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  1. I bought an extended warranty for my Stryker 3 years ago. It expires this year. Last Spring when I uncovered my bike, I found the plastic surface of the clutch cover had become wrinkled. I called Yamaha to find out how to get the cover replaced under warranty and was told I had to go through my dealer. I contacted the dealer twice, first in February and then again in May. Nobody from Yamaha contacted me. I finally got in touch with a manager at Yamaha Canada and this was his reply: Good afternoon: I am not showing a file in the warranty system regarding your request for warranty coverage but I just consulted with the Warranty and Service staff. They viewed the photograph sent to Diane but I am afraid that this would not be covered under YPP (see below). I have seen chrome damaged before due to what are considered ‘environmental conditions’ and oddly you will find units stored in damp places are susceptible. I also know that many owners warn against storing units near pool cleaning supplies. I am afraid we are unable to cover this under the terms of the YPP contract. My bike was covered and stored in a dry garage all winter. There were no cleaning supplies nearby and I do not have a pool. Other similar parts were not affected.
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