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  1. Bike died, just got it back from Padgetts after they said it was the ignition pickup and said the part would cost £500. Poor student, was hoping to use the bike for Uni but cant afford that price. Any ideas where i can get this part? Ive looked on ebay and there doesnt seem to be anything available. Looks like I may have to sell the bike as is. Any help appreciated.
  2. Wow :-O yeah now I know I guess
  3. Oh, how can you change up and down a gear without using the clutch? If I revved really high would I be able to change gear? If I had stalled it I wouldnt have been able to start it again cos in 3rd? Errm yeh got breakdown but I was stuck in the middle of town on busy roads, on reflection maybe it was a little unsafe.
  4. Thanks airhead :-) erm I have a dtre and pretty sure its air cooled as it has air vents, could be wrong.
  5. As title. Please could someone tell me the difference. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks and dont think any cameras, apparently dt125's are hard to pick up on cameras so not going to worry lol Maybe, just seems strange that it snaps after been tightened. Only £20 tho so could be worse.
  7. Out today clutch cable snapped in third gear, I was like WTF. I couldnt slow down as would stall, I couldnt stop to push the bike because I was in gear. So I had to keep the bike running to the garage, went through 5 sets of red lights, 1 set right outside the police station lol What would you have done? Also the garage tightened it 3 days ago, was he the cause? Did he do it too tight? Is this a common thing? Do clutch cables need replacing regularly? Not best pleased.
  8. recently purchased a DT125 RE 2006 for £1300, which i thought wasn't bad with 12000 and only unrestricted since 10000, reliable etc etc etc Anyway spoke to a mate of mine who rides bikes, he said, never sell it, even if you dont ride it, keep it as they are only going to go up in price because they dont make 2 stroke's anymore. That true?? And why have they stopped making 2 strokes?? Did a bit of reading up, and people were saying emissions, surely that cant be true??? all the shite that China and India pump out and they stopped making 2 strokes because of their emissions??? We could literally turn EVERYTHING off in this country and it wouldnt make any negligable difference to the emmission output of the WORLD. Hm im going off on a tangent lol
  9. Noo I havent put any oil in the gearbox, ive put 2 stroke oil in the engine oil
  10. Oh and it was 2 stroke asda motorbike oil. Not the best but was all I could afford at the time and the oil light was on.
  11. Brilliant thanks alot!!! Will give it a go :-))
  12. Cheers if ive overfilled it can I just cyphen it out? And thanks T that would be appreciated, agree its like an oven! Another night of lying in a pool of sweat lol And Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
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