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  1. Hi all, haven't been on here in a while as I've sold all my bikes sadly. but I do have a Suzuki LTZ 400, well it's not mine it's my dads but he's too old to ride it lol. Anyway straight to the point, the quad needed a new con rod and the mechanic who started it never wanted to finish it so what's happened is he split the engine and that's the furthest he got, now the problem is the engine has been split for around 10 years now, would thus mean that it would need a full rebuild? Would the engine be seized? Or anything else? Or could the Conrod just be replaced and jobs done? Sorry about my lack of knowledge and please don't slate me for it. I also apologise the fact that it's a Suzuki and not a Yamaha, I appreciate any answers given, thanks a lot. Bill
  2. My bikes completely off road, I'm not a road user, I apologise for not mentioning..
  3. Christmas is coming up and my parents have asked what I want, I really need a new set of tyres for my yzf 250 as they're worn, as I'm no expert in picking out the best parts for my bike I once again ask the great people of this forum! So a new set of tyres is on the Christmas list, what tyres are worth asking for? I ride woodland quite abit and is really mucky so I'm looking for some big nobbly tires. Also in really struggling on finding some blue and white graphics for it (my kits blue and white so I want it to match) any websites that you can suggest to me? Thanks a lot
  4. So basically I'm going to get straight to the point, 2013 yzf 250, will it fit in my friends Vauxhall convo van? It's on a 54 plate, any more info just ask
  5. Thanks for the responses Dt and blackhat. How would I go about getting the stock rear link, my situation is the fella I purchased this bike off lives quite away from me, and he had only owned the bike for a few months, and I don't know who the first owner was or is. Could I purchase a stock link?
  6. With how I sit on my bike, I'd think that 39 inch would be spot on for my size, just abit confused on how it's been lowered in the first place.?
  7. Good evening, I've recently purchased a 2013 YZF 250, brilliant bike, can not fault it. A few friends have told me that my bike seems small compared to their 250's, I took no notice of it until tonight, I had nothing better to do so I decided d get the tape measure out and take a measurement for myself, my seat height turnt out to be 36 1/2 inches and my ground clearance was around 12 inches. I done some research over the Internet to find the stock 2013 YZF 250 should be 39 inches as the seat height and 14 inch ground clearance, correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I found. I measured the ground clearance by myself so it's not bang on accurate. Anybody know how to raise the height of my 250? Much appreciated. Billy
  8. Just interested in who you watch on YouTube? Like I watch Spicy110, Jake the garden snake, RoyalJordanian and a few others..
  9. If you know anyone that does skiing, ask them if they use helmet cameras, because they have gotta use pretty strong waterproof cameras.
  10. If you know anyone that does skiing, ask them if they use helmet cameras, because they have gotta use pretty strong waterproof cameras.
  11. I've found some, they are £100, and have 32w of bass, is that good? I'm planning to buy some next month so keep your suggestions coming in and I'll look to see if I can find some more. Thanks
  12. That was ment to look like nothing over £80
  13. I'm looking for some speakers that have good quality sound, good bass and a fairly high volume. I want some that you can plug into your phone and not massive, I don't want a docking station because I already have one. Right let's narrow it down, I'm looking for, loud, bassy, good quality, suitable for iPhones, not huge speakers, not to expensive £80+. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Hpi baja's if you don't know are little petrol engine buggys, I have a 32cc one and I want to know What HPI means. Anyone know?
  15. Bit late, but anyone else getting it? I can't wait!
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