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  1. Well... 7k revs seems pretty high, but when my YZF1000R was idling high, it turned out to be the valve gaps.
  2. How do you lose a camping licence??? Have field, will camp..!
  3. Not a mechanic, but... The key is to figure out EXACTLY where the smoke is coming from. Try smothering it in soapy water and look for the bubbles, that will give the mechanical guys more to work on!
  4. At least you found it before you put it back together..!
  5. Hmmm, probably your best bet would be to go to somewhere like Padgetts and order it through them, let them have the headache of getting the right one...
  6. The old 3rd party parts are often moulded off an original, which doesn't allow for shrinkage in manufacture. The question here is HOW much smaller were these boots you bought? Are they close enough that you could stick them in hot water to relax them enough to go on?
  7. Yey! Do a brake fluid flush first, if that doesn't sort it, you're probably looking at new plates. Yeah, the vibration through the bars caused me some problems at first, but I apparently got used to it. I did wonder about getting some heavier bar end weights made, but it doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.
  8. Nice! Welcome in... Have you checked the baffle hasn't fallen out?
  9. Snakebite68


    Once you get used to putting your foot back where it's meant to be, there's no hesitation. Don't E-Mail the dealer, pop in out of the blue and say: "Hi, this bike you sold me, the rear break position is all wrong for me and poses a safety issue..." They want your money, they want you to keep the bike, believing there's a safety issue with the bike is a valid reason to demand a return! They'll sort it for you, probably on the spot!!!
  10. Snakebite68


    Someone else should get to you with the technicalities, but I do have an observation... You shouldn't be hovering your foot over your break (or under). Finish using brake, move foot backwards into proper riding position. Nice bike though, but I'd be surprised if it didn't offer the ability to alter the height of the leaver.
  11. Google is your friend... Ground Clearance: 5.7 in OR 145 mm
  12. Quick google... Yamaha XT400 EUR/SWE Float Bowl Kit (nrp-carbs.co.uk)
  13. You realise this is a 3 year old thread?
  14. Hihi... 1/ I'd be inclined to ditch the hoses and get new ones anyway, if they're originals, they'll be toast. Reservoirs are 10 a penny, if it doesn't clean easily, just get a new one. It's your callipers that you need to concentrate on, strip them down and give them a damn good cleaning! 2/ Bad things!!! Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot battle lance! Cough up some cash and pass the problem to a reputable bike garage. 3/ Google is your friend, it looks like there's loads of options out there..!
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