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  1. That and I'm questioning my thought process. If I had spent less than a third of the outlay on my 3CV with 80K it would have probably outlasted me but in my mind I was a bit dazzled by the bling bling. You (still) live & learn (nearly every day)
  2. Well chaps, the love affair hasn't lasted that long ......... I'm at pains to admit. To be honest I'm a bit hacked off with the whole thing. The issue is that when the bike is at operating temperature a couple of miles in it will not idle so that's a bit of a biatch if you have to stop for a traffic light. If you let the grip go it would splutter, misfire and die. Also the carbs are flooding and fuel p*sses out of the overflow pipes at the back of the engine block .............. where a couple of very hot exhausts reside. At speed the bike drove like a new one and it was very pleasant and even managed to pick up my first speeding ticket, go figuire. After my first 80 mile and back commute 2 weeks ago I booked it into my bike shop to have a look at the carbs and that is where it still sits. Early indication is that, in its life, it has been standing too long on the side stand and the 2 lhs carb channels, nooks and crannies must be full of crud, gum and solidified fuel. Last news was that the carbs were sent away for cleaning and the shop was waiting on delivery of new idle jets, needles and some other gear. When negociating with the PO I did have a mate of mine check the bike out, and he in turn brought his 'advanced motor bike driver' friend who took it up and down the street. When still cold and on choke it idles fine and none of these symptoms were found........ I wish he had driven it for approx 10 miles and we wouldn't have this exchange. PO maintains that he had the bike serviced and carbs cleaned in sonic bath less than 3 months ago. I think the PO has been taken for a ride by his garage to the tune of 500 quid because I have the invoice. (my bike shop had very strong doubts if the carbs were done properly (if at all) for they certainly did not look it) Fortunately the weather was a bit hydraulic last 2 weeks for I would have happily jumped on my 3CV that I bought unseen, untried & untested via Ebay in Brussels 6 years ago - and that one hasn't missed a beat since day 1! Yup I hear you thinking - sold as seen - buyer beware. Guilty as charged. Bugger
  3. If I didn't need to do distance riding I'd have one. I assume it's the unlimited dogs dangelies full power machine Congrats & piccies please.
  4. Yesterday a van turned up bringing a pressy to myself Younger version of the one I got with only 16.5K miles on the clock. FJ-1200 3XW That also means that the 3CV is on the market.
  5. Yup, for £11.499 (rather that the 1499 I was aiming for) ....no thanks.... lol
  6. Well, I'm still looking at a younger FJ with lower mileage. Don't really want to change bikes/models if I can help it. Auction came up, and threw a few bids in a few minutes before the end. Every 'kin time I was outbid. Even when going way above what I was prepared to pay so I suspected either a snipe program was at work or more suspicious shenanigans. Then I got a bit excited in the last 15 seconds and my phat fingers produced a 5 figure number. Shat myself for 2 seconds, missus declared me a lunatic ....... bang .... the other party went over the top of that, and that was the end of that. Result of all this is : 1) The other party not checking his snipe or numbers in front of him - and now bricking it because he's under a legal contract to pay. If he doesn't he'll have to answer to fleabay. 2) The seller is less than impressed because he'll be hit for ebay fees on that number knowing he'll never ever see that money and accusing me for that. Somehow the chap refuses to talk to me even after explaining what happened + apologies. Ah well, you live and learn.
  7. I believe he's got a few bikes, Kawa's & Yams? Dunno if he's on here ?
  8. Had one & drove one for a looooong time. Was a bit of 1/2 a barn find but all complete. Cleaned out the tank and the carb. For the next 10 years only threw fuel, lube oil and tires at it. (and a new stainless exhaust) Problem free little bike for the daily commute but sold it to replace it by the FJ.
  9. A Stannah one I'm sure Good luck with the upgrades.
  10. Driving on the Parkway in Plymouth, outside lane minding my own business - outside lane hoggers galore - see the red brake lights light up couple of 100 yards in front so start to back off a bit - the chap in front in a crappy Fiesta drives it right slap bang into the back of a very nice Audi in front of him ........... WTF !! Bits flying everywhere but missed most of it because I was hugging the centre anyway. While they were slowing down passed them on the inside giving the guy in the Fiesta the one handed salute Be safe out there peeps ............ AND ........... keep plenty of distance between your front mudguard and the cager in front.
  11. I'm sure some people are on crack. one fj1200 combination,sidecar outfit,fitted with an watsonian chassis. that's bin modified to suit the bike , it has 7 mounting points ,I think 3 is legal,thought I would use this many coz hay why not,when your going down the road at 70 plus it makes you less worried its going to fall off,please study photo.s.i bin all ok the uk on this bike with my family and had no problem https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133104937787?_trksid=p11021.c100851.m5053&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170803121420%26meid%3D9ce3bd17aada493d86b120e69a3a8d0b%26pid%3D100851%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26b%3D1%26sd%3D173957925269%26itm%3D133104937787&ul_noapp=true
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