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  1. "......... what the f8ck is that all about ?? ............." classic ...
  2. I work from home during the week and most of the times look forward to the 85 mile blast to the office. 25 miles in, while passing a few trucks in the outside lane this morning, the throttle cable in the grip decided to give the ghost. Interesting to say the least, managed to coast inbetween 2 trucks to the inside lane with the usual, as friendly as, hand signals to say the bike was toast and came to a stop on the inside of a merging slip road up ahead. Luckily it was the grip end, just broken after the little lead crimp, and not in the junction box under the tank. Still weighing up my options it looked like I was fooked where I was and leaving the bike behind where I came to a stop filled me with all kinds of horrors iwo finding back a stripped bike whenever I could retrieve it. (like leaving your car with prized rims in the middle of Liverpool) Out with the multitool, unscrew where the cable goes into the grip, pull off the L-bend and, hey presto, I had 3 inches of greasy inner cable. No way to keep a turn around my finger or any grip with my glove on so glove off and I had somewhat of a throttle control by turning it around or threading it inbetween my fingers. Off we went up the slip road, against the traffic and made it to the roundabout at the top. By that time, will all the clobber on I was sweating like a pig, and not too unhappy with my situation, so rolled a fag and contemplated if I could make it to the other side of the dual carriage way, second roundabout, merge and back home. Throttle control was a bit sketchy and trying to keep 130HP under control that way was iffy at best. I made it back home while having to re-grip, re-thread the bloody inner cable inbetween my fingers doing a steady 50/60 mph behind a truck, holding the remainder of the outer and inner cable above the middle of the tank. By the time I was home my fingers and the rest of me bloody arm were about to drop off. So how was your start of the day?
  3. Congrats on the weight loss but ffs if you want response and go fast buy a 'kin proper bike
  4. At the time there were also lads that tuned their FS1 with cheap imitation crap. That didn't last long with plenty of seized blocks. To the OP: do it properly or don't go there. You may have to look on the continent for parts, if they still exist and/or are available.
  5. Mine did .... on the clock. Only with original FS1 mods ... from memory ... FS1 cylinder & piston, 16mm carb, HP FS1 exaust, and fiddling with the cogs but what number of teeth front an back has long vanished in my merlot infused brain. Yes I was a stick then and that is 35 years ago
  6. Glad you see it that way too. If I do stick my front wheel in a potential situation there has to be a bail out plan. May not be pretty but at least I'll live. Do they have beards and wear sandals ?
  7. Ah, right in Mike's comfort zone........... lol Cheers!
  8. Falmouth ..... certainly! Pubs, pubs, pubs, eateries, Maritime Museum, Pendennis Point/Castle, day on the local Ferries to St.Mawes and/or up the Fal River to Truro and back, ......... did I mention pubs ? Edit: and plenty of grey RFA boats in the docks incl. the new supply tankers.
  9. I've had a shaft driven XJ-650 for best part of 29 years. Best clean and maintenance free final drive you could wish for.
  10. Yeah yeah yeah, for you RN boys the South coast stops at Portland Bill ..... I get it ?
  11. Anything wrong with Exmouth, Dartmouth, Plymouth, Falmouth? ?
  12. Best I can come up with is : https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/contact/ And do a search on the site here because there are a few threads on the subject.
  13. Fault codes on a bike?? .......... f8ck I'm old ................. and my bike too ?
  14. Yup. The FJ was slightly high in revs and MPG at cruising speed. But with torque to burn on the tank I went up 1 tooth on the front. The improvement was very noticeable. Did not need to change from the standard chain.
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