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  1. There's no substitute for a good thick chrome coat... It's not going to be cheap, but it will be a lot cheaper than getting a good one! As for the nut, you may have to consider it a sacrificial part and split it. You got a picture of it?
  2. Welcome in! When are you doing your DAS?
  3. Our lass doesn't like my V-Strom, even though it's also a litre bike, she says it's boring!
  4. No. You get used to it... But I did buy a triboseat (Thunderace – Triboseat) for the pillion seat, that stopped 'our lass' from sliding forward and crushing my nuts..! But I am looking at seat covering materials because I want to make myself a custom pair of seats. Re-shape the rear seat to give more stability for 'our lass' and just look a little more flash...
  5. Oh God, yes, this! Mine came with braided hoses so I never even thought about it! If it doesn't have them, change all your hoses to metal braided!!!
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but like cars, if the clutch bites high, that's good, if it bites low, that's bad... Do you have the original leavers on? The originals are quite long and have a high standing. Custom leavers will bring the bite closer, however, there's the possibility that it will stop the clutch coming completely off because there's not enough throw on the hydraulics. The Ace got the tag 'sports tourer' quite quickly because it was a parts bin bike that they made as a stopgap before the R1. It was just relegated early. As for the slippery seat. Your ideal riding position on the Ace is with your nuts pressed up to the tank (adjust as required (preferably privately...)). If you find you're slipping around, get some tank grips for your legs. That will solve your problem.
  7. Just service the parts, make sure everything moves nicely. The Ace may not be the lightest of clutches, but it's hardly 'heavy'... Remember the power that clutch has to hold!
  8. Yeah, cost effectiveness is key in my case unfortunately! lol
  9. Also, a slightly strange issue is that every site I'm looking at says the YSS shock I want for a Thunderace is the MZ366-304TR21, but the actual YSS site says I want the MZ506-345TR-11..! WTF is happening here??? lol And what's the difference?
  10. There's that possibility, but, since mine doesn't work (no resistance) at all, anything that is listed as 'working order' will be better than mine! lol Would that happen to be the Z-Series? My problem is I know bugger all about shocks. The YSS site says the Z-Series is the one for the Ace, but mine has an external can, the Z doesn't, does that matter?
  11. My Ace has been a little poorly, my swingarm stopped... lol After much deliberation I decided to do it myself. It actually turned out that the swingarm bearings were fine, it was my suspension rocker linkage. ALL the bearings in it were toast (insert regular maintenance comments here...)! THEN it turned out that my rocker linkage had a manufacturers defect, so I had to go get one from E-Bay... After MUCH buggering about, I got it all cleaned up and fixed! However... Once it was all back together, and everything worked, it turned out that my rear shock was toast!!! It made for quite a bouncy ride home! rofl So, here's my issue: Is the rear shock on the Thunderace sealed? Or can it be serviced? If it can't be serviced, am I better off picking up one off E-Bay or getting an after market one?
  12. So... We're back from ANOTHER attack of the 'FIELD REQUIRED' bug... Can we know what's causing this? Is it a bug in the Invision program, a host based problem or malicious intervention? If it's a bug in the forum software, we should be contacting Invision. If it's a host problem, what are they doing to stop it happening? If it's external intervention, is whatever we post on here and our data secure?
  13. That's a 3 year old thread davidjimrd...
  14. I'm thinking... Bot... I wouldn't click on those links..!
  15. Yeah, I considered that, but it seems a bit of a faff when I could just do it with better equipment! lol See, I thought that too, but because of the extra air, I pulled a LOT more fluid through than I should have, and it just seemed a waste...
  16. Brake/clutch bleeding... So, I forked out for a relatively cheap but decent vacuum bleeding kit, it 'works', but you still get a bit of bleed past through the bleed nipple threads. I'm told that a pressure bleeder is MUCH better. But, which one? Anyone know about these things? Are there different ones for cars & bikes? They're not cheap, so I don't wanna pick the wrong option, any suggestions? And, do any of them work with non standard (read that as not round) reservoir?
  17. Have you tried reconnecting the battery WITHOUT waiting the half hour (just wait a couple of mins before reconnecting it)? What effect?
  18. How does a Mod get locked out??? lol Welcome back by the way...
  19. Nope, that isn't a typing error in the title! I've just found a Thunderace for sale with less than 200 miles on it!!! https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/1996-yamaha-yzf1000r-thunderace-thunderace-sports-tourer-petrol-manual/1418957595?utm_source=newsnow.co.uk It's not pristine, hasn't been dropped, but has some damage on it (I assume from being leaned against stuff). Not that I have £3,500 spare, but I'm curious..: 1/ Would you be looking at a full engine strip? 2/ Other than all the rubbers replacing, what other problems would you expect from a bike that has basically never run for 25 years? 3/ Why do people buy bikes and then hardly ever use them??? P.S. Same colour as my Ace!
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