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  1. What exhaust are you running? I have a full dep system on mine with standard jetting and standard settings and it pulls all the way to max revs cleanly. I don't think you'd need a 250 main unless you did serious head work etc I'd get a 210 main jet, clean the carb and put the settings to standard and go from there
  2. Standard is a 210 jet. 250 sounds massive. How does it idle? If its pulling air in from somewhere the idle would be really high
  3. Sounds like you have the 'X' model. Supermoto from factory, same as the RE but different spring rates and a bigger front disk. Tyre wise I'd stick with stock sizes, going bigger on the rear will make the handling worse. As for the power, have you checked and tried the simple things? Air filter, fresh plug for a start. Then you need to look at power valve adjustments, exhaust leaks etc. If it pulls at 8k but not at 7 then you could potentially have a carb issue, you could try setting that back to standard if you think the jets haven't been tampered with
  4. Apparently their application for a new one has been with the council since January. They may just be really slow or there could be another reason. Maybe you need facilities on the field itself now which it doesn't have
  5. Sorry forgot to post on here. The Square and Compass have lost their license for camping so I'm having to find an alternative. Will keep you updated
  6. Anyone free 2nd - 4th September? I'm helping organise a meet for another group I'm on and we're doing it at the Square and Compass. Should be a good craic. https://www.robinsonsbrewery.com/pubs/square-compass-darley-dale/ All are welcome
  7. What bike are you talking about?
  8. Just a breather for the tank, no? I think they normally just route down the front of the tank towards the forks
  9. Having a bbq thursday for my birthday otherwise I'd be up for that!
  10. There's always one
  11. Sounds like the coil breaking down when hot
  12. Ahh so knowing that you missed a rear wheel spacer out and rode it, I would definitely say it's now more likely to be the output shaft bearing. As slice says, take the chain off and check for free play and end float in the output shaft.
  13. Have you checked the chain guides for wear? Is there a roller the chain runs over?
  14. Can't make this one unfortunately We still need to sort a camping weekend
  15. Looks like you've tried most of if not all the usual suspects. I have to admit as I was reading your post I was thinking crank sensor or pickup coil as they would dictate the timing of the fuel and/or spark.
  16. I say go for it. But if they turn out to be shit make sure you tell us so we don't fall for it too
  17. Might be worth it. Bloody long way to go, to be wet, cold and miserable
  18. Live music, a king size bed and 7 dusky maidens to serve me food and beer all night
  19. Progressive springs might help, but you'd be better off going to a specialist and getting springs with the correct rate for your bike/weight
  20. Pull your finger out and arrange something then
  21. I've yet to decide what to roll out for this. I'd like to say the DT but it needs fresh rubber and would definitely be a transit job. Which won't be cheap considering the current fuel prices
  22. Good stuff. We still saying Devon/Cornwall?
  23. You should be able to. Is there a switch on the clutch lever?
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