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  1. Thanks Tommy, my first ( bike?) was a Honda 50. I paid Ten bob (50 p) and the lady handed me the brand new kickstart shaft she bought for it that never was fitted once she got a quote! She bump started it everwhere. I spent most of that night in my dad's garage, stripped it down and back together with no manual and it was fine. Bits all over the floor I still can't believe I succeeded. Confidence not hindered by or dependant on knowledge! mind you, my first car - soft top morris minor - also cost ten bob! Btw, thanks for the warm welcome to the club!
  2. Hi, New Member Clive joining as I have just got my 2005 Drag Star 125 to get my licence. Should have done that in 1970;- once round the block and you've passed but I was happy with my Honda cb250ss on L plates so didn't feel the need. I've not ridden a bike on british roads for 40 years. I am appauled at the dreadful state of the roads which I now recognise as being on the whole the same surfaces as I rode back then cut to shreads mainly by the laying in of network services. Rant over, apart from the unexpected hazards lurking on every bend, biking today is safer and generally better disciplined, I look forward to many years of riding and meeting with some of you. Happy days...
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