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  1. Altum

    now this is funny!

    A new perspective! http://youtu.be/I5sbpVerIvI
  2. Awesome man, Good to know! Foundations of an xvs club?! Lol
  3. Cheers man, ahhh don't make me say it! *ahem croydon *ahem.... THE SHAME!
  4. Cheers for all the warm welcomes gents!
  5. Hey man, welcome! I'm a newbie too. You came to the right place, these guys have given me loads of helpful advice already. Never be afraid to ask questions!
  6. Thanks for the input guys, gonna run her down to a mechanic today to get some more advice and ideas on cost. I'll stick another post up when I get back as an update. Cheers!
  7. Altum

    Washing a bike!

    Awesome, thanks for all the replies. Yeah ended up just getting stuck in with some brushes, tonnes of water and an all in one car wash liquid. Also got a bit of of wd40 motorbike wash from Halfords, which was ok but probably wouldn't get again. She came up looking pretty nice in the end. Cheers guys!
  8. Altum

    Washing a bike!

    Well here comes a true newbie question. What's the best way to clean a filthy bike? I recently bought an xvs125 and the owner obviously didn't take the best care of if cosmetically. I've cleaned it up the best I can but the underneath of the bike and the wheels are completely coated in black grease and road dirt, obviously a sponge and water isn't going to do the job. Would a pressure washer be a good idea? And also what are the areas to avoid when washing a bike? Cheers!
  9. Well I've had my first bit of trouble with the bike. I was coming back from a longish journey, pulling up a hill I heard a bang, the the back wheel locked up completely, fishtailing the bike, then a grinding noise... I managed to yank the bike onto the pavement(not an easy task with the wheel still completely locked up) and saw that the chain had come off and caused quite a bit of damage to the chain guard and the general area around the back sprocket. I then removed some of the covers to get to the front sprocket and the chain had wrapped around three times completely jamming itself up against the engine casing. Just as I was about to loose my rag a bloke tapped me on the shoulder "need a hand mate?"... a sneaky AA man who saw a new customer with no other options. So long story short I had to sign up, pay the man all my monies and watch as he used what I would consider excessive force to loosen the chain from this tangled mess. The bike got me home but will obviously need a new chain and sprocket and a little looking over by a professional. So my question is basically, any ideas on what might have caused this? It got its m.o.t two days before this happened, the tension of the chain was fine and the chain and sprocket we're only a few months old... on reflection, the bike did make a clunking sound sometimes when taking a corner and it was on a bend when the chain came off. I also think that the bang when the chain came off was the extreme result of this clunking I had heard before. So yeah any advice or clues about what it could be would be great, please note I have only had the bike a month or so and am new to riding so my technical knowledge is sparse. tl;dr What does a clunking noise when going round corners mean? Cheers!
  10. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this. I'm looking at buying these twin lamps for my baby dragstar. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTORCYCLE-TWIN-BLACK-DOMINATOR-HEADLIGHT-SET-HALOGEN-/320507291943?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item4a9fb92927 I basically wanted to know how tough it's going to be to fit them? Will I need to buy special brackets, do any custom wiring etc? Any help or advice would be awesome. Cheers!
  11. Hi everyone, Just introducing myself really... as the title reads I'm a total newbie, I live in South London and I recently bought an '04 XVS125 Dragstar('L' Plates and all). Thought i would join because I've got a bunch of stupid questions about bike stuff that I want answered for free. (Might as well be honest). I'll do my best to contribute what little i can as i go along. Cheers!
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