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    Now own a Suzuki 650 Burgman-Yamaha xvs950 Midnight Star Previous bikes owned,Honda 50,Piaggio X9 125,X9 250, X9 500,Yamaha 650 Dragstar,Vespa 300GTS,Harley Road King & Electra Glide,Suzuki Burgman 400 x 2 + 4 other Burgman 650's

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  1. £1,200.00 to sort the bike,both the mirrors scratched,crash bars,front brake lever,righthand bar end,scratched exhaust(which is the killer blow),just the end cap,but its all one piece,i even stopped at a Yamaha dealer to double check the prices.I met the guy on Saturday and presented him with the quote,to say he was stunned would be an under statement,unfortunately for him all the damaged bits are chrome,he is a uni student,desperate not to go through his insurance,he'll be crucified next year,i think he's going to try the "bank of mum & dad" Steve
  2. The farm shop in the garden centre is where i stock up on my pies,they are really nice especially the steak & horseradish pie,i've not pestered the dealer today,to be honest i am still feeling sick over the whole matter. steve
  3. Indeed it was Billing Garden Village,i was in the car park oppisite,i thought the Geese,Barges & water make a good background for photo's,so i was less than two miles from home. The brake lever will need to be renewed,the exhaust is scratched,unsure if the end part of the exhaust is a seperate piece,light scratch on the engine crash bar,autosol may deal with that. Steve
  4. Hello All.....I've had the urge for another cruiser type bike,my first year self employed was good,so i've been wandering around dealers and found myself a pucker 2014 Yamaha 950 midnight star with 961 miles from new,clearly did'nt want to pay the ticket price,so after a bit of haggling got a deal,including delivery,the bike was dropped of this morning,so oncei had taxed it,i took it for a spin,only a short ride as rain was expected,stopped in a car park by a lake,took some pictures and a short video,looked really good.It was time to leave for home,pushed the button,dead......flat battery,unable to bump start it on my own,phoned the dealer,who were really good,went all through the normal questions,kill switch,is it in neutral etc,they took my location and said a van is on its way,iwent accross the road to the Garden Centre got myself a tea and roll,went back to the bike and sat on the wall to wait for the recovery van.Meanwhile a car came into the empty car park(apart from my White 950cc bike & a few Geese)parked in a parking bay,decided to change bays and reversed stright in to the bike knocking it over,i sat there agast and dumbfounded,apparently he didn't see it because he was ŵorried about running over the geese.It'll need a new brake lever rear part of exhaust as far as i can see,the dealer are going to have a good look over it.I am far to polite to express my feelings.....Steve
  5. https://imageshack.com/i/po4HiLvYj
  6. Just joined the forum and have done my introduction,i have brought a 2014 xvs950 midnight star,had a dragstar a few years ago and liked it,been through the maxi scooter market,having had a few Piaggio X9's,Tmax & Number of Suzuki Burgmans as well as a couple of Harleys,my last cruiser bike being a Kawsaki VN 900.The xvs i have just brought has yet to go through the dealers workshops,one of the first things i would like to get is a Windshield,the bike already has a set of spot lights on it,they look to be close to the headlight and i am worried about finding a screen to fit. Steve
  7. Hello one and all, Just joined the forum as i am about to become a Yamaha owner again,just brought a 2014 xvs 950 midnight star,with very low milage,this one has'nt been dressed up at all,so as it was under my budget,i have dosh left to buy some goodies,windshield,sissy bar & rack,saddle bag supports.......i'll pop over in to the appropriate section for my bike and have a gander in there. Steve
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