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    YP250R X MAX 2014 @ present . Past include Sym gts125 Sym Shark 125 Honda VFR 750FL Kawasaki GPZ600R HONDA CX500 Yamaha RD250 HONDA 250 SUPERDREAM BSA 250 C15 TRIUMPH 200 CUB

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    Anything on two wheels. Beer. Squash. Beer. Cycling . Beer. Golf. Beer. Oh did I mention Beer.

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  1. Check these out :- item number 291571748712 on eBay. Loads of other designs if you hunt around eBay. Don't worry about which model Yamaha they are for the important thing is the left hand thread size. Ride safe
  2. welcome on board. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Plenty of knowledgeable people on here so ask away. Cheers
  3. welcome. Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Keep us updated. Cheers
  4. muddyfox

    Ready for 2016.

    great looking bike. Well done.
  5. welcome Quentin. As blackhat250 says the YBR is a good starting point. One bit of advice, from someone's who has been riding on two wheels for the past 40 odd years , on approaching junctions if you don't make eye contact with the car driver take it as read he HAS NOT seen you. Make full use of this forum its a wealth of advice and information. Cheers
  6. As regards the servicing to maintain your warranty. Car are covered under block exemption rules brought in by the EU. Means the car can be serviced by a vat registered workshop to manufactures schedule. Motorcycle were not included in the block exemption rules for reasons better know to the EU. I know this from bitter experience trying to make a warranty claim for my granddaughters scooter that had its first service carried out by the dealer and the next two by the workshop I've used for years. Took 4 months of phone calls and emails until the dealer agreed to do the work as a "gesture of goodwill". Cheers
  7. Finnerz89 just sent you a pm re meeting up for squires on Friday 4th. Cheers
  8. Anyone travelling up from Nottingham area on Friday 4th ?
  9. Welcome. All the best with your project and please keeps us updated and don't be afraid to about out for help.
  10. Welcome. Remember trying to kick start a panther and the owner thinking it funny not to tell me about the decompression lever.
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