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  1. That's a 7 year old Thread... Your best bet would be to introduce yourself in the New Members Welcome Area... Tell us about yourself and what bikes you have and after a bit of a 'chat', post your problem Thread in a suitable Forum. Don't go straight for the cl*t dude! It's just not done!!!
  2. First job would be to remove the starter motor and make sure there's an undamaged cog secured on the end of it...
  3. How many switches are there on the left grip? I'm finding pictures that show one or two... If it's two, the right one is on and off, and the left one is low and high. If it's one it's just high & low...
  4. There's only so many switches on the handlebars of any bike, if you're not finding a switch that works the high beam, have you checked to see that the bulb is good?
  5. Haynes will have it I believe... Yamaha XVS650 & 1100 (Drag Star, V-Star) '97 to '11 (Haynes Service & Repair Manual): Amazon.co.uk: Editors of Haynes Manuals: 9781785212697: Books Google is your friend!
  6. What's that thing in the last picture, and is it meant to be welded solid?
  7. You'd be amazed at how you 'mould' into a new bike... It's going to feel large to you for a while, till you relax. I'd see how it goes first before adjusting the ride height, after a couple of months you may find that you can put your feet much flatter than you originally could.
  8. Welcome in! It looks in pretty good condition...
  9. sorry, Alex has a strike on his account if peeps post links to manuals
  10. Almost certainly NOT something you want to attempt, even if you're SURE that there's no real traction going on!!!
  11. Not certain I'm going to be able to explain my idea properly, but here goes... A 2 piece spindle... Assuming one fork is threaded and the other isn't: First side slides in the threaded fork and has a thread to match up by the bolt end to engage with the threaded part of the fork. The other side of the spindle slips in as normal. The two parts thread together (don't think it will matter which is male and which is female). So, threaded side in first, tighten up, non threaded side next and screw together. The downside to this is that you will need to torque up BOTH sides separately (and how you'd work that out I don't know lol). P.S. I'm certainly NOT an engineer, and you'd DEFINATELY need an engineer to work out your torque settings. Although, getting a custom spindle made DOES give you the option to go for Titanium or Stainless Steel...
  12. Intake Manifold Yamaha XT 125 R Enduro Type 3D6 - 1A Japan Quality - Induction | eBay Have you tried google?
  13. Wierdly, it wouldn't be the first time I've had a passenger fall asleep against my back! The bonus with sports bikes is that unless they're restless sleepers, they just kinda stay there, against your back! lol
  14. Yo! From Yorkshire... I'm sure there's others here from Gloucestershire...
  15. Aaah, ok, I was wondering because depending on which way you do it, that bubbling out of the threads can cause you problems. Using the leaver or a pressure bleeder isn't bothered by it, but if you use a vacuum bleeder, there's a chance you can actually suck in some air at the end (been there, bit of a bugger!). A bit of thread tape cuts down the problem to the minimum...
  16. The seams of mine are internally taped, however, I think I've found the problem, part of the tape is loose. What I need now is some rubber cement! I still want some better waterproofs though.
  17. Do you have any particular examples / suggestions? There's something liberating in riding in the wet (so long as your knackers stay dry!)... Yes, you stay dry and warm and can have a peaceful fag in the car, but it's just not the same! Trust the rubber..!
  18. So... It's raining... I've got rain wear, but it would appear that there's pinhole leaks in the trousers (probably from putting them on and taking them off) around the crotch somewhere. I'm going to put this down as being one of the problems of rubberised clothing. So, the question is: Does anyone make non rubberised wet wear? Gortex or just simply better quality maybe?
  19. Have you tested it with a multi meter? Yes, it can have a hairline crack in it.
  20. First off, change the primary fuse (it may be invisibly broken), no point going further till you've done that...
  21. No, not getting time to do it... Think I'm just going to drop it into Padgetts and have it done.
  22. What colour are your spark plugs when you take them out? Pictures would be good...
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