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  1. UPDATE: Ok, so we ordered parts, all included we paid a little over 600euro. That's even a bit more in "island money", for all you British folks . I don't rebuild engines without changing the main bearings so that added a little bit to the costs. Anyway the oil pump looked mint, so we're still contemplating how the crank seized. If anyone has some more input on that, that would be greatly appreciated. Honestly were thinking selling her when she's up and running again as we don't want to be bothered with another seized crank. If we can figure out why the crank seized we keep her for sure.
  2. Update: This '85 is turning out being a real royal pain right in the but! I finally installed the new programmable cdi after retarded delivery. And nope, no worky worky. She doesn't start, doesn't even want to start, only a loud bang in the exhaust every kick or five. I am trying to confirm if the new CDI is working correctly, but the only thing I can say at the moment is that it is producing nice strong blue sparks. Offcourse as for the actual timing of the sparks, I can't check that as easily, but I am now starting to think maybe the CDI was not the problem afteral :p... Assuming I
  3. Thanks for the feedback, will certainly post pics when we open the case. That wil probably be tomorrow if the flywheel puller arrived. We were thinking to Just order a whole new crank assembly, with the blueing and all. Or do you guys think this one would be a cannidate for rebuilding? Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A510F met Tapatalk
  4. UPDATE: Okay, we removed the head. Valves, cylinder, piston all looked mint! BUT the crank is seized! It kinda turns partially sometimes but than seizes up when you turn a bit further. Also is blue around the part where its stuck. Big end bearings seem ok but have to split the case to check. Waiting for correct flywheel puller to do that. Do cranks just seize up on their own? Can we just replace it? Or do we need to find the reason for the crank seizing? https://s14.postimg.io/4aast20ov/20160830_213828.jpg[\IMG] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A510F met Tapatalk
  5. Update: Okay, so we started on the wr250. Got the engine out this evening. Not too bad, struggled a bit with a seized up pivot axle, but all in all got the engine out alright. Unfortunately we had to stop for the evening, not enough hours in a day. Tomorrow we'll open the engine probably, very curieus to see what we'll find in there!
  6. Yeah, I know, we would have no goddamn leg to stand on. Luckily that dealerschip is run by a mate of ours, then again that could just make it more ugly :s. But I wouldn't dare to throw any accusations around without even fully checking the bike first. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A510F met Tapatalk
  7. Sorry couldn't control myself, came past this online and just had to order one. Just for dicking around. Less then 80GBP delivered to my door! Curious to see if it wil even run! Seems like they're a dime a dozain on ebay and the other usual china import suspects. They come in more expensive versions and rebrands also it seems, but it wouldn't surprise me if all those look-a-like engines came from the same factory. Anyway went for the cheapest one I could find, as this is not meant as a serious purchase ! I had never even heard of the concept of a "motorized bicycle", you don't see them were I
  8. I only had time to take a quick look at it. The glass window was very hard to look through, but I was pretty sure there was oil yes. The bike was just maintenanced by a dealership, so boy that would be something if that turned out to be the problem! Anyway, this sunday or after the weekend we'll probably start opening her up. First thing I am going to do is check the amount of drained oil.
  9. Hey everyone, My mate has a wr250f, I thinks it's a 2008 model (with the al frame). Yesterday we were riding, and at approx 50mp/h his rear wheel just blocked up! Fortunately he was able to hold the bike under control to a stop. Anyway, after that engine was stuck, kickstart kan be kicked sometimes with some effort, but we quickly stopped messing with it. He bought the bike just weeks ago second hand, so we don't have a real history on the bike. But it looks really well looked after, really mint. But also all the electronics (starter, speedo, battery,..) are removed so it also looks like
  10. Update: Thanks for the advice. I checked them out, did a lot of research and mailed some companies. Ended up ordering a custom programmable cdi. A DC-CDI-P2 from the Company ignitech. I did however bought it from the Company Devmoto. That guy, seemed to be the only one on the market who could supply me with (hopefully) correct ignition and ypvs timing maps. Whenever I get it all up and working decently, I will post up a separate topic with a review and some info about this to help future people who have a need for a new dtlc ignition. Because its pretty hard to fînd some good information a
  11. Update: Okay the transplanting the cdi didn't work out. Did not get it to run the dt125r. Possibly because first I made a wiring mistake and tried to kickstart the engine, possibly destroying the cdi altogether . Anyway will not know that for sure until I wire it back up again in the dt lc. But that seems too not matter to much as I found after rigoureus online research that my electrical problem is a known problem with the dt lc cdi (according to a very old post on some french forum). Where it momentarelly boggs down or cuts out. So new cdi it is. Now this is where it got tricky: b
  12. Aah now I see it! Don't just follow the wires, follow the collors! Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A510F met Tapatalk
  13. Hey guys, I'm trying to wire an DT125LC cdi into a DT125R bike. Just for testing the cdi in a different bike for debugging, ypvs and so will not be working. Anyway that's not what this topic is about. I keep seeing strange discrepancies in the wiring diagrams. I'm pretty good with electronics, but I really can't figure this one out. It's not really key that I solve this but I'm intrigued and can't really let it go now haha :p. So I thoughed I asked you guys, as we here all see the fun in this sort of technical riddles . So in the picture below. Am I stupid (that really is an option)
  14. Update: Okay the cdi switch induced more headscratching than anticipated :p. But got the cdi from dt DTLC almost wired up in the DTR. Just one more wire to figure out but for that I'll have to remove both flywheels and check out the actual wiring of the coils, I'll do that probably tomorrow evening. Pretty anxious to see if the cdi transplant will actually work. I keep seeing strange things in the wiring diagrams though, although thats probably just me ;). Think I'll maybe post a new topic about that as it is a bit unrelated.
  15. Try to find an active facebook group about your bike and post there. That's how I find most of my second hand parts anyway.
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