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  1. Sorry it was actually the 17th May I was at donington
  2. No I didn't book an evening session. Did donington in July and went to blyton Park for an exclusive triumph day in August which was awesome. Joined by Brandon Paasch from triumphs British supersport team as well
  3. Is that the trendy plaid shirt wearing version?
  4. Could you not get different bearings and a spacer for the wheel?
  5. Ok mate. Will have to try and catch you next time
  6. The best over trousers I had were richa rain warriors
  7. I'll be there all being well
  8. I've got some Rev-it 2 piece textiles. They're the laminated outer rather than a lining so the water doesn't soak into the fabric
  9. just says this on all of them
  10. Says the file is unavailable You'd think a moderator would be able to upload them properly
  11. Whatever they are they don't work
  12. Bus if I do that weekend and the track day in one. If I decide to come home on the Sunday then I'll be on the bike
  13. I'm working till 2 so will be there late afternoon/evening
  14. Just booked myself onto a track day at blyton Park on the 9th so making a long weekend of it I think
  15. Sounds like you're still not getting fuel. Have you checked or cleaned the carbs? Is there a way to prime the system, there's sometimes a third position on the fuel tap for this
  16. Cool. I couldn't make that out from what you said before I'll probably do Friday and Saturday night
  17. I'll see if I can make this. What nights are you staying at Squires?
  18. finnerz89

    XJ6 N 2009

    If in doubt get the grinder out
  19. finnerz89

    XJ6 N 2009

    That's a new one on me. I'd just cut the old one off with a grinder and fit new with a rivet link
  20. finnerz89

    XJ6 N 2009

    Meh I've done several now without any issues. As long as you have a decent riveter it shouldn't be a problem. Steer clear of the chinesium ebay specials and you'll be fine.
  21. finnerz89

    XJ6 N 2009

    So you haven't even got a rivet link?
  22. finnerz89

    XJ6 N 2009

    I don't see why you'd need to remove the swingarm to replace the chain
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