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  1. you are completely right, i'm not looking at it based on speed as no matter which bike i get I will be doing the same speed on the way to work. Luckily the shortest part of my journey is in a built up area, 2/3 miles at most in Ealing. That's one thing i am worried about, if i go for the R3 will i be left wondering what it would have been like getting the R6. the R6 has always been a dream bike of mine, grew up being taken out on the back of one from a young age so i guess thats why im more in favour of that. maybe the best thing would be to test ride each bike and go from there.
  2. Afternoon Guys, I'm new to riding and looking at getting my first bike. I am currently torn between an R3 and R6, open to everyones thoughts and opinions. looking at a 2017 R6 and a similar age R3. Now i know what some of you may think, why would i get an R6 as my first bike. As i am new to riding my thought process behind it being, if its all i ever know then that's what i will be used to riding, hopefully that makes sense. So my logic being there will be no difference between jumping on the R3 or R6 as i have no experience on either bike. i have watched countless reviews and thoroughly done my research so not going in to this completely blind. the R6 seems to be a good all rounder from what i can see. I'm looking for a bike i could quite happily commute to work on during the week but also enjoy the country side at the weekend. I am quite a sensible guy so not looking to go round the M25 100mph+, just looking to save a little time and enjoy my commute to London a little more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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