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  1. Pic of my 99% completed XJ900 31A - just brake fluid and a press of th e starter button required.
  2. Hi Shaun, Just finishing my rebuild of an 84 Xj900 31A and have found Fowlers online, CMSNL and Yambits good for new parts and eBay for some new old stock and used parts - Germany seems to be able to supply good secondhand stuff. I would suggest buying a pair of stanchions rather than one - I bought a used one but when I fitted it I found that the one I had bought sat 10mm higher in the top yoke. Stanchion was the same length so it was something internal. Check out the rechroming option as you can get two done for less than the cost of two new ones but last time I contacted Pitted Forks they had a 10 week waiting period.
  3. Thnaks slice, They're more complicated than the diagram you've shown as they've got the adjustment for both damping and preload and I assumed it must be something like you say but the local bike shop wouldn't even think about taking them apart as they hadn't seen anything like them.
  4. Hi, Have got my latest project, '84 XJ900 back together and runnig through a few niggles with the electrics but I have purchased some original De Carbon shocks. Does anyone know if these can be dismantled and if so how - I'm only interested in getting to the springs and replacing the bump stop?
  5. Hail from the gridlocked county town - good job there's some good biking roads within a mile or two
  6. Hi, Should have joined earlier and saved myself some grief during the ongoing rebuild of my 1984 XJ900 31A. Still there's time for something else to go wrong and I can see if I'm the only one who has had problems with some things such as the forks.
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