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  1. Evening Gents, Likewise back on the site after some time away. So many things to do, so little time. HNY. The plague is still raging so nothing new there. Hope you all keeping well. Still commuting on the magnificent 3XW, weather has been very mild up till X-mas so got a lot or riding days in. I've only got 23K on the clock now so alls good. Had some shit weather last 2 weeks but tomorrow looks good so look forward to jumping on the bike again. OldFJ your 3CV looks very good and nice pics (the 3CV in the same colour was my first FJ Loved that bike) Stay safe.
  2. For the last 2 or 3 months have been commuting the 28 miles to work and back on the FJ here in Kernow. Mornings are not too bad but late afternoon rush hour between Falmouth & Truro and through Truro is a killer. Cagers all over the place and Truro is at a standstill on double lanes. High beam and blinkers on and gently force your way through the middle. Generally people are alert, helpful and make space. Some however should be shot on sight.
  3. Merry Crimbo - Have a good one lads & girls. Let's hope we can knock this shit on the head in 2021. Cheers!!
  4. I had one for best part of 30 years. Throw up some pics and we'll go from there.
  5. Mid eighties when I was about to shell out for my then new XJ-650 my neighbour had one, all singing, all dancing with the high viz orange Marlboro branded fairing. It was looking the muts' dangelies and I was infatuated with the thing. Fortunately common sense prevailed and probably the reason I'm still alive today Well done!
  6. Working from home so that keeps me plenty busy. I am operations/procurement superintendent for a marine towage & salvage company. Since shipping is classed as an essential industry I can have some movement to tend to our boats and I have to be in the office once a week to sort through courier deliveries in and send them on their way to where the boats are or will be. So once a week I can at least look forward to a trip to Brixham and back same day, 165 mile round trip. So I look at the forecast and pick the best day for on the bike. The situation is pretty weird to say the least and I'm afraid it will only get worse before it gets better. Stay safe & healthy peeps.
  7. Hehe, first 85 mile commute of the year this morning. A tad chilly but good to be out on 2 wheels .... going like the clappers
  8. Wanted to drive the bike into work last week. Turned over for 5 secs but didn't want to start first go (its been 3 weeks or so since last start). Then all power went. I have had batteries start to struggle a bit to give you a bit of notice but not this one. The 5 secs cranking just completely killed it off. It is completely dead and the charger doesn't even register ....... "it is an ex-battery" New one one the way now but was pretty miffed I missed my ride.
  9. And it came in very small print so he couldn't read it anyway
  10. Same here. Never done and weather permitting I have a short blast around the block to keep things free & running. That being said, just fired up the FJ this afternoon, put some fresh Royal Dutch V-power in and went for a 40 mile blitz.
  11. Compliments of the season Chaps & Ladies. Can't wait for the days to lengthen ................ drying up a bit would be good too
  12. Or hopefully a bit sooner weather permitting. Sorry not much to report, weather has been absolutely shite in the West Country, and every time I see somebody on 2 wheels I think 'poor b*stard' from the heated seats of the Crossfire.
  13. She's back. Picked her up today and all is sweet. Finally got an as good as new FJ-1200 in the garage with 16.5K on the clock. Carbs done, valve clearances done, tune-up done. Parted with a few shekels to get her right but I'm sure the love will come back again soon.
  14. No need to apologize. No snowflakes here and I hate that PC crap. I'm also following a US sailing forum and they literally knock 6 bells out of everything and out of each other. If nothing else it enhances the vocabulary
  15. At his age I don't know what he can or can't ........ scrap that, I don't wanna know
  16. Kees doesn't sound very Stralian
  17. For starters I'd be happy to get mine back from the menders all singing and dancing. Been there now for 3/4 weeks. I know the boys work on her as and when and because the weather's crap anyway and I don't need her and I'm not calling them every 5 minutes to see how things are anyway Latest was that the valve clearances were out as well (too tight) by some margin. Boy, did whoever who serviced that bike in Worcestershire f*ck things up. On a happier note, pleased to report that the 3CV has gone to a good local home for good money. Hope she's as good to the new owner as she's been for me.
  18. That and I'm questioning my thought process. If I had spent less than a third of the outlay on my 3CV with 80K it would have probably outlasted me but in my mind I was a bit dazzled by the bling bling. You (still) live & learn (nearly every day)
  19. Well chaps, the love affair hasn't lasted that long ......... I'm at pains to admit. To be honest I'm a bit hacked off with the whole thing. The issue is that when the bike is at operating temperature a couple of miles in it will not idle so that's a bit of a biatch if you have to stop for a traffic light. If you let the grip go it would splutter, misfire and die. Also the carbs are flooding and fuel p*sses out of the overflow pipes at the back of the engine block .............. where a couple of very hot exhausts reside. At speed the bike drove like a new one and it was very pleasant and even managed to pick up my first speeding ticket, go figuire. After my first 80 mile and back commute 2 weeks ago I booked it into my bike shop to have a look at the carbs and that is where it still sits. Early indication is that, in its life, it has been standing too long on the side stand and the 2 lhs carb channels, nooks and crannies must be full of crud, gum and solidified fuel. Last news was that the carbs were sent away for cleaning and the shop was waiting on delivery of new idle jets, needles and some other gear. When negociating with the PO I did have a mate of mine check the bike out, and he in turn brought his 'advanced motor bike driver' friend who took it up and down the street. When still cold and on choke it idles fine and none of these symptoms were found........ I wish he had driven it for approx 10 miles and we wouldn't have this exchange. PO maintains that he had the bike serviced and carbs cleaned in sonic bath less than 3 months ago. I think the PO has been taken for a ride by his garage to the tune of 500 quid because I have the invoice. (my bike shop had very strong doubts if the carbs were done properly (if at all) for they certainly did not look it) Fortunately the weather was a bit hydraulic last 2 weeks for I would have happily jumped on my 3CV that I bought unseen, untried & untested via Ebay in Brussels 6 years ago - and that one hasn't missed a beat since day 1! Yup I hear you thinking - sold as seen - buyer beware. Guilty as charged. Bugger
  20. If I didn't need to do distance riding I'd have one. I assume it's the unlimited dogs dangelies full power machine Congrats & piccies please.
  21. Yesterday a van turned up bringing a pressy to myself Younger version of the one I got with only 16.5K miles on the clock. FJ-1200 3XW That also means that the 3CV is on the market.
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