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  1. Wow!! gorgeous bike you have there, congrats!!!!
  2. To be 100% honest, the only way you're never going to have an accident is either never ride a bike, or become a Jedi! I've had one scrape before and that was an NSR 125 (first 2 smoke I had ridden) binned it after sparing a ginger cats life going around a corner... had a nasty cut on the back of my left leg and a nice metal footpeg scrape going up the back of my right calf muscle, was no major damage to the bike, All I did was look around me to check no one had seen the shame, hopped back on and went home after getting it to fire up. I honestly expect something to happen each time I go out but you just nut up, wear the right gear and keep your wits about you. Everyone on the road is out to get me, and especially people with L plates at the moment. Went into town with the Mrs this morning and a lad on a CBR 125 didn't use any indicators, life saver, or any mirror checks before hitting a roundabout for the first left in the middle of rush hour... loads of them around here that do exactly the same!! Safety first!
  3. Is this guy related to Donald Sutherland? lol I was half expecting him to moan about being brought down by negative waves
  4. LiamDTR

    test advice.

    Personally I would go straight for the DA, Opens the door up instantly with less cost. Getting a bike restricted costs money as it needs to have a certificate (in-case you have an accident etc.), plus for the sake of practicality you can still keep your YBR as a city/town commuter and have your big bike for the evenings and weekends.
  5. I'd go for it, as the auction states they aren't exactly too common now. You could phone up gloucester bike specialist and see if they have one kicking around? I doubt they would but the could possibly point you in the right direction. If it doesn't get too high I'd go for it though, nice little project
  6. It's Guy Martin in disguise!! Seriously though. The flip front lids with the built in shades are excellent! A simple piece of design that is extremely practical. However, If you are in the slightest doubt about the law.. do what I do and go to the local police station, they are extremely helpful and tend to appreciate the fact that you've taken initiative to chat to them and... if nothing else, it gets you in their good books always helps to know the local plod in any case! Best of luck
  7. Personally.. If the bike is idle speed is at 1k or less I'd give the idle/throttle stop screw a turn (with the engine running) to the right to tighten it, Only a little is needed and I'd do this until it was touching 1300-1500 rpm, It should be fine but if not seek further advice. HTH Liam
  8. Hehe I'd like to think it's a quick 'un I'll probably attend next years in all honesty, my next objective for the bike is to get the engine polished from top to bottom followed by the not put together engine being completely re-done to find out exactly what is in there and how it can be better or more optimal and then, either get a new carb or have my mixture screw pilot drilled out by our local engineering company (Renishaw)and replace it THEN... I will have peace of mind and will ride 180 miles ;P OH also while the engine is out of the bike the frame will get a respray... not sure what colour but no doubt it'll end up black!
  9. Lol well same picture as my last post. And ummmm... maybe when I get a van or pickup Blackie, 180 miles!!!!
  10. I genuinely cannot believe it... I have fallen in love with the DT, Thus I'm keeping it! Past few days I've had it out and I've covered... 70.6 miles since the bike was taxed!! I'm incredibly pleased that I took OG's advice and kept sticking with it, I've now mastered the YPVS and it isn't lifting so much now. Today I went for a ride out with a friend who owns an Aprilia RX 125 2010 model that is Dyno proven to be 21.7 hp! The DT murdered it!!! I really enjoyed the ride we had (yes we did play throughout the shire), we stopped off over selsley common in Gloucestershire and had an Ice cream while chatting about the two bikes and both of us agree that my lovely little DTR is not for the feint hearted! I'm taking it off of eBay after confirming this post and will be sticking with you chaps indefinitely Once again, cheers for all of the advice and help you have all provided, I intend to keep working on the bike and to get the rest of the panels / tank sprayed up and also get the engine polished when the engine needs working on
  11. I thought the same but it doesn't seem to affect the running of the bike I shouldn't worry too much about it
  12. All is not lost, Another DT has been returned to the road! and soon enough there will be a second
  13. I've seen a few messes from being brought up on bike rallies etc. One of the "best" was a lad (on a DT LC) Went through a rear windscreen, in between 2 rear passengers, front passenger AND driver didn't hurt either of them and all he had was a few bruises, cuts, smashed up bike and dented pride. The lad was actually very appreciative that we all stopped and the first thing he asked is if he could nab a cig off of my old dear And you may say loud pipes jokingly but when I had my bandit I had a VERY loud custom straight through system that made small children cry... but people always knew there was something coming.... especially me maa who'd put the kettle on as I entered town
  14. Well I've popped "Boris" on eBay unfortunately, I've really enjoyed the bike today but I think it's a little unfair that it's only going to be used as a commuter at the moment and personally I'd prefer a 4T for that purely based on mileage. As I said, I will definitely be getting another DTR in the near future as it is a really fun bike to ride. Today proved a lot better than yesterday, managed to keep the front end down (just), new spark plug fitted and I got my short lever so the fat bars will be fitted before it is sold. Stupid old clutch lever is practically welded to the current bars so had to wait on it. I want another DTR soonish after this one is gone but I'm going to really take my time over it with no rushing so It can go on the road looking awesome and not only that but tuned to hell Will get another load of panels in advance and a tank to get them painted how I want them to be (similar idea to the metallic blue) so I can just throw it on and it'll look the dogs nuts PS. I got a bit of a tan on the face an all!! crackin day!
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