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  1. rear drum brakes to disc,,, no problem)) https://youtu.be/knCzR2J6lGE
  2. another mod for your XVS650 https://youtu.be/OUZbZFLTLy4
  3. I posted my xvs950 build videos here before and believe it could be appropriate to share my new project here
  4. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    just in case if you miss me and want to see more...
  5. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    yes, i already started to rebuild my old xvs650
  6. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    im so sorry for keeping it that long,,, it was a very busy summer. Finally the comparison video is up, dont judge too harsh, i was nervous and unprepared, used to work with my hands more than my mouth))) needless to say, that without Alex (lallasro) i couldnt make it anyway.
  7. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    thats really great, my bike still have no MOT, insurance and tax, so i cant drive it yet, and i dont believe i can sort it out untill 15 of may,,, but if you can come to east london side. i would appreciate a lot and present you something liquid for your time and hassle.
  8. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    im living and working in London ,UK
  9. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    btw i would like to meet someone with stock 950 to make comparison video...
  10. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    yes, im actually planning to do something with my old XVS650
  11. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    thank you very much, guys. there a little teaser to full unveil
  12. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    Last fabrication video before full unveil. Beware the Handlebars
  13. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    almost done,,, cant wait to show you complete bike )))
  14. Samaels

    xvs950 rebuild

    stay tuned, its almost ready, more videos are on uploading queue ))
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