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  1. A bike mechanic has and said its all the right figures
  2. It last ran when I blew the old 125 up and it destroyed the top end and bottom so I got the 170 kit put it on and it hasn't sparked since I built it and put everything together
  3. i was expecting it to be somthing like £500 as a new clutch is nearly 450 but 239s not bad but it still wont spark
  4. i was told by a actual bike mechanic that his tested my generator and thats giving off the right readings and his checked all the wiring, earths, kill switch and side stand switch, his tested the coil even though i had only just had a new one on and thats fine then pretty much the only thing he couldnt test was the cdi but everythink else i can think of was fine so i ordered a cdi friday from elf england £239 not bad it came today and it still not sparking i cant think what else it can be
  5. ordered my cdi yesterday hopfully she will be working by wednesday
  6. Have you looked at the jetting if it's all stock it should be a 220 and have you gave the carb a good clean with some carb cleaner? What year is it if its old it would help if you disassembled it and cleaned it
  7. what code is it on the cdi ? on mine it has 3rm20 325 and ive had the stator and flywheel checked and tested and there fine and how much would you sell for i can collect if your within the uk
  8. Does anybody know we're I can find a dtr 125 cdi from its the type that bolts to the back of the 2 stroke tank off a 2004 engine any help would be great I've looked loads online but can't find a replacement I can get one new from Yamaha near me for £200 but I wanna try find a used working one
  9. he said they don't do cdi replacements or repairs for my bike
  10. everything else has been tested its my cdi, im hoping i find one on ebay as yamaha want £220 for a new one and i got the 170 kit of adrenaline pedstop http://www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk/p/Yamaha_DT125_R_RE_X_SM_Derbi_GPR_125_Athena_170cc_cylinder_kit-1250.aspx
  11. just pmed him the numbers unavailable atm i will try again soon
  12. £25 testing service i think i will use them thanks for that hopfully ill be on road asap the bike hasnt been used since i 170'ed it
  13. just looked on there site ganna call them soon just tried and got no answer hopfully i can get a cdi from there as its only £89
  14. my wireings been tested the genarators tested coils tested (brand new) spark plugs new ignitions been tested and all it leaves is the cdi does anybody know eny places i can get it repaired cheap as a new one from yamahas £220
  15. Tryed that wire still nothing actully can't think what it would be
  16. There's 30 omz comming off the stator and there was the Same amount comming from a working dt at the shop im going to try replace this wire it comes from the cdi and connects to the coil i got a new wire with the new coil but never changed it as i seen it came from the cdi im going to do that soon
  17. ill replace the wire tomorrow thanks ill let you know if it sparks
  18. just checked all the block connectors are clean and fine it must be the loom thats the only thing i can think of
  19. I've checked the side stand and kill switch its had a new cap new plug ive also tried different plugs new coil and ht lead cleaned the connectors coated them in wd40 i haven't checked all the pins though good shout ive checked the wires from magneto, it must be somthing rediculously stupid it was working fine untill it blew up
  20. I've replaced the coil and cleaned the earth
  21. I've tryed everything ive even taken it to my local bike repair shop he has swapped out all the parts that are responsible for the spark and its still not working i don't have a clue its still not been rode since i put the engine together any ideas what it could be?
  22. just checked the flywheel that seems fine ive checked the earths and there fine i dont know why its still not sparking its been left in my garden for over a week now any ideas im going to see if its the ht lead tomorrow after work ill trim abit of each end so its a fresh bit of metal contacting it, its a new plug so it cant be that, ive also tried the old one that still used to spark, when i put my new mud guard on the loom went between the guard and the forks and crushed it would it be any of them wires that could of been crushed stopping it from sparking? thats the only different thing ive done i can think of.
  23. yeah thats the problem then going to do it now need to find out why its not sparking next recon its because i haven't lined the dot on my clutch plate to the one on the basket?
  24. is it the one in the middle of the plate that screw?
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