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  1. Hi all, Was looking for a new rear tyre for my 125 dragster. Currently has a Bridgestone 130/90 -15m on it. I'd really like a white wall, however the smallest I can find is a 140/90-15, would that work? I'm yet to find a garage local to me that does bike tyres specifically otherwise I would go have a chat with them
  2. From Eastleigh (right next to Southampton airport) Loving the bike so far, been great weather too!
  3. ljr05884

    XVS125 bobber

    Hi all, I've just got my first (real) bike. It already has some good customisation to the paint and the bobber seat and things. Couple of bits I am looking for some advice on though: It doesn't have any mud guards - anywhere good in UK that does some nice ones? I was looking in to the solid struts to replace the rear shocks - A. not sure if that's a good idea, B. not sure where does good ones? White wall tyres? Have not manage to find any online? Where is a good online place to order general service items such as plugs, oil, filters, brakes and the such? I usually use euro car parts for my car but not sure where's good/cheap for bikes I found wemoto? Many thanks Louis
  4. Hi, Have just bought my first bike that's not a scooter and first bike in many years. Went for an xvs 125. Looking forward to reading through the forum for info on these bikes Based on the southcoast
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