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  1. Silkk

    blinker problem

    When you swap to LED sometimes the flasher units dont register it so the indicator will either stay illuminated or not work at all. This is because of how the lights are lit via the current. Most after market LED's will need a new flasher unit that drops the voltage to the correct spec. Did you check the working values of the lights to see if they matched your harness/loom before buying them?
  2. If you get stuck Grouch, give me a shout.
  3. Andy Pandy... where is Teddy?
  4. Not only that, if she hasnt got her license and the police see the uprated running gear, its a one way ticket for earning the points As a side note, its a 125cc, what did you honestly expect, that it pulls away from the line and keeps up with the bigger bikes?
  5. Know who to go to for spares Welcome
  6. Silkk

    Big bike time!

    this is true but I must admit if I jump on my ybr125 after I've been on the old Gen I find I scrape the foot rests on corners. Nearly binned binned it a few times for having sparks off those pegs lol
  7. Silkk


    can you post in the wanted section please? I thank you
  8. It's all about the patience but on this I will agree with DT. They normally come free with a little prodding and levering :)
  9. Silkk

    Big bike time!

    and why not? I went straight from the GZ125 up to a ZX750RR. Took some getting used to but brilliant for an everyday bike. The only advice I would give against the ZXR is the ram air system, as filtering in traffic on a warm day has a tendency for the bike to over heat and then cut out. Even with the built in fan. That being said, I retro fitted a separate fan switch onto the bars so when I fired it up I could turn the fan on straight away, keeping the bike cooler. If your looking at a zx I would also suggest getting "water free" cooling for it. As again it keep the temp down a lot lower than most water based coolants. To be fair, any liquid cooled bike I would suggest getting the water free. Its expensive but sooooo worth it in the 4 strokes. You can look at the cooling here: http://www.evanscoolants.co.uk
  10. slightly confused. Can you elaborate or translate please
  11. Silkk


    Hi..... Nice to meet you too. Got to admit, your welcome statement fell a bit short..... As for your question.... Have a look around in the relevant threads
  12. Silkk

    Project T.U.R.D

    Would love to be a fly on the wall when you go through customs. And the scan you luggage and you have to try explain why you got a little scoot scoot in your suitcase. that should be an interesting conversation lol
  13. Silkk


    Piccies please. Let us see how shines it is Also good to know about the wax. Any chance you could get a hold of the name of this "blue stuff" as sounds like I may need to us it on the missus' virago as its a dull midnight blue now
  14. No worries. So am I in this heat. Felt like i ke I was dying the other day when I forgot my tablets
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