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  1. Chain sprocket changed a month ago. Wheel bearings are ok. Ive noticed that on first gear on low rpm whole bike is shaking like jelly, only higher rpm's reduce shaking.
  2. I just bought aftermarket horn for my yamaha sr125 to replace old, rusty, squeaking horn. I have two questions. If i connect it wrongly can i blow a fuse or it will be ok and i will only need to rotate the plug on the horn? And second question how to recognize earth and positive on the horn and on the wires? Picture of the horn attached.
  3. Actually you will laugh, but I work in Luton Airport. You are fairy or what?
  4. Hello guys, maybe you will be able to help me. I own Yamaha SR125 '2000. Engine starts no problem, working smooth but.... When i accelerate I can feel vibration on whole bike but probably originated from the engine. When hand off of the throttle vibrations get lower. I feel it especially on low rpm when on higher gears. I checked it with the mechanic, I thought it maybe steering head bearings or wheel bearings but mechanic said there is a little play on head but nothing major. Wheel bearings are ok. He said bike is burning oil (but no blue smoke yet). Front tyre need to be replaced because is worn uneven, but i don't think that is the main problem. So what you guys think it can be?? Worn cylinder / piston?? What can be a possible source of this vibration? Chain is visible in the window so it's in usable range, not to loose i think.
  5. Hi everyone. Just Bought 2000' Yamaha SR125 Custom, i hope i will find help with few things on this forum. Maybe with time i will be able to help someone
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