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  1. Funny you should say that Tommy, that was something that had seriously crossed my mind!
  2. Hello folks, You may have seen that i have been restoring a 1976 V50, the project is now complete. The plan was to sell my CB125 once the Yammy was finished but my wife has thrown a large spanner in the works. She has intimated that for my 30th birthday (January) i may be allowed to do a DAS course. I'm wondering whether it would be better to keep the Honda so i can maintain and hone my skills on a motorbike rather than on a moped. If i passed, i would sell whichever bike i had at that point anyway in order to buy a bigger bike, i just wonder if it makes more sense to sell the wee Yam whilst it's the good time to sell and rebuild is fresh? The Honda is a bit ratty but runs great, just seems a shame to sell the moped so soon after the rebuild! Any thoughts?
  3. Well, i finished off the decals, i'm pretty happy with them. I think that is about it, other than making a better exhaust hanger, so unless something drastic happens, the project is now complete! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, it is nice to hear you've done a good job. I am considering selling this instead of the Honda as my dear wife has intimated that i *may* be doing full test for my 30th in May, figured it may be better to keep on the roads on a motorbike rather than moped in the interim period.
  4. Well today i re-fitted the 50 engine as i couldn't get the 80 to run. So it is now "on the road". A couple of odds and sods to do, but all are capable of being done as i use it. I'll have a run down to the seafront in the next couple of days and take some better pics.
  5. (Idle is ok, although starting is a struggle)
  6. Aye up, The only reason i think air leak is because the bike doesn't run with the standard set up, i have to restrict the air in to get it to run. Like i said though, i'm open to any other suggestions that could cause the problem. The bike currently struggles in third gear, the original air filter has broken up today amd you can't buy them anymore, hence why i bought the k&n before. It pulls ok in 1st, a bit restricted in second and doesn't pull in third. I can get it to 30 in second but it wheezes up to only around 38 in third.
  7. Hi folks. Just wondered if anybody could help... I rebuilt a Yamaha V80 engine (same as PW80 if that means anything to anyone) as i bought it on ebay as a runner, but the case got cracked in transit, not ideal. Anyway, i stripped it down and used the cases from another engine and rebuilt the engine. All seemed ok with build, i used Threebond to join the halves together as recommended on forums (no paper gasket). Anyway, it doesn't run properly. I feel i have fooled around with everything trying to get it sorted. Basically, in stock form, carb, autolube, air filter etc) it just doesn't run well. It bogged down massively and wouldn't allow for any road speeds. I attached the carb to air filter rubber pipe from the original engine (v50) which has approx 50% diameter reduction and it ran really quite well, getting up to 50mph easy enough. The air filter was old, so quite restricted and the reduced pipe meant that air getting in via the filter would be a lot less than intended by Yamaha, which meant i must have been masking a fault. I can not get away from the thought that i have an air leak somewhere, but i just need some ideas as to where it could be from and whether there is anything else to consider. When i rebuilt the engine i replaced crank bearings and seals. Things i have done to try and solve my issue: Put sealant on the base gasket and reed set (no difference) replaced carb with a brand new one (worked worse than original, Chinese crap) changed the jets and fitted a K&N that i had bought during the rebuild (terrible effect obviously, but i'm hoping to use once it's working properly) adjusted and played with most configurations of needle height and idle jet screw checked compression and was at 120 which is ideal The exhaust is the same Fuego exhaust i fitted before the removal of the 50cc engine, but the 50 and 80 engines have exactly the same exhaust (diameter etc) so can't see that the exhaust would cause an issue as it worked fantastically well on the 50 compared to the standard one. I am at a point where i may have to re-fit the 50 as i need to use the bike, but it was really too slow and would give me less chance to fault find whilst on the road. So, can any 2 stroke folk help with my problem, i know there are a few of you on here!
  8. With the leg shields back on and some shiny mirrors too! Once it's running properly i'll get some pictures of it that are relatively decent.
  9. Started messing about with decals. Didn't like the stripes, so i have now removed them. I think the thick stripe is too bold, so going toget just 2 thinner stripes.
  10. As promised, a wee picture of it at the mo. Desparately need decals on it, but i want to wait until it's useable so that it feels complete. I started it up today, misbehaving slightly so i need to investigate. Can't ride it just yet anyhow, but i wanted to hear it run again!
  11. Today i fitted the engine, seat, side panels and headlight. I'm probably a couple of hours away from being ready to start her up, but i am now not able to touch it for 2 weeks due to work and a little holiday. It's very frustrating! I'll throw a picture on once i've taken one. It actually looks like a bike now!
  12. I'm confident of getting the majority of it out with some decent cutting agent, but i'm not too fussed. Looks lush from 5 yards away!
  13. Yes, engine is in the shed at the mo, should be fitted on Wednesday the i can finish off the rear end (chain guard, other spring, etc). I hate how close it is to being on the road!
  14. Did a bit more today, only had an hour though. All wiring is now connected up, switchgear is on and sidelight panel is fitted.
  15. As i said i would, spent a few hours this evening starting the rebuild. I've actually done more than shown in the pic as i forgot go take another one at the end. Basics are on, i have also fitted the rear light, rear brake switch, wiring loom and handlebars. So, quite happy. I've got all the electrics to do for the handlebars and ignition, but all easy enough with a Haynes. I have fitted GIANT (ha!) 3 inch tyres, so a bit fatter than the standard 2.25, they suit it i think. Bad news is that the rear dampers i bought (due to knackered originals) are about 2cm longer, which means that on the side stand it is a bit too leany. I'd planned on not fitting a centre stand, But i may have to revisit that idea, which is a blow.trying to think what i could do...any help appreciated with suggestions!
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