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  1. Just had to rebuild my rear cylinder and wa wondering what people best choice of oil was, reading lots of stuff about clutch slip using fully synthetic but want to use the best oil possible, what's you're choice people??
  2. we've left the electrics and carbs in place, only took off what was necasary to get the engine out so hopefully once its in its just a matter of putting everything back into place and tightning everything we had to loosen.
  3. so engine is out and on the bench, problem was a blocked oil channel starving rear cylinder of oil casusing damage to rear cam shaft, rocker arm and sprocket, everything else looks ok, spares ordered so hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel, thanks for all your help and advise guys.. ..
  4. cheers noise, pretty much there with regards to jacking bike up, i have it on a paddock stand at the moment, and already removed fuel tank & all wires connected to the engine. No rear mudgaurd on mine so thats a plus and pipes are off. Only things conecting bike to frame are the engine bolts and drive shaft, oure right about those plastic chrome covers on top of the engine, what a mare. havent gone as far as removing front end, didnt know that was necassary
  5. ok, so we have an update on progress so far. 2 problems identified, the hole in the camshaft bush where the small pin sits which also sits in the cog has become oval shaped and the camshaft is not turning fully, it also appears that the rear cylinder is quite dry and has a very strong smell of burnt oil. maybe faulty oil pump as well?. next step is to completely remove the engine so we can remove the head to see if there is any valve or piston damage.. Question now is how and where do you disconnect the drive shaft, manual suggests pull back rubber boot and undo bolts. is it really that easy??
  6. chrissyboy

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  7. Slice, Noise thanks for the help, hopefully know what the problem is soon. Noise looks like your the man, i'll send the engine you're way for rebuild, lol
  8. cheers, really appreciate all you help, will keep all informed of findings
  9. thanks, had all oils changed in february. Have tried moving the bike backwards and forwards with the plugs out but only moves a few inches before it locks up, I suppose its know a process of elimination. What is the easiest thing to start with without stripping the engine down to much and how much can be done without actually taking the engine out
  10. Thanks Noise No the motor wont turn, tried that last night, this is my concern. It moves a very smal amount then stops, cant unserstand it, The bike didnt lock up as in a seize it just cut out when i pulled the clutch to change gear. No funny noises before hand just stopped.
  11. thanks for that, when I took the starter motor off to test that a lot of the oil came out then, should that happen, didnt say drain the oil first in the manual, mind you what did come out look and felt fragment free.
  12. Thanks for the replies Battery fine, disconnected starter motor from bike and turns over fine, as soon as its back in the bike it wont turn over, something not right in the engine. Have rocked it backwards and forwards and it gets to a ponit where it will go no further, seems like something has seized £££££££££££££££££
  13. Hi Everyone just wanted to take the time to introduce myslef to you all. i am the very proud owner of an XVS650 Dragstar Bobber and i came across this group while looking for an answer to a recent problem i had and decided to join the group .
  14. Hi All I have a 2000 XVS650 and today I was just slowing down approaching a junction and the engine just died, pulled clutch in and got to the side of the road but now the starter motor wont turn over, electrics seem ok, anyone have any ideas what the problem could be.
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