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    XJ6 N 2009

    I'm in the same boat at the moment, except with a Thunderace, so probably somewhat heavier than yours. Suggestions so far are: 1/ Suspend it. 2/ Turn your footpegs upside down and use axel stands under them. I'm currently considering both options (together)...
  2. Yes, the whole bike is stock apart from the pipes and end can...
  3. THUNDERACE!!! I've not been out on mine all week, I'm waiting for bearings for my swingarm to turn up (I currently have a hardtail Thunderace! lol). Sadness...
  4. How and who with? And is it cheaper than doing it singly?
  5. Yeah, well I'm not going for a multi policy, the only one I've been quoted for was 4 times the amount of doing it separately... It can't be this hard for normal people!
  6. So... Is it true that I can't use my no claims on two different bikes? And yet, it doesn't matter WHICH bike I use it on??? WTF is this craziness??? Surely I've racked up 2 years of no claims no matter what bike insurance it's applied to? I can only ride one damn bike at a time!!!
  7. Yeah, I know it's not a hard job, but it's my ONLY mode of transport, so if I get stuck, I can't get to work! lol I've solved that problem by buying a V-Strom (well, I'll be buying it today), this means I can just take my time with the Ace and do it properly. I just have to figure out a way to suspend it from the garage rafters since I don't have a centre lift! lol
  8. It could also be the same problem but with the main kill switch...
  9. So, my Thunderaces swingarm is starting to seize up (frankly, I was constantly thinking it was my rear tyre that was soft! lol). I would like to do the work myself, but I'm skeered! I'm off work for a week, is there anyone in the Wakefield area that would like to come over and crawl around a hard garage floor with me to kinda give pointers and second guess me? There could well be bacon sandwiches and unlimited cups of tea in it..! Basically, since I've never removed a swingarm before, I just don't want to do it on my own in case I get into trouble and can't carry on
  10. So, as I may (or may not) have said, I've just moved house... I went to the MAG website to change my details but couldn't find either a 'login' option or an 'account' option. Am I missing something obvious or is the only way to change your personal details with them is to phone them?
  11. You should enrichen it with a new air filter by the sound of it!!! lol
  12. No actually, when I'm looking for parts, I tend to use that type of site just for reference purposes and to grab the part codes. The fact that you can check other bikes that use that particular part is an extra! Oh, and don't call me Shirley!!!
  13. I think you missed a letter... https://www.cmsnl.com/ Looks like an interesting website! Cheers!
  14. P.S. Four LONG flashes, three SHORT flashes? Fault Code 43 Fuel system voltage (monitoring voltage) The ECU is unable to monitor the battery voltage (an open or short circuit in the line to the ECU).
  15. First question is: WHEN exactly did you buy it? Second question is: Was it private or dealership? If you've literally just bought this bike, then it's not your problem (unless you knowingly bought it with electrical problems). If it doesn't get you around, then it is 'unfit for purpose' and a FULL refund is warranted... There are MANY more bikes out there to chose from, there's no reason to take on a problem when you don't need to.
  16. Armour appear to be more about classic bikes rather than performance bikes. But they do look nice.
  17. Mmmmm... Shiny bits...
  18. Who knows... lol But I'm looking at these and drooling! Blueflame-performance-motorcycle-exhaust-and-systems (blueflameperformance.com) And for the whole deal... YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers (blackwidowexhausts.co.uk)
  19. The first thing I'd want to know is whether the NI one with no V5 is stolen or not... You might want to check the VIN.
  20. Woah, woah, woah, woah..! Chances are that if you had a cracked calliper, you'd know about it! It sounds to me like your bleed nipple is blocked. It's fairly normal for air/fluid to come out of the threads... 1/ Don't crack it open quite as far, it's only supposed to be cracked enough to let air out then nipped up again quick. 2/ Buy a new bleed nipple (I'm pretty sure they all have the same threads on them...). Out of curiosity, how are you bleeding the brakes? Are you: a/ Doing it the old fashioned way and using the lever? b/ Using a vacuum bleed
  21. Keep looking! Yamaha XT 125x Xt125r Genuine Master Cylinder Front New Ajp High Quality Oem (ebay.co.uk) E-Bay is your friend!
  22. What exactly is the fault code you're seeing?
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