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  1. Interested in the tail light mounting bracket. Could you send me a couple pics cheers mark
  2. Thanks for the reply. I’ll do that. Appreciated Mark
  3. My 1980 XT250 has alloy rims. Gold anodised i believe. Not bad condition, no major dents or gouges but as im restoring the bike to ‘near new’ I’d like to do something with them. I’ve been told by a wheel restorer re-anodising would be difficult and advised to powder coat or find new rims (which seems impossible). The rear is an awkward 17” devil and hard to find a new rim for. The front not so difficult. Would an 18” fit? I know there are some xt owners on the site, any advice other than stick with what you got? Does powder coat risk chipping when fitting tyres? cheers Mark
  4. Hi wondered if you ever found a diagram. Im now looking just became the owner of a project Mark
  5. Hi All if anyone has one in good nick id appreciate a nod. Ta Mark
  6. Right hand side panel plastic proved tricky. Sourced second hand from Japan! Pics all look good so fingers crossed. Bash plate and chainguard proving tricky too! all good fun and hours of my life on ebay
  7. Hi all Just brought myself a restoration project. Same model I had from new in 1981 XT250. Hell of a lot of work coming up but ive done a couple of different bikes before Suzuki T500J and a Bonneville T100 concourse. Both on youtube Ive still got that sick feeling and not sure if its excitement to start or worrying ill never finish it. Look forward to picking your brains when ive got my head round the bikes history. Goes without saying bits are scarce, so im up for anyone contacting me saying they got every bit i need cheers Mark
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