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  1. Prime. For starting after you've run dry
  2. There could be a throttle stop, restriction in the carb, maybe a rev limiter. There's a few ways to do it unfortunately so I can't really say
  3. Maybe a chrome cover for his rear?
  4. Sounds like a restriction of some kind. Aren't 50cc bikes limited to 32mph (could well be 37mph with an optimistic speedo) Maybe it was restricted down to match that rule?
  5. I thought you just fill out the changes form attached to your v5 and send it off?
  6. finnerz89

    I'm done!

    Sad times mate! Glad we got out for a few weekends though. You'll have to find yourself another money-sapping hobby now
  7. I'm not expert on the engines to be honest so I couldn't tell you for sure. But I think the 4FU was tuned a bit more, in what way I don't know for certain. You'll noy go far wrong with a 3MB though. Mine is good for 75 (GPS speed so accurate) and that's geared down for acceleration
  8. Not sure on a source other than the usual ebay, Facebook groups etc. There is a DT125 forum too. I think you're referring to the 3MB00 barrel? That's the one to have unless you can get a 4FU from a TDR or TZ125 belgarda But the stock engine in your bike is pretty good, the only restriction being the exhaust (and cat) and the rev limiter. Both easy to get rid of
  9. That's the one weekend I can't do as I'm in Scotland
  10. I'm always up for a meet. No real preference on location either!
  11. You either have a massive leak in the inlet system, or more likely the slide or butterfly in the carb is stuck open
  12. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave
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