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  1. Pri5tar

    Exhaust too loud?

    Cheers for the reply guys. Its absolutely savage. My neighbour heard me 40 seconds before I got home. I've put the baffles back in and will test tomorrow. Possibly could leave one in see if that makes all the difference
  2. Hi guys. So I live in the UK and I have fitted an exhaust system. I'm concerned its too loud and might get pulled. can someone shed some light on how police deal with this sort of scenario?
  3. Hi guys. Completely new to forums. I have purchased my first bike. I have gone for the Yamaha XJ6F ABS 2011. Absolutely love it up to now. The only thing I am not over the moon about is the stock exhaust which I'm sure you have heard 50 million times before! Looking at full systems. Ixil XY9355XB to be specific. Its SO rare to find. And can't find it under £500. Anybody got any advice or other recommendations? Would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Pri
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