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  1. There is only one problem... They have welded the swing arm but in so there is no way to take off my swing arm
  2. I want to paint the rusted spots on my swing arm... I was going to strip the paint off of the swing arm completely and respray it but I think if I stand it down to make it level and smooth I can spray it without taking all the paint off... What sand paper do I use and what grit?
  3. Well it's a 2016 and they are for about 3000.. I've looked after nine pretty good its just got a few bits that are screwed from winter riding in hoping to get at least 3000 anyway.... I know what you mean but I figure if I just keep it black like the original and clean it up really well I should be good
  4. Yeah Ive read that all the paint strippers aren't as good as they used to be I wonder if that's why it would be so expensive for me to get that aircraft remover unless that's gone down hill too... As of flattening the areas down I won't be able to because of the colour it has on it already its like a slightly matted colour with like a slight sparkle effect so I just think I'm better off doing the whole thing and because where the axle meets the frame is right "inside" my bike so it would just be to fiddly and annoying to gett it even and looking nice. Plus I don't even want to think about masking it all and trying to get it sprayed underneath with it attached to the bike, I only have a rear paddock stand so my options are limited
  5. Okay so ive accepted that my bikes swing arm is powder coated and without taking it somehere to be re done and spending loads of money for no reason i think im gonna take it off myself and re spray the whole thing.. 1. How difficult is it to take off a swing arm and put it back on (is the suspension pre loaded or does it literally just bolt back on and when i put the bike down does it just take the weight of the bike) 2. Whats the best way to get the old paint off 3. What is the best paint to use ie. Stove paint, hamerite or what ? 4. Do i need to do a primer or a base coat what ever they are (ive got no idea of spray painting parts so forgive my lack of knowledge) 5. How do I remove the paint what chemical can I use that's really good I found an aircraft remover on Amazon but it was so expensive to ship so I didn't bother with that
  6. What can i use to clean the engine of my bike to make it look better such as my engin block and all the little parts like the clutch cable things like that water and bike cleaner just wont cut it... if i buy an engine degreaser which one do i buy and when i have it do i just spray it all over my engine and then scrub what i can reach then hose it off??
  7. I have a few bits on my wr125x that have been attacked by rust and want to clean then up and touch them up with some paint has anyone got any idea where i can get a good colour match paint for yamaha black... is there a certain type of black ill need to look for i dont really know what each shade is called so i cant say what kind of black it is
  8. Is there any way i can make my exhaust pipe look a bit better from rust?
  9. Okay thank you i didnt think id be able to do anything about the swing arm
  10. Hi i have a wr125x i want to sell it soon but because it was my all year round rider the snow and salt have really punished my alloys and break callipers. I dont know exactly what it is but its either corrosion or oxidisation. It looks horrible and really devalues my bike. Its all over my break callipers, my rear spokes and a couple of parts on my engine. Also its on my engine casing ill take some pictures if needed but i just need some help on how to get rid of it and make it look decent. Also another thing my swing arm paint has come off and has rusted abit but i think the swing arm is powder coated on a wr125x im not sure but is there a way i can touch up any paint thats come off with out taking it somewhere to be proffesionally re done?
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