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  1. Well done William. Glad you got it sorted out and good that you posted your outcome. Some people just come on here for advice, get it and never respond again. Again, cheers and glad you've got it sorted. Mike.
  2. Blimey Merv, you say circa 1979? To me that looks like the early 70's going by the fashion of you and your sister. Especially the flares. Mike.
  3. Introduce yourself in the newbie section?
  4. mike1949

    Exhaust studs

    History. Not being a mechanic but I presume that you are going to replace the studs with new ones, if so in the past I have used mole grips and plenty of release agent such as WD40/Plus gas. Might sound silly but when the mole grips are secured tightly on the stud just crack the studs grip by tightening it very minutely then minutely undo it, in other words very slightly rock the stud backwards and frontwards until it loosens up then hopefully you can remove it. Hope this helps as it has worked for me in the past. Mike. PS. I think most mechanics would use heat.
  5. I don't know if this will be of any help but recently I have been using MCN comparison site, a bit like "U switch/compare the market" Etc. Hope this helps. Mike.
  6. Blimey Dave, too complicated but welcome to the forum. Mike.
  7. Hi Shade and welcome to the very friendly forum. I can only presume your XJ6N is a modern version of my old XJ600S Diversion albeit yours is a "naked" which I had from about 2004 - 2014 and never let me down in all weathers. Mike.
  8. Paul, as Cynic said. All the signs of a bad battery, possibly a dead cell so it has voltage but as soon as it comes under load, nothing. I've had a similar situation and literally you can start the bike and everything seems normal, turn the bike off, come back in 30 mins and the battery is dead. Why did they ever get rid of kickstarts? Mike.
  9. Cheers Oldman, have been looking into what you said but in all honesty although it's do-able on a bike maybe not feasible as from where I live as it would be 134 miles (2h 15m) If I were living on my own I would make a weekend of it but due to various family commitments I daren't push my luck.
  10. Please excuse my ignorance Oldman, especially being an ex-serviceman but is the "National Memorial Arboretum" at Stafford? The reason I asked is seeing a matelot in one of your pics has brought back so many memories of when I was in the RN. Wether I could of attended or not I don't know but just seeing him standing there with a cup of tea in his hand to me is priceless. Possibly a stoker, ME being "mechanical engineer"? I think that the branch badges now are different to when they were in my day. Mike.
  11. Blimey, what a fantastic jacket. Mike.
  12. Blimey Terry, after having an XJ600 Divvy for 10 years when I retired in 2014 I was desperately looking for a XJ900 but found they were like gold dust so had to settle for a non Yamaha equivalent. Mike. PS. If I could buy an XJ900 tomorrow I would jump at the chance. Mike.
  13. Blimey Oldman. Have been reading your comments about posting pics and like yourself found it very complicated. But your pics are brilliant. Will look into it for sure. Mike. I see there is some Naval personnel in one of your photo's. Mike.
  14. Phew davidjimrd, that was a bit technical, all Vraetzught was doing was a brilliant intro to the forum. But, what a fantastic bit of info you posted. Mike.
  15. JCR, sorry for the delay in answering but I'm on holiday in Devon at the moment. I slightly deviated from my original plan of going east on the A4 then returning west on the M4 and decided to go up on the M4 and return on the M4 instead. "will you be going past Bath on your ride out? i like it out that way ?" No, as I went East towards London and Bath is West towards Bristol. Mike.
  16. JCR, your photo is fantastic, the type I do try to emulate myself, The only thing I can add is that as that like most bikers I haven't been able to go out on a "worthwhile" trip but on Tuesday I will go out on a eighty mile round trip starting on the A4 East and then returning back on the M4 West. Hope this makes sense. Mike.
  17. Hi Mark and welcome to the very friendly forum, dare I ask how long ago was that or even more bluntly how old are you now? Mike.
  18. Yeah SB, Since telling people about my son falling asleep on the back of the bike a lot of bikers have stated that it is a common occurrence. One lady friend of mine even told me that when she and her partner went on a trip she nearly always fell asleep on the back until they got to their destination. Mike.
  19. Wotcher, I'm originally from Gloucestershire (Ciren)but now reside in Wiltshire. In all honesty being in my seventies I'm only using my bike for my local football teams away games which are hopefully getting back to some sort of normality but watch this space as they say. PS, I'm going to whisper this so nobody else can hear it. I haven't got my Divvy any more but am riding a Bandit 1250. BTW Fantastic looking Divvy? Mike.
  20. How right you are Blackie. Coming back from a Chippenham away game on the M5 he fell asleep on the back. What more can I say? Mike.
  21. Slice, as per your original post, believe me and as you and everybody on here knows there is a lot of nice people about. I have been helped by total strangers and myself have helped total strangers. I've even knelt down on the pavement and helped an injured dog and carried to it to a vet in a strange town whilst visiting in an RN vessel. It's always nice to know that if something happens there's always someone that will stop and help. I could bore everyone about when coming back from a football match with my son on the back who decided to feint but won't. Mike.
  22. Going back a lot of years SB I found that when going to and from work I had a pair of waterproof leggings where the seams especially around the crotch area were "welded" rather than stitched and never had any problems with as you so eloquently put it "soggy knackers" Mike.
  23. Yes, there will be plenty of help on here for you, about twenty years ago I had a couple of XS250's which were fantastic but have progressed up the cc scale since then. Am now on a 1250cc now, but not a Yamaha though.
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