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  1. My ignition barrel is very bad, I am able to take the key out of the barrel whilst it's still turned on. Could this be the reason? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, I've posted on here before but not for a while so I may just look like a newbie to you all. Just wondering if anyone could possibly give me some help. I have a 1999 Yamaha DT, every time that it seems to get wet my bike seems to fuck up, the other week it happened and it would not tick over, it kept cutting out and not going past 7000 revs. I took out the spark plug which was so black, changed it and got it running again. It got wet again and the same thing happened, I played around with my air and fuel mixture and got it running fine, but then it always seems to change. At the moment it will tick over just over 1000 revs which is so low I know but if I turn my tick over up and then rev my bike, it will come down to 2000 revs and stay there for a few minutes before dropping down to 1500 Thank you
  3. Hi just an update on my bike. Done all the checks I was told to, had carb cleaned out thoroughly and got new jet and pin in there and still done the same thing. Moved the pin down 2 notches so its on its leanest setting and that's how it's running its best. It's pulling loads with amazing acceleration but when you get up to around 75mph in 5th gear and click it into 6th it sometimes just dies down to 70mph and other times it will go to 80 and carry on accelerating but will nog if throttle is opened completely. Last night when riding home it started to bog a lot more again for no apparent reason. It's nothing to do with paint this time as I have a new tank now on the bike and I cleaned all the petrol filters, any idea?
  4. The plug came out slightly brown. We did move the needle around a bit but didn't change very nych
  5. Okay I will do. Yesterday when I was out, this may sound very stupid, but i only just realised that the bike only bogs after a certain point on the throttle. It's not to do with the revs as I can get it to 10k easy in every gear as long as I hold the throttle at a certain point and don't turn it any more. It doesn't quite hit its top speed but it gets up there slowly
  6. Okay, I appreciate the advice. Thank you very much
  7. The problems not from the paint as it was happening even I first brought the bike with a different tank on the bike
  8. Thanks a lot for all the help, appreciate it a lot. I have ordered a new standard jet too but do you know believe it could be electrics at all then?
  9. Cosgrove thank you very much for that advice. The carb was cleaned up by a trained mechanic and the float level was all fine. One thing we did find was that the main needle was bent but we manages to straighten that out for the time being but I have ordered another. After it was cleaned out the bike run a lot better but bogged out at around 8-9k revs which is making us think its an electrical problem. Sorry DirtyDT, will go onto there now
  10. Okay thank you. I have ordered a new main jet and needle for my carb, and like I say the coil as I've been told it could be that breaking down
  11. It was bogging out beffore with the old tank though, so that's not the complete problem. A new tank has been ordered. I'm riding a Yamaha DT125R, it was sitting absolutely fine at 3 quarter turn on the throttle but as soon as you open it up fully on the throttle it bogs out completely in any gear.
  12. The carb was all cleaned out by a trained mechanic, not a dodgey job or anything. Air filter has just been fittes. When I first brought the bike it was bogging out just the same and the power valve was disconnected and my mechanic thought it was that, that was bogging it but it wasn't. After I had the carb cleaned out it did run better, bogging out at around 9000 revs but I had my tank sprayed. The sprayer had a falling out with me and sprayed inside it so at the moment I have little flicks of paint inside the tank which is probably bogging it out more now as its back to the 5000 revs.
  13. Sorry for posting this in three different places, just wasn't sure what to do. Just got my Yamaha DT125 R 1999. I have a little problem with it, it runs fine at low revs but as soon as it gets to around 6000 revs it bogs out, also as soon as the throttle is opened fully it does exactly the same. It's not a restriction as the amount of revs it bogs at changes every time. Thought it was a dirty carb but its not that as had it all cleaned up and didn't stop the bogginess. Been told it could be my coil so I've brought a new coil. Any other ideas on what it could be?
  14. Thank you for the advice, wasn't too sure what to do or where to post anything. As I said about, just young and eager to get closer to finding the problem with my bike
  15. I apologise, I'm just young and rush in to wanting to know things quickly. Well I'm 17 and from Essex, my DT is my second bike, hardly got to ride it yet but I bloody love it. I've always loved bikes growing up, main reason being I have a dad who's a biker and also a motorcycle instructor.
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