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  1. I very much doubt there's anyone here that could officially confirm anything to the DLV..! lol I suspect that 'Yamaha Owners Club' isn't actually what they said, but something close. And you'll probably have to get in contact with Yamaha. I have no doubt that someone on here will let you know shortly who you have to talk to...
  2. Grats! Give them a really good scrub up and get them sold!!!
  3. No worries. As I said, the indicated codes on the 750 are apparently different than on the Thunderace, even though they indicate the same 3 faults (who knows why this is...). Or I could have told you exactly which one it was. The strange thing was, when I looked at the 750s manual online, I couldn't find any mention of the error codes!
  4. Aaaand... That appears to be all you're getting! lol I can't add much more, but I really can't see a 125 having the same sized wheel as a 650!
  5. No, if they're not designed for LED, don't get them. LED need specially shaped mirrors, and normal ones don't cut it so they actually don't work as well! Be careful about upgrading your bulbs, many that are sold in shops turn out not to be legal on the road!
  6. Yeah... That's not an awful lot to go on..! lol
  7. SORN only came in in 1998. As stated above: Any vehicle that was offroad before that date and hasn't been taxed or declared SORN since, doesn't need to be SORNed. If it is re-taxed, then every year it's offroad thereafter it requires SORNing.
  8. Snakebite68


    Well, you like making it difficult for yourself... Since you used a 3rd frame, the other two don't really exist anymore (since the BIKE is the frame). I suspect you'll either have to sell the two frames, or, scrap them (don't forget you have to have all THREE Sorned if they're not currently on the road). After that, you probably just need to register the 3rd frame with the correct engine number. To do this, phone the DVLA up, general number, they'll put you onto the right department or form...
  9. This is an error code... There's 3 of them, one for fuel sensor, one for exup valve and one for your TPS. I'm not sure which of the 3 you have, they're apparently different from the Thunderaces. Unless you've had your tank off lately, I'd check your exup first...
  10. That's never a good story! lol
  11. Nice! Those DTs were cool. Welcome in... Is there any YZFs in there? Thunderace, Thundercat, 750?
  12. If it's anything like the Thunderace, it probably burns a certain amount of oil as a general course... It could be that you're not quite topping up as much as you think. Make sure you're topping up the oil on a level surface and that the bike is perfectly upright (ether on a pair of stands or by looking for the balancing point). My Thunderaces light comes on when the oil is a little low at high revs, but goes off again once I drop the revs again and the oil pools a bit more. It may be that yours is doing the same thing but has something else on it that's holding the light for longer... When was your last complete oil change? Even topping up regularly still ends up with week oil eventually.
  13. YZF 750R, nice! Parts for the 750 aren't cheap, always keep your eyes open for deals. The gearboxes are in demand especially by ZYF 1000R owners (ours only has a 5 speed box for some reason! lol). Welcome in...
  14. Bit of a sucker for punishment with the imports!!! lol Welcome in...
  15. You obviously filled up too roughly for the deteriorating plastic... lol
  16. I was about to ask if you had an inline filter... Are you 100% SURE you filled up with the right fuel?
  17. Don't know about legality, but you'd be daft not to fit a parking brake! Without it, nothing to stop it rolling away!
  18. Carbs are beyond me, but, out of curiosity, why do you think the bump is to blame?
  19. Snakebite68

    '77 dt250mx

    Yeah, you're in the wrong section...
  20. Not a clue I'm afraid, I just use what fits! lol
  21. From your 'Crude pic', even if there are helicoils on there, they don't appear to extend beyond the nut. So, I'd be more inclined to wonder if either: 1/ You're using the wrong sized socket (aftermarket / foreign plugs). or 2/ Your socket isn't long enough (aftermarket / foreign plugs). Try a different/deeper socket...
  22. Yup, that's the bonus of those types of exhaust though, you can niggle them a bit to get a better fit. Mine is a solid one, bugger all I can do about it...
  23. Most that I've had a good look at were on E-Bay and weren't in good condition, but one was New Old Stock and pristine. Still not pretty! And HEAVY!!!
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