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    Hardest day.

    Both my kids left home in the same month nine years ago, my youngest now lives 200 miles away in the Pool and my eldest lives about 5000 miles away in China.
  2. Not me, I'm Mick from Cirencester but Mike from Chippenham. Not guilty M'lord.
  3. As Cynic said, go through the right protocol, i.e. (New Members Welcome Area) to introduce yourself then to the right section for your specific problem. But to give you credit..................... You did specify with......................... Sorry if this isn't the right place! Need help with broken bike
  4. I know I should be in the "for sale" section, but I'm giving this away for nothing. The only stipulation is whoever want's it must collect from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Also the only drawback is that about 15 years ago the tank sprung a leak, as you can see I have sealed the bottom of the tank but I think that the inside of the tank will need some sort of internal sealant. BTW, the colour is "Dark Siam Metallic"
  5. It's brilliant when the bike off road due to ill health and you get it back on the road again. Mike.
  6. Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. Your best bet is to just introduce yourself in this New Members Welcome Area then go to the relevant section in the workshop section. Hope this helps. Mike.
  7. Hi JayZee, and welcome to the forum. (very friendly forum) I'm about the same age as you (70) but only a virgin compared to your historical experience. Have only been biking for thirty years and have only had about ten bikes. Anyway. Again a very warm welcome to the forum. Mike.
  8. Glad you got it sorted Morillo, like I've always said, shouldn't have got rid of horses, when they go wrong all you have to do is shoot it and get another one. (only joking) The only place apart from Wemoto I get spares from if Fowlers of Bristol albeit genuine spares but they do a fantastic mail order. Mike.
  9. Welcome to the forum Jayjay. Doncaster! I remember it well from my agricultural days, International Harvester. Mike.
  10. Totally agree with all the above replies, but................... .............If you want a trickle charger that you cant plug into the mains, as I cant do so I bought a solar powered one from Halfords. And believe me it works brilliant.
  11. Believe it or not Dutchy, I have never been to Eastleigh, If my memory serves me right that's where the bootnecks are based. Also, I have never been to Southampton (Merchant rather than Royal) Mike.
  12. Quite right Dutchy, I'm a bit embarrassed, I began my naval career in Cornwall (Torpoint) Mike. Never been to Exmouth or Falmouth. Are they worth a visit. Mike.
  13. Ha Ha ?? Dutchy, brill. It's just that being in the RN and going on holiday with the sprogs I didn't frequent the other places that you mentioned. But how I omitted Plymouth and Dartmouth I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking of the South Coast and not the South West Coast. Mike.
  14. In all honesty Morillo, we've all tried different combinations of sprockets. I.E. faster acceleration but slower top speed, or slower take off from lights but higher top speed. The best thing to do is leave it to the manufactures specs. Believe me, they know best.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum ljr05884 Based on the southcoast That's a bit ambiguous, where on the South Coast? Weymouth, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton etc?
  16. Cheers Blackie. In my day it was as you said, Rum-Bum & Baccy. But now It's Juke-Jake & Jive. Mike.
  17. Cheers Neo, don't want an Essex boys "manbag" maybe I'm not describing I't very good but I have got a sort of one I got from a petrol station about twenty years ago for about £1.99. But I want a more "robust" one with a buckle. Mike. BTW, the one I got from the petrol station is only held together by Velcro. I would preferably like it to be secured by a buckle.
  18. Going slightly off on a tangent, can anybody recommend where I can get a backpack with only one strap? Not sure what it's called but It's a bit like a diagonal bag that you put over one shoulder and can swivel around to the front. Mike.
  19. mike1949

    Fuel Tank Leak

    Believe it or not, about ten years ago I had a fuel leak from the bottom of the tank whilst at work. Blu Tac got me home til I sorted the problem out. Mike.
  20. Well, Hi Will Smith. Your Intro is like an eye in the poke with a stick burnt. As intro's go, Useless! Mike.
  21. Yeah, seems to be sorted out now.
  22. Only clutching at straws, but could it be to do with this? The bike is factory engine wise other than a free flow exhaust. Mike.
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