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  1. Yea done a fazer a few year back and put the wrong oil in and tought my clutch went bit in the end it was the wrong oil haha
  2. So some castrol 10w40 semi sync will do the job
  3. What's the best oil to use in a thundercat
  4. Thanks Tony will check tonight
  5. kearnsy123

    new bike !

    Iv had a tdr. 3 fz fazers 2 fz6 fazers a cbr600rr and still have a Fz6 n and this thundercat is a great bike to drive comfortable with plenty of power
  6. Just bought a thundercat Test drive went well everything worked as it should but on the drive home I stopped to fuel Up and Down the road I noticed the speedo wasn't moveing any advice on what is the issue or what to check and repair would be great . Thanks
  7. kearnsy123

    new bike !

    Just picked up my new bike today it's a 2000 yamaha 6ft 600 r thundercat now having owned all the fazer models Inc still owning a 2006 fz6n and previous had a cbr 600rr the old cat put a smile on my face .... During the test drive I had a grin from ear to ear... For what it is its an amazing bike !!
  8. hello all and merry christmas havint been on here in a good wile anyways im thinking of buying a 2nd winter good allround bike and have my eye on a few yamaha thundercats are they any good reliable etc ive 4 bikes in mind mileage ranges between 18k to 41k years are between 1998 to 2003 are they good for the mileage etc any advise would be great thanks
  9. Yea thats a 600 bit is the 250 a good bike reliable ..etc
  10. Was thinkn of buying one for an everyday cheap fun commuter
  11. Good or bad bike ????
  12. Im looking for some good cleaning and polishing products for my fz6 .stuf to clean and poliah the engine wich is black and also the frame Thanks
  13. I can do any maintenance on the bike i just want to keep a good service history and as for the punture Its only a small pin stuck in the tyre as the guy in the mot center on thurs advised me to have it looked at .
  14. Oil and filter change and new sump washer also a punchure repair in rear wheel been quoted 94.50 pound is this avarage or am i been ripped off . Fz6n useing motol 10w40 semi sync ??
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