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  1. Hi Folks just found this site and thought I might join in, just sold my 2015 MT-09 and have a new one on order I also have a 2007 MT-03 which I use as a hack.
  2. Just got a new MT-09 I thought my FZ6 Fazer was a cracking bike but the 09 is far better, glad I made the change
  3. Read the post properly it says PETROIL which is a mix of petrol and oil, you prick
  4. I had one of those bought new in 1974 £135 on the road I used it as a ride to work bike It would do 50mph if it was wound up It would try and seize up so I tweaked the oil pump cable so it got more petroil into the engine and it solved the problem. used it for three years and then changed to a scooter but that's another story. Wish you luck with it I had a lot of fun with mine.
  5. Could have been in English
  6. should be able to do it with your eyes shut then
  7. That was a load of old bollocks
  8. I use the cheapest I can find petrol for the bike,diesel for the car, have tried the dearer fuels and found no difference, I'd use paraffin but it don't burn so well.
  9. Loomies !!! used to be a ''Crappy eater'' don't think much has changed.
  10. The wife's sister she was an awful ride.
  11. Acid drop

    Route 66

    Kevlar jeans, jacket with lots of vents which you can carry when walking and a waterproof oversuit for when it rains and you may find an open face helmet cooler
  12. If I was Jades dad I would be waiting for him to be released. Then he could meet my friend, his name is Baseball Bat.
  13. I thought about doing it about 4 years ago but then lost interest. you could try doing a web search there must be some info out there.
  14. Try wemoto they are uk based and provide pattern parts and they're prices are good
  15. Be like me give the bike a yearly wipe over with an oily rag.
  16. yes you can use car type antifreeze, but make sure it is silicate free.
  17. just remember boys and girls if you don't break the law you won't get one of the increased fines. Think I'll get rid of the Fazer and buy a push bike. It will be cheaper.
  18. Arai make the helmets in the Arai factory
  19. had one as a loaner when the fazer was in for service and I thought it was crap a 650cc single I couldnt get out of third gear around town, deffo wouldnt recommend one.
  20. couple of mates had the same problem with 09 plate divvys when they were 6 months old, dealer replaced chains and sprockets on both bikes and no problems since
  21. FZ2 600 Fazer fast enough for me
  22. any 10w40 semi synthetic bike oil
  23. Kneecapping as well???????
  24. the engine feels rough cos its a big single 650cc the biggest load of crap Yamaha ever made.
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