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  1. Hi ladies & gents, hope you're all well. I wonder if you can help me?! My engine light on my yam XVS Dragstar 650, keeps coming on and off, not just in one day, but it'll come on for a few hours then not for couple of days or more etc. Anyway today my friend and I were counting flashes while the bike was not running (obviously) and we counted 5 & 7. I can't seam to find anywhere what fault code could that be and I've been looking online and in my bike manual. I was wondering if it could by any chance be loose wire within regulator rectifier considering that we have discovered today, t
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ira and I have obtained full riding licence at end of April 2017, after previously riding on & off for 9 month. I ride Yam XVS Dragstar 650 classic aka 'Armadillo' I have also learn how to service my own bikes and I'm also learning how to fix problems that I'm having by myself. However I might have to pick your brains if I think I hit the wall at some point. I hope that you won't mind.
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