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  1. Hi Gingerchili, Are you referring to the name of the connection? as in:- "D connector" where "D" is the physical shape, "JST connector." (japanese Solderless Terminals). DIN connector (Deutsches Institut für Normung) connector. The List goes on and on.... The connectors listed above have one thing in common....they, at the time, have been 'standardised' .As in manufacturers making something to a standard across the industry so that their parts become compatible. However, Relays and the like have numerous pin outs, depending on the internal circuits of the relay etc, 10 pin , 12 pin, 18 pin etc, They subesquently have the pins grouped together in various box shaped sections, they may well have a name used by the manufacturer, but its not a term commonly used for its sales potential. So they tend to be referred to by 'gender' ,from the plug or socket, such as a 12 pin male or 16 pin female etc. Quite a few years ago I dabbled with electronics and made a few bits and pieces, but I never came across a common name for relay and other black box components in their detailed catalogues, other than by pin out and gender. Hope that's of some help.
  2. Over to you then Jimmy....He's up around Glasgow I believe.
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    Well done jimmy,...I'd forgotten about professional help! I'm always thinking DIY is the only option!
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    The vast majority of speedometers are sealed for life, as in, constructed in a manner to prevent the mileage being altered that might not be true! Having said that..everything that is 'constructed' can be 'destructed' or reverse engineered! The question is, whilst you can get it apart, can you put it back together? That all depends on your ability and 'whats acceptable'. to you. I've taken apart quite a few...for cleaning purposes!....I've done both my Honda 400/4 and DT175 speedos, and I've put them back together. ...but...you can tell I have! They won't win concours, because you can see what I've done, which is fine and it's acceptable to me, both are watertight amd don't steam up. The Honda had a chrome ring around it which was compressed onto the two 'halves' of the speedo. I knew I could not re-compress the ring back on, and make it look like its never been disturbed, so I cut the ring and silver soldered a very tiny nut and bolt back on it and simple tightened them up. I hid the join the best I could between the speedo and rev counter. If I remember correctly, the DT had to be cut in half in a place that was concealed by the stainless steel lower cover, and I used a soldering iron to 'melt' the plastic back together to re join the two halves. You can't see the join, unless you take the metal cover off. So answering your question: "Does anyone know if you can strip the speedometer gauge on a dt50?" Then I'd say yes you can... but It's unlikely that it's been designed in a way that you can dismantle it easily! or ....buy a another one! Good luck , hope that is some sort of help. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Hi there William, welcome to the group, can you just clarify what is smoking. Are you referring to smoke coming out AROUND the Right cylinder itself?, and as Snake suggests a good smoothering of soapy water whilst the engine is running will help locate any location of a leak. Base gaskets are common source of poor running and smoke. OR ..are you referring to the Right cylinder as being the source, as its smoking OUT of the exhaust pipe which serves that cylinder? In which case what colour is the smoke,? white, black?, etc. because then it's either oil from the sump, or unburnt fuel gases getting past the valves.
  6. Hi there Christian, being the owner of a 78 DT175MX i can confirm that Finnerz is correct, it is just the breather tube for the petrol cap (as mentioned in your title). I poke my breather tube down between the front yoke of the steering, it stays there quiet happily throughout the ride. Never had a problem with mine, although after 40 years the rubber can perish and, after several decades, they can end up a lot shorter!, I think I replaced mine with a length of nitrle rubber a few years ago. Another purpose, other than a breather, is if the bike is laid down (in the mud on a trial...as it was designed!!) then fuel doesn't pour all over the painted tank. Hope that helps, and welcome to the group.
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    Hi again, Just been looking around the web for you and came across this page. Forgive me if you've already seen it. https://www.yam-r125.net/adjusting_the_rear_disc_brake-144.html shows you how to adjust the pedal and the expected clearance. Hope that helps.
  8. hi Gingerchili, Have you considered joining the R1 forum? a quick google search brings up similar questions within their forum... https://www.r1-forum.com/threads/2009-r1-big-bang-various-advice-needed-please.634158/ Hope that helps.
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    Hi there, as Snake above has said, he'd be surprised if it didn't offer the ability to alter the height, so i took a look at some promotional photos on google. As it's a brand new bike, there's some interesting photos of the bike on various websites. https://www.appleyardmotorcycles.co.uk/used-motorcycle/yamaha-yzf-r125-world-gp-60th-anniversary-2022-32629 https://www.motogb.co.uk/used-bikes/yamaha-yzf-r125-world-gp-60th-anniversary-2022-32128 in the gallery sections I notice the top of the pedal is just below the support bracket seen behind it. The first question is, does yours match the promotional photos? or is yours set higher? if it is, then it should be adjusted to match. The place you bought it from should be able to reposition it. In this utube video, pause it at 2mins 53 for a nice view of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaDkByqGPiE Secondly, and no disrepect implied here, are you riding it in the designed foot position? I notice the riders in the photos have their mid foot on the peg and their heel over the exhaust, are you for example riding it with your foot too far forward? or are you too tall for the bike? I say that last bit for a reason, you see my 400/4 is designed for someone shorter than me, I'm six foot, some say I look too big on it but it's a lovely bike and I don't care if I'm technically too tall for it! but with size 12 feet it does mean I had to alter my foot position to ride it, in the end I too had to alter the angle of the brake pedal to ride it comfortably.
  10. Hi there and welcome. If your're moving the handlebars and it's causing a change in something that's being run by electricity, then for sure you've got a wiring issue!! The wiring loom runs down past the steering head, and has all the wires from the handlebar switches within it. However, it's also designed with a bit of slack to help it move with the handlebar. Unfortunately, your bike is already over 40 years old (1981) and the wiring loom will be breaking down. Nothing lasts forever and plastics and rubber are the first things to go brittle and become cracked as the years become decades. The loom will no longer be as flexible and will now be quite stiff. After 40 years of movement you can expect exposed wiring and broken wires from all that motion within the covering. A repair maybe possible by stripping away the covering and finding the fault but putting it back together and expecting it to last is another matter. The likelyhood of this happening to another wire in the same area will be very high. The most sensible solution would be to replace the aged loom for a new one, but that requires stripping the bike down. Regretfully the loom is often the first thing that gets attached to a bare frame in manufacturing and everything else is bolted on around it! How long do wiring looms last for? a difficult question as some will say they know of 100 year old vehicles still working, however, the manufacturers never designed them to last or even expected them to last! The fact you're having issues with yours suggest it's starting to reach the end of it's serviceable life. You can probably get it repaired, but you may find a previous repair.! either way it won't fix itself. kind regards NE0
  11. Hi Ben, Welcome to the group and to this side of the Planet! To get free MOT and free road tax you have to first have your V5C registration documents issued by DVLA to state 'HISTORIC' in the taxation class. I can't help you how to obtain the V5C in the first place though! Someone else will hopefully explain how you go about importing a bike into the UK and getting your V5C. Here's my actual account of how I changed my V5C to HISTORIC. as mentioned in the text , it's not an automatic process just because its over 40 years old. From DVLA's point of view they are quite happy for you to pay Road Tax, they won't tell you that you can get it for free, nor will they tell you the Bike is elgible. Incidently, whilst the road tax is 'free', the MOT side of it is; YOU are declaring that it is SAFE to be on the road, and are taking full responsibility for it meeting the road safety standard for an Historic bike. Although there is nothing stopping you putting your bike through for an MOT and paying for it. You also mention you'd like to do a 12v conversion, well I too did this to my DT175MX over 10 years ago and here's the indepth account on how I went about it, have a read if you haven't already. Usual disclaimer applies. This was my bike, no idea if it would work on yours! https://yamahaclub.com/forums/topic/25945-dt-175-mx-12volt-conversion/ well, there's a start for you, once again welcome to the group, whilst your here, why not pop over to the new members section and do a brief introduction,which always goes down well. All the best NE0
  12. Hagon make shockabsorbers.
  13. Excellent Grah, Glad you got it sorted out. just got you a Gold medal on the leader board!
  14. I learnt along time ago to take loads of digital photos with my camera, saves a lot of hassle a year later!!
  15. and this photo shows the little tag poking up just behind the brake pedal https://www.thebikespecialists.com/vehicle/yamaha-dt250-mx-classic-iconic-trail-bike-excellent-condition-in-sheffield-43b7fe63-9b9e-4049-9742-c35103cd06e9 one of the photos shows a close up of the brake side....you can just about make it out. This gives an indication that the tag has to be uppermost. Yes, there looks like a small spring attached to that arm, do you have that?
  16. Heh Graham, Done some further searching and found this image of a DT250MX rear brake switch and looks like you might be missing a bit!
  17. just looked on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284624724360?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=EAIaIQobChMIk9DGgdmH9gIVj77tCh376gD1EAQYAyABEgJvyvD_BwE this one comes with a spring? and others also.... https://www.rexs-speedshop.com/product/yamaha-rear-brake-switch-with-spring/ and this one with a rod for a single shock DT250MX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154575520731?hash=item23fd6b43db:g:LMgAAOSwF7BhHi47
  18. hi Graham Not sure if this helps but this is my 1978 DT175MX rear brake light set up. and the other end of the spring goes on the top part of the brake pedal the switch part points down towards the pedal, and is held on by the plastic nut. It fits in a welded ring on the frame. The long spring attaches to the 'pull out' plunger and the other end attaches to a hole in the top of the brake pedal. When you depress the rear brake , it pulls the plunger out and this makes the internal switch close and the rear light goes on. I appreciate yours may be different but it may be helpful. NE0
  19. Hi Blake I own a 1978 MX with 7 wire cdi, there is a wiring diagram available in the Haynes owners workshop manual .Yamaha 100,125 &175 trail bikes. Brown cover Book 210. On page 167. hope that helps.
  20. Hi folks, Just thought I'd take the time to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and hope you all have a better 2022. The forum has got a lot quieter since I first joined ten years ago, nonetheless I still visit every few days to read whats going on with you all. I still enjoy the banter, even if the bikes don't do many miles at all these days. Have a great time and enjoy your family time. NE0. Apparently I've got a new film out!..... Might have to go and watch it over the holiday period.
  21. ...and originally posted by a One Hit Wonder.....and replied by another One Hit Wonder. Neither ever seen again!
  22. Good work, especially under the seat. I had similar problems with my wiring loom and ended up replacing the whole thing with a replacement loom from the bay! It's no fun working on a bike in the cold weather, been there done that! mind you, when they do break down, it's normally in the winter, after the sun has set and miles from home!! You can ride for miles in the summer without so much as a hint of trouble, but come with winter...different story! Keep up the good work and enjoy.
  23. I'm sure you've all been there but I had a sleepless night last night, mainly with my brain popping up random thoughts that i couldn't get rid of....and it kept me awake! One of them though was "Why DID early Yams have twin spark plug holes!!?" I came to the conclusion that it was either for 'Performance' or 'Diagnostic'...... "Performance" to make it better or worse! or "Diagnostic" to see what was making it better or worse! yup not the best discussion to have with yourself at 4 am....but.... It also got me thinking about what was available back in the 70's to do either of them...As regards to 'Diagnostic', there was Colortune sparkplugs, which were a popular 'accessory' that found their way into many a christmas stocking for dad who had everything. It was a plug with a glass inspection construction so you could 'see' the colour of your spark!.....oh joy!....come on... it was 4am!! but would Yamaha construct cylinder heads just for this purpose?....unlikely I thought!...unless it was a high performance engine......not your run of the mill Trial bike... it was probably 04.15 by now! Which made me think of 'Performance'. Was there really a need to equip their cylinder heads with dual spark plug holes to run twin plugs? Presumably that would mean twin HT Coils and maybe twin contact breakers? makes you think doesn't it? it was probably at least 04.30 by now! I don't recall my mate who had twin plugs on his AT ever having twin coils, true he had both spark plugs inserted but only one was ever connected at a time. He would change the HT lead over to the other plug if it got too fouled up...but thinking about that today (04.40) the chances are the carbon fouling was probably all over THAT spark plug too!!....but heh we were just 16!...it seemed to be the 'right thing' to do, swapping HT leads.....wow...the performance change...Not!! Anyway, (04.45) I came to the conclusion that dual plug holes was probably related to performance more than anything else......mass produced?...domestic market vs sports market?.......then just blank off the hole that's not in use and make use of the twin holes for the sports related performance. Seemed logical, and probably not untypical of 70's thinking. No I didn't drop off ...I still had Quantum and String theory to discuss with myself along with what am i going to do today?, what I'm going to be ABLE to do today with so little sleep!!.... what's that ringing?...it's the alarm......time to get up! Then I thought "Why don't I google it? " Twin spark plugs on Cylinder heads.... I was right after all....its performance related... https://www.rediff.com/getahead/report/slide-show-1-biking-and-motoring-why-twin-spark-is-superior-to-single-spark-tech/20140104.htm So I just have to answer one final question.... Why didn't i get up at 4am and look it up? ...would have saved myself all that 'deep thinking"! Gee ...i'm tired!!!
  24. Anything must be worth a try if you've tried everything. But i just did a quick google search for timing with unleaded vs leaded, and apparently you retard the timing slightly. One guy writes that for his classic bike engine he normally sets the timing where it "should" be and, providing he gets it going, goes for a ride up a hill, if it pinks he retards it a bit, if it doesn't he advances it until it does pink then winds it back very slightly. Remember it only takes a fraction of adjustment to alter the effect it has. Like I said it might be worth altering it, you can always set it back to 'normal', if it doesn't work. it's only a screw adjustment afterall, but having said that, I'm not so sure I altered my DT for unleaded! .....I may have done , it's so long ago though!.......good luck Phil keep us posted.
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