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  1. Only about 5-6 months late, sorry! Hi. Yeah I've been spening most of my time on the DTR forum. Should pop in here alot more often. Maybe that was a conversion. I've never seen a DT125R with an electric starter personally, only the E which I always understood to mean Electric. They had "electric" stickers on them i think. DT125 ran from 70's up to 1982 - These were aircooled ( were other versions like the 175 250 400) DT125LC ran from 82-87 and the LC stood for Liquid Cooled DT125R Ran from 88-2004 and its said the R was race but some say Road. DT125RE ran from 04-08 (?) and the extra E was for electric due to the electric start Then you have the 200 versions. DT200LC DT200WR ( WR stands for Wide ratio and is a very different bike to the DT125R) WR200 is the same bike as above but more like a competition bike with a plastic tank, no autolube and a few others. There is also a DT230 which is like the RE in styling with a 230cc engine.
  2. Still for sale. Price now £450 for everything listed below. 4DL Bottom end ( complete with reedblock inlet etc.) Rebored 3MB p barrel New mitaka piston kit P stamped belgarda head Dellorto 32mm VHSA carb 4DL CDI unit ( tested) 4DL 3 wire powervalve servo tested 4DL wiring loom 4DL standard front pipe in great condition 4DL silencer ( needs baffle repaired) Jolly moto full pipe with silencer ( damaged and repaired) Airbox coil and ht lead with cap
  3. So I'm about to start work on a TZR350 project and have the 125 engine for sale. Was running before being stripped down as i originally intended to rebuild the bike as a 125. I got the barrel rebored by Grampian Motors and got a new mitaka piston kit. I've not put it back together so will come as a bottom end, fresh bored barrel, piston kit in box, head. I also have the 32mm dellorto VHSA carb, cdi unit, full wiring loom, reed block, inlet manifold, jolly moto exhaust, standard exhaust, standard silencer. spare loom, spare CDI. Can sell seperatly or all as one. the engine wil be sold complete though so the barrel/head wont be going seperatly. Asking £450 for the engine ( including carb, reedblock, inlet, loom, cdi ) given the fresh bore and new piston. Would do a deal on everything or would accept offers on anything ( not splitting the actual engine though). I can only say no ( i need the money for the 350 project) More photos upon request as engine is still in bike at present. Collection preffered but postage available at buyers cost ( Around £20-£30).
  4. Good project. Love the DTR's. As already stated the 89-97 models never had the powervalve system set up and just had the valve in the cylinder that was often turned 180 degrees as a restriction. The 97-99 models used the 3 wired version servo which also contains the power valve control unit inside and plugs straight into the loom. The 2000 onwards used a 5 wire version and a different cdi which housed the powervalve control unit there. I have a couple of 3 wire powervalve servos if you are interested. £65 delivered. Im clearing all my DT125R parts as well so if theres anthing youre after give me a message on here and ill pm you my number to conact me. I'm also trying to sell a DT125R 1989 model with everything there and running engine if you know anyone interested. would make another great winter project.
  5. If you look in the top right corner of the main photo, theres a fine looking chap in the background with a white t shirt (CMM promo t shirt) who appears to be checking out the arse of another man. Well thats me queueing for a burger and having a butchers at a very nice 70bhp 350 if i remember rightly...I also got a letter printed in the feedback section that month. I'm sure you can work out which ones mine from my signature and name combined with the letter lol! So you gonna buy this beast then ?!?!?
  6. It certainly isnt a good looking thing in its current condition. I think I personally would fit a nice fairing kit and change the colour scheme but hey this its a nice basis for a project. The seller told me this "In its last incarnation the bike weighed 140kg and made 70 brake (I'll try and dig out the dyno chart ) and was awesome fun to ride so deserves to be revived." I was at the gibson dyno day up in essex a few weeks back with the boys from the RD forum. CMM did an article on it and were there on the day. A few powervalves there were putting 70bhp at the rear wheel. the standard F2's were showing around 45 which im told is standard based on Yamaha's claimed 59bhp which is at the crank. I chickened out of putting my F2 on the dyno scared of what might happen but ill certainly be aiming to put the tzr350 on once its completed. They are aiming to run one in the early part of 2014. I supposed its too far for you but if you happened to be down this way its a good day.
  7. I recently bought a Laverda 650 with Yamaha RD350 ypvs engine in. It has been specially designed by a professional bike designer/ engineer. I bought it for the engine to make a tzr 350 and so am removing the engine and selling the rest of the bike as it is. A 350 ypvs engine will go straight in and there are Swarbrick race pipes specially modified for this bike with sweeping up pipes to the silencers up high. The front forks are WP Suspension Upside down forks. The rear shock is an Ohlins. There are various brembo brakes/wheel parts. The Seat unit is from a Ducati 916 and the tank was made by the designer/engineer that i bought the bike from. The bike is missing a few bits to make it complete but as far as a YPVS special goes it is almost there. Most can be seen from the photos but there are a few bits not on the bike in the photos including a brembo front caliper. The creater of the bike specifically chose the laverda 650 frame and told me it was known as an incredible frame but was let down by an unreliable poor engine. With a 350 powervalve engine in I'm sure this bike would be a joy to ride. The owner used to commute on it as well as taking it to the TT. He sold it to me as he had stripped it down for a top end refresh and never got around to rebuilding. He removed various parts for other projects and decided he would not have time to get it back on the road. If i didnt have my heart set on a tzr350 i would finish it myself. Not after big money for it just want to recoup some of the money i spent on the complete bike. £600 ono - radiator, electrics included. Bike is located in Worthing West Sussex. I have a trailer and can deliver up to around 50 miles for a cost or collection would be fine. Cheers guys!
  8. Which Pre 2004 had electric starts? I know of a few imports that did. French i think.
  9. Advertising on here on behalf of a friend who is selling his YZ125 due to upgrading to the new 2014 ktm150sx. I can answer any questions about the bike. � For sale is my Yamaha YZ125 1999 model with 2001 engine. This is a reluctant sale but necessary now. This was my first motocross bike. I bought the bike to try my hand at motocross and see if I liked it. I have always wanted to take it up as a hobby but assumed it was too expensive. I found this bike for �1000 and decided to go for it. I'm now hooked and have now upgraded to a KTM150SX The YZ served me well and was treated well. When I bought the bike i changed the piston and replaced the small end bearing, rebuilding with new quality gaskets. This was done again recently and the current piston has had less than 2 hours of riding. It is currently running a ProX piston and a genuine yamah small end bearing was also put in at this time. The powervalves were removed, cleaned and serviced at the same time as the top end engine rebuild. The coolant system was flushed and refilled with race spec coolant. The gear oil was changed and has been after every 2 rides since. The air filter was also replaced with a brand new putoline air filter which has been washed and re oiled after every ride. New DID chain and renthal sprockets were fitted and are still virtually new due to being thoroughly cleaned and lubricated after every ride. The bike is running a SPES racing front pipe which has been stripped back, cleaned and painted. It came with a standard pipe but that was damaged and oil was dripping from the expansion chamber. This could be fixed and you are welcome to the old exhuast prividing i can find it. It is easily fixable but i chose to buy a racing system. These SPES pipes are very hard to find especially for the 99 model and It is in great condition since the painting. High temperature Exhuast paint was used and so it looks great and will be protected from corrosion too. The rear pipe is a DEP racing silencer which has recently been re packed to reduce power loss and excessive noise. The engine is a from a newer bike and has been found to be from a 2001 model. The carb is also from a 2001 so i assume it all went in together as a major upgrade to the bike. The carb is a 38mm Mikuni tmx and was stripped and serviced when i rebuilt the top end. The jetting was checked and is spot on. There is a V-Force racing reed block and reeds on the bike which improve throttle response. This came on the bike when i bought it and I looked these up when I got the bike and found them to cost over �100 alone. I bought and fitted a new gripper seat cover which is a must for a motocross bike. No more sliding around the seat on those sharp corners. I fitted a brand new Maxxis rear tyre one ride ago as can be seen and the front tyre has only had about 3 rides on. The numbers on both frame and engine are present. There were numerous other smaller parts that were replaced when I bought the bike. I will list all I can remember but needless to say, no expense was spared and the bike is now in great condition. The bike was fantastic for me and has encouraged me to buy a new bike and take up motocross in full. It is ideal for a first bike whilst also having plenty of power to keep up with the bigger engine bikes. I bought and fitted new graphics and have ridden the bike once since then. The bike is looking fantastic and it seems a shame to sell it now I have spent all the time and money fixing it up to the condition it is in now, but I just cannot justify having a spare bike at the moment. Being a 2 stroke it is cheap and easy for engine repairs and guaranteed to produce ear to ear grins in the powerband! Viewings welcome and encouraged but please give me notice as I will need to collect the bike from where it is being stored. Here is a brief list of the parts i have bought and fitted since buying the bike. New grips £10 Kick start mech £40 New rear fender £20 Graphics £60 Piston kit £50 Gaskets £30 Rear tyre £50 Air Filter £15 Clutch cable £12 Clutch lever and perch £10 Gripper seat cover £30 Rear Dep silencer £40 Spes Racing Front pipe £ 70 As you can see I have spent over £400 purely on parts. All labour was done by myself and a friend. I wouldn't like to think of the costs of labour if all the work was done at a shop. I work on 2 stroke engines and motorcycles on a regular basis so all work was carried out to a high standard. This is not your run of the mill yz125 that has been abused and neglected. It has been treated like a race spec machine and serviced accordingly. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I would prefer txts only as my work hours are constantly changing at present. But if you txt me, I'll be more than happy to arrange a call.
  10. Lucky you were going slow and there wasnt ice under him or you at the time. Good idea to wear the cam. I'm gonna start weaing mine. Will work as proof for if there were any accidents.
  11. Dont worry. Being a 2 stroke it will operate best at high revs and at low it will build up carbon desposits and the exhaust will be all coked up. A good blast will clear it through. Or you could take it off and clean with caustic soda. I personally would leave it. Wait until you are able to ride it. ensure you warm it up nicely and then take it for a good blat. It will probably clear. My DT125R 1998 chucked out mammoth amounts of white smoke on my first ride of it. Cleared nicely and now runs well. Might also be worth checking your oil pump settings. If you cna get a quick video or a few photos i quick succesion im sure people will be able to reassure you.
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