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  1. We now have available 12 volt conversion kits for DTs 250/360/400 1974-79: The problem with these machines is that Yamaha altered the generators often and also issued several factory re-calls adding different parts to some meaning that you cannot be sure what is actually fitted. They even had dealers rewinding the charge coils at one point! Yamaha tried many different combinations which means that to ensure good results you have to replace the lighting coil for a dedicated 12 volt unit. Our kit replaces all the lighting coils Yamaha used - no matter which configuration you
  2. Same fly wheel. The EMCU, (electronic magneto control unit) looks at the output coming from the source coil and works out the timing according to the AC frequency. This unit is basically a CDi unit however as there is no separate 'fire' signal it must calculate the timing based on engine speed. This is a function that standard CDi units don't have. We can schedule and change the timing for many different applications and give it 2 or 4 stroke timing curves again this is not possible with standard CDi units. We call this system an "Electronic Magneto" as its self generating using a mag
  3. We were asked to do an electronic ignition and 12 volt conversion to a points model DT175. Its very simple, we took one of our Electronic Magneto Control Units from our RMK-3 kit, re tweaked the timing curve for the smaller revvy 175 engine. Then we threw away the points and condenser. A quick rewind of the points source coil so instead of supplying 75 volts at 1.5 amps for points it now supplies 300 volts for CDi and hey-presto! We rewound the lighting coil to give much better low rev output. EMCU:
  4. You have the bike in front of you - we have keyboards - go discover!
  5. We now have new CDi units for the later DT125/175MX models (G&H) available. These have just a brown wire from the generator and not brown and red to power the box. We are well aware that you can buy these on eBay for much less. However many customers have come to us asking if we made one as they eBay ones don't seem to work well, with mis firing or holding back being common complaints. The reason for this is very clear when you compare the Yamaha DT timing curve compared with the eBay units. If you go to our website and open up the CDi unit product, one of the pictures shows you the Yamaha
  6. Hi Guys.......all tech enquiries need to go direct to our website. We don't always see posts on forums.
  7. I was asked to draw out a wiring loom for a XJ600 (1980's model). There are a couple of versions within one document, one with single pick-ups and one with dual. Its a free down load available from our web site. Scroll down to the Speed shop custom looms heading then click on the link. http://www.rexs-speedshop.com/epages/es143131.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es143131/Categories/Tech_Support
  8. I'm working on our website and adding some new help sheets, more are on their way over the next few weeks. We get asked a lot about battery eliminators so I've added an introduction to them and explained how they work along with some FAQs: Link to the info sheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0BD_MkiU7JpVmZFT0xtdnhzOFU/view Link to tech support: http://www.rexs-speedshop.com/epages/es143131.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es143131/Categories/Tech_Support
  9. I have a listing for the type with the screw adjuster - I'll see if they are still available.
  10. Kate & I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas!
  11. The cost of rewinding to that spec is going to be close to that figure - with no way of knowing how the thing will work. When you go adding more windings the first thing that happens is that it'll make more power at low RPM, but less at high (great if you want to ride very slowly at night). Also when its in the high RPM range it'll get VERY hot. Generators are rated to run at around 60- 90 degrees C, add too many windings and you'll easily get it to run at well over 150C - without the engine heat. Unless the bike you have has a de-rated generator, I'd doubt you'd be able to increase its o
  12. plasticote "project" paint is both petrol and brake fluid proof. Get it at B&Q
  13. There are several different carb assemblies. Don't mix them. You can get repair kits for these carbs and a good ultra sonic clean normally restores them to full working order.
  14. Well I'd go with the box mover then. Rather then the specialists who have actually worked on these bikes. The 7 is for the 600 engine.
  15. well first thing is have you got deep pockets, bigger rims are going to cost £££££££££££££. The over size RIMS (and spokes) on my SR500 cost £400, and then I had to build them myself! And then the tyres didn't fit so new tyres were needed. The chain clearance is good at 13mm with the new tyre, but you will need to watch this and clearance with the swingarm. You can get plastic sidewall peices that clip in to the rims and you can't tell them from white walls. You'll find them offered for sale with Harley/chopper shite.
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