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  1. Had tried to repair but the bike now won’t start, could be that it needs setting up again with the mixture and things but I’ve not had the time to look at it. I used plenty of metal epoxy, seemed to set pretty damn hard but who knows if it’s strong enough? Does anyone know if this would have been causing the issues I had first written about?
  2. Finally got round to getting the carb off and found that on the side with the diaphragm one corner had snapped off and glued up with exhaust paste... guessing this would cause the above symptoms. Anyone know where I can get a good quality replacement?
  3. That’s great information, thanks vert much. My first thought was a seal as it hadn’t leaked last time it was hot, but with me it only gets ridden on sundays but may skip a week here and there. The chap it came from seemed pretty knowledgeable and said he started it daily, but unsure if that’s actually worse as it never gets up to full temperature under load? Sounds like if this is the issue it won’t be a case of cleaning it myself but sending it off? Found a pretty cheap deal on the bay for a full clean and rebuild, not as bad as I thought at first
  4. Hi all, i was wondering if anyone might shed some light on my issue. not long had the bike- about 3 months. Always seemed to run fine, did smell a little bit petrol after riding and sometimes a couple of small drops on the floor after parking up but not always. suddenly the other week it poured fuel on start up. I thought it was the y pipe (the carb manifold?) as that looked cracked so ordered a new decent make one. Just replaced it and much of the same. Difficult to see exactly where it’s coming from but looks higher than the replaced part. the bike has never felt full of life, but I just thought this was because it’s a 125 and I’m a big chap but possibly a symptom? It also always needs a bit of choke to get started, not sure if this is relevant. could it be a blockage in the carb causing this as it just suddenly happened or perhaps a seal that has just finally given up? Unsure where to start to fix the issue, don’t mind spending the money for someone to professionally clean it all and put it back together but would prefer to keep the costs down having just spent £90 replacing a part that wasn’t broken many thanks
  5. Hi all, i know this is old but been searching for the issue on my bike. did feel like it was getting bogged down quite easily but I’m not a small chap. today started her up after a couple of weeks and was pouring petrol from around this manifold area which has several nasty looking vertical cracks in. Literally could see the petrol flowing there was that much. ive seen some much cheaper than suggested on eBay, question is are they worth it?
  6. Hi all, Was looking for a new rear tyre for my 125 dragster. Currently has a Bridgestone 130/90 -15m on it. I'd really like a white wall, however the smallest I can find is a 140/90-15, would that work? I'm yet to find a garage local to me that does bike tyres specifically otherwise I would go have a chat with them
  7. From Eastleigh (right next to Southampton airport) Loving the bike so far, been great weather too!
  8. ljr05884

    XVS125 bobber

    Hi all, I've just got my first (real) bike. It already has some good customisation to the paint and the bobber seat and things. Couple of bits I am looking for some advice on though: It doesn't have any mud guards - anywhere good in UK that does some nice ones? I was looking in to the solid struts to replace the rear shocks - A. not sure if that's a good idea, B. not sure where does good ones? White wall tyres? Have not manage to find any online? Where is a good online place to order general service items such as plugs, oil, filters, brakes and the such? I usually use euro car parts for my car but not sure where's good/cheap for bikes I found wemoto? Many thanks Louis
  9. Hi, Have just bought my first bike that's not a scooter and first bike in many years. Went for an xvs 125. Looking forward to reading through the forum for info on these bikes Based on the southcoast
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