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    when i put it back together it would overheat after 10 mins on riding so i was thinking and i remembered when i took the thermostat out and had to ask you guys what way it went in lol but i remembered it was rusty so ive removed my one and it works perfect it just takes a little longer to warm to ideal temp ive called a yam dealer and supriseinly its a 35 pound part from them and ebay its 40 quid without p&p so i think ill take a ride up to yamaha in bedworth and get a new one just thought idd post this so if anyone else is having this problem they have a possible answer sorted
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    Just as an afterthought, the torpedo tube behind me, No. 8 is where we used to keep our beer in, it was like a fridge and every night about 7pm I used to collect the beer ration for the forward mess and towards the end of the trip which lasted three to four weeks I had to crawl right into the tube, very scary. By the way Drewps, when we were in Manchester I was befriended by two brothers from Deansgate. They were a bit rough and ready and a couple of hard nuts (always swearing) but they were great. We used to meet most days for a drink in their local, but one Sunday I didn't turn up because I thought that they would be having Sunday lunch with their perspective wives. But little did I know they arranged a slap up Sunday dinner for me at one of their houses so they could introduce me to their wives. Believe it or not that even to this day I still feel so guilty about it because when I met up with them on Monday they just shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. Although I could read between the lines they were disappointed.
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    Now to me the red glow implies there is a option with the screen that enables the operation of a missile tracking system head up display with red graphics that can help you to nail the nob in the Audi who has just pulled out in front of you on a roundabout .
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