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  1. Haynes manual will have the wiring diagrams in. If I recall there's only 2 connectors to the whole dash unit originally
  2. I'd go aftermarket. Probably get one with more adjustability than the original too. Yss would probably offer the best value for money
  3. Merry crimble everyone
  4. I use one as well and it's fine. If you really want you can put PTFE tape on the bleed nipple threads to stop it from pulling air in that way
  5. I'd try another battery if possible, or a jump start off a car (without the engine running)
  6. I know a lot of small capacity bikes for the Asian Market run twin plugs due to poor quality fuel. Firing them at slightly different times ensures a complete burn I think it's the theory. My vtwin rotax engined aprilia has 2 plus per cylinder. But both fire at the same time and you can run with just one without any noticeable performance loss so no idea why they're fitted
  7. Be a best seller if they did
  8. finnerz89

    Xmas Present

    That's mine sorted for this year
  9. I always use powerhouse for my brake kits. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/powerhouseautomotiveltd
  10. Couple of big space heaters and away we go
  11. They have a digital dash so will be a speed sensor on that. If it's only reading half of actual speed then it will probably just be a sensor issue, or it could be whatever actuates the sensor. Might be a pair of magnets and one of them is missing.
  12. It just means you chat the most and on a regular basis
  13. Welcome! I'm in South Derbyshire. There's a few members fairly local to you on here
  14. I thought they did come with a base map? There's ignitech as well, wouldn't be plug n play but the wiring wouldn't be hard.
  15. A programmable ignition would set it off now
  16. Sorry it was actually the 17th May I was at donington
  17. No I didn't book an evening session. Did donington in July and went to blyton Park for an exclusive triumph day in August which was awesome. Joined by Brandon Paasch from triumphs British supersport team as well
  18. Is that the trendy plaid shirt wearing version?
  19. Could you not get different bearings and a spacer for the wheel?
  20. Ok mate. Will have to try and catch you next time
  21. The best over trousers I had were richa rain warriors
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