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    Hello :D

    AFAIK the DT125x wheels will fit, but require the forks/or a bracket making up for the front brake due to the larger front disc. Also may be worth looking into TDR Wheels. Can't understand why you would have a hard time finding parts for a DTR
  2. In a word. no. As far as i know the cranks are slightly different on the left hand side. The electric start would require the 2002 L/H engine case to be cut and tapped to fit the starter motor. Like anything, its probably possible to make it fit, but the time and effort may outweigh the cost savings. HTH
  3. Nice pics Drewps, cant wait to get out and about again in the sun Well the screen was there at the show with go in June BWJ
  4. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    Nah, just help someone out with there bike someday and we can call it right
  5. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    Yes your bike being a 3MD (model 3RN1) does make things easier for you. The 96 loom is sketchy though as the wiring was changed in 96-97. If the 96 loom has the old style CDI then it could be made to work (if it doesn't plugnplay), if its the newer style CDI then it would be easier to make a new one from scratch than make it work. Will add diagrams shortly Wiring diagram from 89-96 (the one you need) Wiring diagram 96-03
  6. Vez

    1989 Wiring Loom?

    The 1989 and 1996 are not compatible I'm afraid to say. The looms were changed in May 89 to the later 3RN1+ models (engine number starts 3MD), and i think yours is a 3DB1(engine number starts 3DB) IIRC. The 1996 will probably be a 3RN9 design, the cdi and stator plates are different on the later models and were one of the few changes made through the years. You would have to change a large portion of the electric system to make it work. £100 is maybe a custom made loom ?? I think having one made is the easiest option. Back in 2000ish i had loads of trouble getting a 3DB loom. HTH
  7. Woah!!! *coughcough* Bella, check your grammar
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum Didn't realize they made TZR250's in 2010.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum
  10. Hey NE0, Welcome to the forums Nice looking DT 175, there are a few DT fans on here now.
  11. Vez


    The NAAB have set a meeting up for people from the north west who are interested in starting a group. Anyone else interested in going? The meeting will start at 7pm, on Tuesday the 15th February 2011. Venue details: Workies, Poynton Workmen’s Club 142 Park Lane Poynton Stockport SK12 1 RG Vez.
  12. whoops .. I will try that again. Hi, Mick. Welcome to the forums
  13. Hi Mark, welcome to the forums
  14. Hey Mark, welcome to the forums. As far as inspiration goes, it would help alot if we knew where you were from
  15. Hi Tomo, and welcome to the forum Get a DT125R. ( this is a very biased opinion and should be taken as such) From what i hear the more economical bikes are the likes of the CG125, YBR125, CB125 Etc, but i don't think they will fit your size very well , I think your in the right area with a high up enduro style bike. There is the cruiser style bikes also, but i have never ridden one so can't really comment for size etc, A few members here own/have owned them so are able to comment with something useful i'm sure. IMO The DTs being 2-strokes will require a little more general maintenance than a 4-stroke like the WR. But will probably be cheaper when something goes wrong because they are a simpler machine and have less to go wrong/replace when it does. Also a 2-stoke will use slightly more fuel as they like to be revved high, well my DT does. I think you need to get out and try a few bikes for size and feel before making a decision. HTH Vez.
  16. Didn't really have a good read before posting, but thought it looked interesting all the same. I have to agree with everything said, I'm against most of the ideas currently being tested. But I don't think its just bikers that need to worry. Alot of what is being tested by mira for bikes is already in use on some new cars, the auto braking feature when following a car too close, the radars for overtaking,reversing etc to name but 2. ( not to mention ABS, i wonder how many new drivers know how to brake hard properly without intervention) You only have too read about the cars currently being tested that have drove 4000miles(iirc) without the need for human interaction (i.e fully automated) to be worried. Its this vision that is going to cause bikes to be targeted even more, i can't imagine there is any place in a fully automated highway for bikes controlled by us mere humans. I must admit i do like the idea of this part. "We put a motor in the cheek pad of the helmet so if you do not notice the object it will vibrate and give you a tactile warning that there's something to the right or left," Not so much for the road or general use, but it would be a great learning aide for beginners, especially if you up it too a shock instead of a vibration, for the reason that the times i follow bikes and scooters and you never see them perform a single lifesaver is becoming too frequent. A couple of electric shocks during the CBT/lessons would maybe change that. Maybe an adaptation for car drivers, that makes sure they check for bikes would be nice. On further thought, putting all this on cars maybe not be such a bad thing for bike awareness, in fact fully automate the lot of em, but leave my bike alone.
  17. "Mira engineers outfitted a Yamaha Tenere and a Triumph Sprint with the safety systems so they could be tried out on a test track. The systems include laser scanners, haptic handles and gloves, a vibrating seat, lights, smart helmet-cameras and radar as well as a pannier full of the electronics that analyse data gathered by the sensors and pump out warnings." http://www.bbc.co.uk...nology-12266406 Interesting read imo.
  18. Hi and welcome to the forum Enjoy your CBT.
  19. I prefer the gauge type you have on yours Paul, at least you know its working when it moves, where as the LED gives no clue
  20. Its the engine overheat warning light. Check the coolant etc.
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