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  1. Hey folks, got an issue with my speedometer, i think somethings loose but cant identify it. Any help/advice is appreciated because id like to learn to care for my bike myself. The speedo started acting strangely not long after setting off the other night, showing readings that kept jumping around before settling on zero. The 'check engine' light came on as well. The odometer still works fine though. Speedo still works to a degree, its getting readings at random though, sometimes i know my speed but typically the speedo goes back to zero after a short time. Any ideas on where & what im looking for?
  2. Sune-Ku

    First repairs

    Thanks guys, dealerships engineer called back this morning and qouted me £31 for the mirror, said he'd try to bend the brake lever back too, and that he wouldnt charge me apparently. Brake works just fine, the levers just at a strange and awkward angle (its sitting right next to the footpeg). Im taking the bike to an uncle thats been riding for years, he might have the tools to bend it back to its original position, or at least close to it. That at the very least should buy me enough time to get it replaced, since my finances arent in the best position atm. Worst scenario is that i wait another week or so for the engineer to try his thing then another 2 months to get a replacement pedal.
  3. Sune-Ku

    First repairs

    Hey folks, hope this is the right place for this. Just had my first real accident, I know how i messed up and wont do it again. Unfortunately there is some minor damage, the left mirror is shattered and the back brake pedal is bent to a strange angle. Otherwise the bike seems fine but Of course i want it repaired. Since the dealer isnt currently answering the phone I came here to ask if anybody knows how much I could be talking about for repairs? The bikes a Yamaha YS125
  4. Hey all, new rider here, just about getting the hang of things so far ☺ hopefully will learn a good bit here since all my current knowledge comes from the users manual!
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