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  1. Handlebars sorted... impressed with some from Indonesia of all places. Identical to the ones I remember and appear good quality too. Time will tell...
  2. An eye-watering $1500 (and I'll also have the aforementioned tax...) but the 'bike is worth every penny. IF I come to sell it (I shan't - it'll be passed to my son) I could even make a couple of grand. But that's not what this is about - I'm livin' the dream !!
  3. It's on its way from Colorado to the UK - be here mid/end of January and I can hardly wait! First jobs will be to thoroughly clean it, make obvious repairs - like the rubber parts which have suffered - and then to ride it! After that I'll start the process of really buffing it up. I hope I won't need to do much respraying, rechroming, etc., as it looks really good unrestored. I want to try to keep it that way. Anyway, I'll keep you posted at irregular moments as to how it's coming along. One thing that I'd appreciate... some info from anyone who has an original standard "flat handlebar" YDS3... could you let me have the following dimensions of the handlebar, please? A) width of bars? B). distance between end of bar to the bend? C) Distance from end of bar to the extended line if the bar was straight, ie how much the bar is bent? Many thanks. Barry
  4. That's a cracker of an unrestored 'bike - what a beauty! Barry
  5. Awaiting delivery of my 1965 YDS3, all the way from Colorado to the UK. It should be here by mid to end January, 2020. I first owned a YDS3 back in 1965, my first new 'bike - it was a glorious red one. I spotted this current blue one on t'internet - special because it's untouched and absolutely original, yet in remarkable condition. Everything is there - both keys, full tools, handbook/service book, pump, fuel tank filter and dipstick (even my original didn't have that!). Anyway, I look forward to getting support if I need it, and giving help and support whenever I can. Barry
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=klbObXhE3cI
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