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  1. I have now had this bike 11 years from new and it has covered just over 68 thousand miles .Due to just passing my test and inexperience I fell off on leaves at about 10mph a month after buying it , put a dink in tank and scuffed some plastics so I thought I would put some crash bungs on just in case it happens again but you know what they are in unused condition, never fell off or dropped again. Still been very reliable with just the series of dodgy brake lever switches to blot the copy book , that’s not the bikes fault but I have not put one on for years since I bought a cheap one off eBay. Crazy to think the genuine ones packed up quickly despite trying to protect them and a copy part has been ok. Other let down was a broken battery lead at the terminal due to corrosion, a battery both let me down at home so it has never actually broken down. Put a shock absorber on it, blimey they are expensive and fork seals . Other than that it gets a genuine filter and Motul oil every 6000miles, chain and sprocket as required and brake pads. Still getting around 10k out of a pair of tyres , currently have a pair of Pirelli Diablo on there and they still have plenty of tread a few thousand miles on , recent new EBC brake pads. All in all a very reliable bike and still used daily for commuting although only doing 26miles a day now. It is not mint but it is a daily ride kept under a cover but it cleans up well and every winter I strip it down and go through it and put new plugs in. However I am wanting to do some touring so the XJ6N will be for sale at £1400 as I have bought a Triumph Sprint GT 1050.
  2. I have managed to do it now. Thanks
  3. Hello . I have owned a 2009 Xj6n from new. I replaced both fork seal kits about 30000 + miles ago and I remember then that the locking ring above the seal was a real pain to remove. We are now well over 60,000 and another leaking seal. I cannot get the locking ring out this time. It is not rusted in , I just cannot get on it. Would have been useful if it was a wider ring or a circlip. Any advise? Thank you. David
  4. Thank you for reply. I have had a look and there is 2 part numbers for the lamp on the website and one states for GBR next to it so I would assume that is a uk RHD lamp. I think best thing to do is make further contact armed with the part numbers for clarification of lhd or rhd fitting. Interesting to see the lamp is the same one used on the FZ8n . regards David
  5. Hi all , I have a 2009 XJ6n that I will register in France and would like to know if the headlamp unit is switchable from rhd beam pattern to lhd like on some cars. I cannot find my owners manual although I would think a lhd headlamp is required. Beam deflectors will not be adequate. Regards , David
  6. Hi , Has anyone used the above mentioned supplier or can recommend someone else who can, get a genuine part. They list genuine part numbers . The bearing in the rear sprocket carrier on my XJ6N back wheel has failed , need a new bearing and seal asap. Dealer out of stock. cheers , David.
  7. Thanks for the input guys . However, are there any XJ6/Diversion owners out there who could give additional input for this bike . I want to know peoples experience of tyre brands on this bike other than ones I have already used . David
  8. Hi , I have got to 45,000 miles on my 09 XJ6 and in need of another set of tyres . I commute and my aim is to beat the jams to work and not get there as quick as possible so I am not hard on tyres and can get 10,000 miles out of a set , however the Michelins on at the moment have done 5,000 and although they are not worn out do not have much left and rear has a slow puncture . I have had 2 sets of Bridgestone BT021 and got 10,000 but the bike is not great on those and the front tyre wears badly on one side and was illegal before the rear on both sets . I have also had Avon Storms and again got 10k out of them and I did quite like them but felt like trying another brand hence the current Michelins. I realise some people may only get a few thousand miles out of a tyre and may well have only done that on the brands I have already mentioned but we all ride differently and would like to know if people have used a Pirelli ,Dunlop or Conti and what there views are on them on this bike . Thanks , Dave
  9. Hi all , Cannot believe I started this post up two and a half years ago and that I have not posted since March . Well , bike has now clocked 42,000 miles . Still being used for work and reliable . Never broken down- well virtually, will explain later . I replaced both fork seals early summer and took the opportunity to respray the front forks silver again . Unipart wheel silver and some lacquer if prepared properly give a great finish . The 2 rubbish cross head screws that retain the front mudguard and rust really well were both drilled out and replaced with a stainless steel washer cap head bolt. Tried a couple of companies on-line for fork seals but reckon a lot of them still are unsure of the difference between the old 90s XJ600 and the modern batch of XJ600N , Diversion etc , do not think there parts look up make it clear . So in the end I just got them trade from my local dealer for about £7 each I think , plus some oil and was quite pleased I got a trade discount this time . Seal retaining clips were well and truly stuck in but it was not such as bad a job as I first thought , I am still novice motorcycle mechanic despite 25 years in the motor trade . Anybody tried ProBolt for fixings ? Ok if you have a fairing but once you have exchanged a couple of emails explaining that a 2009 XJ6N is different to a 90's model - sound familiar ? You end up being told my bike is a Diversion . Another email explains the variants to them of the modern XJ6 range as they obviously did not know themselves and in the end no parts are available for the N model . Sure some bits are similar but I want bolts for plastics as that car cleaner mentioned in a previous post ruined mine , my only option is to take out the bolts and measure them or send one in to Pro-bolt to match up. Not had the time for that yet . Tyres are doing ok , 6000 miles in and they are starting to flat off but have plenty of life - will they make 10'000 miles like the other brands ? Pads are still great , work well and have plenty of life . Will need to look back at the post talking about fitting the EBC pads and check the mileage but I am quite sure they have exceeded the mileage I got from the bikes original from new pad set . The discs are showing signs of wear and may well need replacing when the current pads wear out , that will not be cheap. Refering to virtually never breaking down at top of todays post I did have a loss of gears as I pulled up to a junction . A quick look found the gear lever top fixing cap head bolt had dropped out but was luckily saved from being lost by the rubber gaitor that covers it . My fault , I had the lever off end of 13/early 14 to respray it and obviously did not nip the bolt tight enough . I keep a set of allen keys under the seat so I was going again in a couple of minutes . Couple of weeks ago I gave it a oil change and a set of plugs . Chain is in need of replacing , I was hoping to get it through the winter but it is not looking likely , I try to keep up with lubricating it but seem to have a link that is a bit tight . One thing I have noticed in the last month is the fuel consumption , seem to be putting more in . It is running ok and in fact the colour and condition of the spark plugs confirms it . Not sure on that . Well that is the latest on mine . Would love a new bike as it is I think feeling tired but I am looking at buying a house in France early next year and seeing that the French do not like outstanding debts such as vehicle finance when applying for a mortgage I think it best keep my debt free sheet clean until after I have a house . Anyone live or ride in the Creuse district of the Limousin ? David
  10. monkeyjim


    I have covered just over a thousand miles on the Michelin Pilot Road tyres and am certain that they are the best tyres I have fitted to the bike .
  11. Hi , Does anyone know the standard oil grade for the front forks ? Cannot find my manual to look it up . Bike on 37,000 now, the left hand fork seal is damp so I will replace both and change the oil . Some people upgrade the oil grade , not sure if anyone has a view on this as this sort of thing is new to me . I really like the Michelin tyres I fitted this time , now 1000 miles old and in my opinion the best set I have put on . Brake light switch packed up yet again , managed to resurrect it with electrical contact oil spayed in the holes and repeatedly pressing the pin to clean it up . Light smear of grease over the holes to try and keep the elements out . Dave
  12. The pre winter clean up and check over did not happen because I was too busy . Bike now done just over 36,000 miles . I have fitted a pair of new tyres ( see my tyre post ) , cleaned up the entire bike , sprayed the manky front forks and overhauled the brakes . The front pads and discs are fine , all the brake caliper pistons came out of the calipers ok . I then cleaned the pistons and caliper before re-assembly . I used a little rubber grease to help the pistons and seal last time I had them apart and I think that helped the dismantling this time . The rear brake I knew was binding . It was caused by the steel tube that should slide in the rubber tube on the caliper being rusty . The rust causes the steel tube that is meant to move , stick in the rubber . All other rear brake parts were moving freely . Once all cleaned up , rubber greased and copper greased all brake bits were were ok . I bled the system out and now got fresh brake fluid . Couple of things I did come across and they were rusty pair of front mud guard screws and a rough bearing . The mudguard screws were rusty and the cross head screw heads distorted when I tried to remove them to remove mudguard while I was painting the forks . Needless to stay ,i did not have a spare fixing suitable to fit so the mudguard was masked up while I painted the forks . I will remove the screws and fit socket headed stainless bolts I have when I can find what I have done with my bag of stainless fixings . The rough bearing is the one in the middle of the rear hub the back sprocket bolts too and the rear axle bolt goes through . That is currently in hand . I will put a few pics up shortly. David .
  13. monkeyjim


    Hi all . Back in June 13 at 31,000 miles I reckoned I had covered 10,000 miles on my bikes 3rd set of tyres , it came with Bt021 , I then fitted a second set of 21's and they were followed by Avon storms . In October at 34 thousand miles the rear was still good but the front was on the limit and I replaced it with a part worn Pirelli . I have just replaced both tyres , both were worn virtually to the limit , reckon the rear had a few more hundred but it was time for a change . I fitted a pair of Michelin Pilot Road , a older tread pattern I believe but reviews are still good and M&P had a pair for £143 with postage . Gave the bike a thorough overhaul ,dismantled brakes entirely , fresh fluid etc and big clean up . I sprayed the forks as they were looking rough . I used Upol etch primer , Unipart wheel silver and a Upol laquer we use in our bodyshop you can buy at Halfords . They look great now . The bike was back on the road with the mileage reading 36,000 miles exactly . Working it out , the 3 sets of tyres I have used average 12 thousand miles a set . There was the brief time with the part worn front Pirelli as mentioned in a older post but I reckon due to my slightly bent bars the front tyres are wearing harder on the right side of the tyre due to me leaning on that side greater . Many people say the Bt021 wear harder on one side of the tyre than the other but i have now had 3 differant brands on the front that all wear on one side more than the other . Must be my bars . i know they are out but others cannot tell . Time to replace them or try to straighten them a little . As for the new Michelins , I like them more than the other brands used , covered about 250 miles now and am much more confident in the wet now . David .
  14. Has anyone got either brand on one of the XJ6 range ? My bars are bent , hardly noticeable to some folk but i know it was dropped and the bars are bent . Starting to bug me now when riding , slightly lower on the right hand side . So I am going to replace them . I want bars that are not much different in height to what the xj6 has standard, renthal sell several versions and give rise height measurements . I cannot find a measurement for the rise of the standard bar and obviously mine are bent so no point measuring mine . Anyone help with finding measurement , providing a measurement or actually have some fitted. Thank you , David.
  15. It does not sound rubbish . Yes .......its trade in value is low but really the only reason to sell ( i am not )is because i feel like a change . If i buy a new bike whatever i buy will put on the same mileage as this one so i will be back to square one in another few years with a high mileage bike not worth a lot . Really it does everything right, it owes me nothing , is a fantastic reliable bike so i see no point in selling and have nothing to loose by having a play with it cosmetically because it is looking a bit tired . I am not going to modify it mechanically , i do not see the point trying to make a lower powered bike fast , just go and buy a more powerful bike in the first place . Besides it is still a fast bike compared to a car isnt it . Peoples views are differant . I respect that . The bike will be the same , i will do what i want . It would be good to see some pics of modified ones but what ever i do it wont look like tat. . Dave
  16. Hi , Anyone have protection bars fitted on there XJ6 ? I have been thinking about fitting some and am looking at either SW Motech or Hepco and Becker but open to suggestions regarding other brands . Both the brands mentioned have a picture on website but they are not good . In fact i cannot get on the main Hepco site at all . Would appreciate some pictures and thoughts of what you have fitted , regardless of brand . Thanks David.
  17. Hi all , Bike still running perfectly and even the brake light switch on the bars has not packed up and needed a clean out for months and months . It has just turned 34,000 and I decided to change the oil and filter at work where I can easily dispose of the waste oil and filter . Although its not due for a few hundred miles , over the years I seam to have done a few before the 6000 change interval so i have ended up changing it under the 36,000 mile mark . Not to worry though . I did the usual search for oil and filter ? Usually I go to the dealer , but found last year even at trade price it was expensive ? Actually I do not think he discounted at all. I nearly didnt bother and only purchased as a free tin of motul chain lube came with the the 4 litres of oil I bought . I always buy genuine filter and sump washer and a quality oil for my cars and bikes . Oddly enough dealer has never got Yamalube and the bike has never run on it. Decided ebay was the place to look this time for a service kit . Lots of genuine filters available but with oil i would not want to use , others had Castrol or Motul oil and non gen filter . Why are the oil filters so expensive , actually why is all bike stuff expensive . Working in the motor trade I find car bits cheaper . Anyway......... At time of ordering in my opinion Flitwick Motorcycles had the best oil service kit . Genuine filter, sump plug washer and a pot of Yamalube for £34.99 and £3 post . Sure someone will proove me wrong lol but that was best I could find. Going to take bike off road in a week or so for a about a week of work in the evenings for pre winter clean up , lube up with spray grease for the winter roads and a check over . I have been a bit lazy through the summer due to being busy with house and garden and the bike did not get all the plastics taken off for a frame and engine clean up or have the brakes dismantled cleaned up and reassembled with coppaslip as I usually do . This bike has still never let me down ( touch wood ) and has only needed those pesky brake switches replaced . I really rate these Xj6 bikes . Brilliant . David.
  18. monkeyjim


    Hi all , Bike now just clicked 34,000 and still on the rear Avon Storm , it is still wearing ok but cracking on sidewalls . As I have mentioned in past posts , the bike or me seems to wear out front tyres quicker than the rear so I fitted a used Pirelli to tide me over till the winter when intended to put a pair on . The Pirelli went on during summer and is doing ok . I am wondering whether anyone has bought tyres or can recommend tyres since the last round of tyre postings on this XJ6 forum thread . Thanks , David.
  19. I learnt on a Kawasaki ER6 but there was a ER5 knocking about the riding school and it was lower than the 6 , if that is a help .
  20. monkeyjim

    Xj6 antifreeze

    Collecting bits for a winter strip down of my xj6 . Was wondering what antifreeze is to be used ? I am in motor trade , can i use car type ? Admit to being a bit lazy and have not made enquiries in bike circles yet. Thanks
  21. How about Hepco and Becker bars ?
  22. How about this............. When i got married 2 years ago my wife's insurance went down £62 ? So there you go boys , reckon you will need a sex change , change your name to Josie and get married ............ Simples ! Someone mentioned high scooter/moped insurance due to thefts . I got a on-line quote for a 1965 Raleigh Wasp , yes i know ............ Basically a glorified bicycle with a 50cc motor . It was £65 fully comp, £15 a year cheaper than cheapest quote for my 09 XJ6 ?
  23. Anyone got these fitted ? Particularly interested if they are on a XJ6 . Thanks
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