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  1. Yeah, the Rieju’s are good bikes, good 2 strokes to learn on in my opinion, looks like I’ll have my 125 till I’m 19, it’s a great bike though so I’m not too bothered by having to wait to move up in power.
  2. Definitely mate, don’t see the sense in all the categories, too confusing and the amount they charge for all the tests and assessments is stupid. Cheers mate. Yeah mate I agree, thanks.
  3. Alright everyone, just at a bit confusion with the uk license categories, A1, A2 etc. And what they allow you to ride, I’m currently on a CBT and will be doin my A1 next year (I’m 17) so my understanding is that I’ll be able to go up to a 400 when I’m 19 once I’ve passed my A1, not sure though as I’ve not really had a clear description, so was wondering if someone could please clarify cheers everyone
  4. Hello, not sure about the size, however I have seen a lot of cafe racers with bridgestones on
  5. Budget isn’t too much of a problem, cause tyres come much cheaper in my tyre sizes, I’ll have a look though, cheers mate Quality, cheers mate.
  6. Best Moto3 race I’ve seen in years, philip island never disappoints.
  7. Looking for tyre recommendations for my YBR125, was going to get a set of Michelen Pilot Streets, or maybe a set of metzlers.
  8. A second bit advice on cleaning, I would recommend some ACF-50 anti corrosion formula for the winter, brush it on all your chrome parts, ESPECIALLY the forks, and keep away from tires and brake discs for obvious reasons, then keep it on through the winter and any dirt or grime will stick to the ACF-50 and not your bike, as it forms a coating after you apply it that protects the metal.
  9. Yeah, quality bikes, sound great with a leovince system aswell. From Fife, near Kirkcaldy mate.
  10. HJC IS-17, comfortable, head and chin vents and fits me like a glove, visors aren’t too pricy either, got a pinlock insert with mine aswell so never ever fogs up.
  11. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMV8vmyBR-wQfT175mzOyCEuUa6UpqNkqSf_1ro
  12. Hello, I’m Dann from Scotland, new here.
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