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  1. I might be wrong then, a guy i used to go to college with when i had my dt had a pre 04 model and I could of sworn it had an e-start. Nice to see you around again by the way.
  2. if the chain came off and was wrapped around the front sprocket it shouldnt have been hard to push and shouldnt have locked up the rear?
  3. How did they get bent?! As long as they arent creased you will be able to have them straightened, shouldnt cost that much. A slight bend will be fine.
  4. Ryan09

    Washing a bike!

    Use something like muc-off, let it soak in for a few minutes then pressure wash it off. Pressure washers are fine as long as you dont blast your chain or any bearings (Like wheel bearings) with it.
  5. Ryan09

    Meme challenge

    This is going to be a good thread haha
  6. I got pulled at Matlock last year for a slightly small plate, was the size just under the normal size. He let me off with a warning but i just use the full size plate now, I cant be arse with un necessary agro.
  7. If you want fast itl have to be a rage comet, not cheap but at 200bhp with a zzr1400 engine its not slow! Being realistic i dont know sorry. Im sure they made one with a fireblade engine too which should be reasonably priced on the second hand market.
  8. But the pre 2004 models also had electric starts but were called the DTR. The newer model is the DTRE post 04
  9. I frequently ride 150 miles going home on the R6 and dont have a problem. Youre young, youll be fine! Make the most of whilst you can.
  10. Planet Rock replaced Kerrang this year, sucks i know =( Its still on the tele though
  11. You might be right Noise but I wouldnt be surprised if he does come back, theres already been talks of him entering as a wild card this year.
  12. Niice! Would be awesome with some supermoto wheels =)
  13. My dt was always like this, you had to catch the revs just right otherwise youd lose 6th gear amd have to knock it back down to 5th. I think its because the dt has pretty high gearing, once 6th catches the bike would fly!
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