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  1. i like the noise, but its the popping and coughing on overrun that i dont like, specially when the flames shoot thru?
  2. I have noticed the co's on both are low and hc's high on the rear cylinder is way high. I dont know what the emissions should be but i guess theres an issue with the plug or mixtures?
  3. Hi guys, i bought myself a dragstar last year (first time ive had a bike in a while), she is a nice looker with a vance and hynes exhaust system and sounds superb. I noticed that at higher speed when i released the throttle she would pop back through the exhaust, but was very loud. I was told to get a manometer and set the carbs up which i have done. I ride up the street and she runs beautiful with no backfiring atall. But when shes ticking over and i rev her, she will give a loud pop and sometimes you can see flames in the back of the exhaust? i assume this isnt normal or am i wrong? Any help or advice appreciated
  4. Yamaha dragstar 1100 Hi guys, new here and hoping to stick around a while, loving the new bike, ok im 54 and some say midlife crisis but i dont care, rock on lol
  5. thankyou guys, sorry for late reply, i never got any email notifications? think ill wait till winter and get her looked at just to make sure and toutsuite thanks for the youtube example ill stick with these pipes
  6. Hi guys, just joined this forum as im new to customs and need your advice please. I have a 2007 dragstar 1100 which i purchased back in the spring. First time custom rider and im well impressed with my new bike, however the bike has a vance and hines exhaust system onit which i believe causes this popping on decaccelerating and being a considerate type i find it a little too noisy when popping back, specially round walkers with dogs etc?? Anyways i understand this is normal with these type of pipes, the bikes sounds and rides beautifully but what ide like to know is, can i replace the exhaust with a standard muffler/ exhaust? and if so would i have to get the carbs reset with new jets and the like? Any advice would be appreciated.
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