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  1. Think the best way is to ring up the closest port and see about speaking to a shipping company and find out the costs and what the legal paperwork is needed (bound to be some form of red tape bullshit you need to fill out first) They may even crate her up for you too at extra cost.
  2. Almost cried when I seen the screen of death, thought the yoc had closed. Well done Alex your a good man! Do we all have to post new intros now then haha
  3. So has this case been closed!!??? HELL FUCK NO!!! So on the 28th May I paid my debt to Adrian flux, but they failed to inform the debt people who sent me letters saying I still owe the money. So I ring them and tell them I paid it and sent a screen shot of my online banking showing that it's been paid The End??? NOPE!!!! Letter through the door today from the same dept collector saying legal action will be commencing in 7 days with ccj and bailiffs . Right......ring the fuckers up, via bike sure, low and behold my debt was paid but bike sure failed to inform the debt agents . Thankfully my name is finally clear. I hope........
  4. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Well we are making good progress on the motor now i am pleased to say, she's all painted up in gloss black with nice polished fins on the top end which helps brake up the black. Wife is buying me the gasket set for our anniversary at the end of the month (hopefully) and it will then be a case of cleaning and lubing up the parts as they go back in. Should be right on track to have her bench tested by Christmas with a bit of luck
  5. Should be an interesting rebuild once its back over the pond let hope its not going to end up like the Turbo build which i think is a few years past its due date, o not including all the other builds that could have been finished by now ha-ha
  6. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Ha Ha sorry i should have worded it better, the wife don't ride but want's to go pillion so with the extra weight on the back may effect my control with a foot clutch. If not i'll just do what i did to my last bike and just make it a solo seat only, but the Amen savior king queen seat just looks too cool to bin.
  7. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Been really toying with the suicide shifter or ever a jockey shift but the wife keeps hinting that she wants to go out on this one and not sure how slow ridding will be with that set up.
  8. tell me about it, I have the same money limitations on my build
  9. Noise

    My poor butt...

    Cheaper alternative method is to buy a packet of man the feck up pills ha-ha only kidding Down ear a bloke re skins and pads seat for roughly £70 depending what shape you want the foam and what covering plus piping you want. only down near Haynes Motor museum in Sparkford
  10. Very nice! i too think thats a cool mod to the light
  11. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    A little update on the head ache rebuild, i have finally lapped the valves and completely stripped every last part out of the the crank cases, given them both a good degrease and started stripping the old paint off ready for a fresh coat of VHT which i will hopefully get done this weekend but its just a case of getting every last bit of nitromorse out of every nook and cranny before i start. Once they are nicely painted it will then just be a case of getting the gasket set and some assembly lube and start the built My biggest head ache at the moment is trying to prove the age of the bike so i can get an age related plate upon registration but every hurdle i jump seams to fail and looks more and more likely to end up being Q plated i even tried looking for a UK registered frame and V5 and just use that but every frame thats on Ebay in the UK have all been imported from the states and cant be registered till they are built and MOT'd. Will up date with some more pics when i steal the wife's iPad thingy
  12. All of them must be smacked off their tits!
  13. Noise

    Site changed

    Well i was off on Holiday for a week and almost shit myself as i couldn't log in and then noticed the change, Looks good, wonder what other secret things we can do that Alex hasn't told us thats been added to the forum?? could be the new Knights Templar area or something
  14. Why aint he smiling then? should be licking them bugs off his teeth
  15. I see where your coming from Cynic but that cage was going at some speed, when i watched it again you can sort of tell that the biker isn't looking at this car, its not until 2 seconds in his head moves slightly left and he starts the Woh Woh Woh!! and im guessing this is when he's spotted what she/he is doing by which time they are proper moving. If he had been paying attention more maybe he could have moved out the way? either way that car drive is a cock / cockett
  16. Na its gotta be Bristol that place is a fooking nightmare
  17. Noise

    Which bike next?

    God i got some image in my head, And Bippo your reviews should really go in MCN or something as they are always a great read. I didn't know you turned flirty 30!!
  18. It Does sound like a electrical problem, have you got any mates that are good with electrics? ask them to look through it for you. If things work when you wiggle the 15a fuse then either the fuse is fucked or its got bad connection . The starter motor earths through the frame so make sure that the cable going to it is firmly attached if its been seen to glow red and smoke has come out of it them its a good chance that that cable is now fucked and is earthing out somewhere on the frame.
  19. Then you should have put bubble wrap or blue roll over the frame then you donk haha "prepare to fail or fail to prepare" and all that
  20. Well it was worth the effort! "Dear Mr Raquet We refer to the recent cancellation of your policy on vehicle Y*** ***and can advise that we have issued a refund of the £25.00 cancellation fee. This amount has been refunded to the credit/debit card used to pay for this policy, ***************3. Please note this refund may take 3 to 5 working days to show in your account. Yours sincerely Tom Watson" At least now i can put petrol in the car and get to work thanks for the info Clarke
  21. Get quite a lot of that happening in Bovvington too Sniff, when i was based down there we had two suicides when car drivers just rammed head on into a tank at night.
  22. Welcome Mark, Here is a thread all about how to post piccies Im sure there is someone on here that will help you figure out what you got.
  23. Welcome to the YOC, Where abouts in Somerset are you?
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