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  1. Cool.. Thanks for that. Will bang off a mail to Powerhouse now.. IK.
  2. Evening.. Looking to strip and rebuild the brakes on my 2008 XT125R. I can find rebuild kits online for the rear brake caliper and pistons but nothing for the front caliper. Are the pistons and seals the same size as the rear. I could strip them and measure up but looking to get all the parts required 'before' I take anything apart so I can strip, clean and rebuild all in one go.. Any help appreciated.. IK..
  3. Originally Dublin. Via Kerry (Right down south of the country), Leitrim (This side of the border), Armagh (T'other side of the border), Wicklow (Mountains south of Dublin) and then Dublin again.. Been this side of the water about 17 years now.. Yeah, cosmetic wise I'm not too fussy tbh, but as you said - mechanically, I can't stand an unreliable bike and rather not take the chance of getting stranded.. Reckon I'll start with overhauling the brakes and carb.. There were charging issues, so I've picked up a new stator, reg/rec and battery. Everything else (so far) seems relatively sound, so I'll do the bits mentioned, see how she goes and then create a to do list.. K.
  4. Hey there, New to the forum, just wanted to say hello.. Based just south of Gloucester. I've got a Kawasaki Z as my main bike but have picked up a Yamaha XT 125R for fun and maybe some light green laning kind of thing.. It's a bit of a turkey but planning on overhauling a it a bit. So there'll be some questions and queries heading your way.. Cheers.. K.
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