xt500, rd400, and xs400 but not the dt400 ?.
  2. Folly66


    Just wonder if anyone knows the measurement for the throttle cable of a dt400mx 1978. It's the cable with the oil pump?
  3. That was my first bike on the road a blue dt50mx back in 82. Wanted the white and red but that was next years colours so I was told at the dealer. ?
  4. I've done yorkhill for afew years now but this year didn't bother I know it's for charity but the run as got worse. So I donate via online. I have started to do the Erskine run for the soldiers hospital. Which is better organised things to do when you get to the hospital. Than stand in a car park and have a burger.
  5. Did till somewhere after two trees we parted ways. ??
  6. This is what's left of my scorpion exo 1200 after clipping two trees. Still has part of the tree stuck in it ?. I'll be buying another saved my life.
  7. Folly66


    Thanks blackhat250 I'll message them tomorrow.
  8. Folly66


    Looking for a complete throttle cable for a 1978 dt400mx. That does cost the earth ?, if that's possible? The last owner removed the oil pump so I'm wanting to put it back on. He removed the oil pump cable so can't measure it to have one made up. So any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Aaa just the man blackhat250. Do you know were I can get a throttle cable at a reasonable price? Seen some in the states for over £100 but yet can get a dt 175 for £14.just the last owner took the oil pump off and I want to put it back on.
  10. Just bought a DT400MX. Needing some work.
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