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    Sorry haven't commented on this earlier. I've been looking at trying to get a good way of automating posts from here to Facebook, currently I haven't really found a nice way of doing it without spamming everyone. There's a new version launching int he next few weeks which should make this possible. You're right it's Facebook, our traffic significantly dropped once shortly after they launched their groups functionality. Compared to a forum it's pretty useless in regards to searching and usability etc. However it's there immediately in your hand where most people are checking all the time. We'll have an app coming out soon with alerting functionality, hopefully it's going to help!
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    When I have been that way in June. Yes. I would argue the toss in January. Esp with a good blow on. Christ on a stick the wind of the Clyde could cut glass this time of year.
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    my xs could shift if I rode it right. but then could just bimble too. Took me to southwest 200. 80 mph all the way in shit weather. never missed a beat. I do look after my bike though and try to improve them in anyway I can
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    Hi everybody, Im the happy owner of a yamaha YBR125 planning to go out to the peak district starting from Sheffield. Is anyone interested in joining in? Might have another friend on a bandit 600 joining as well. Andrei
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    I use mine for commuting to and fro from work 15 miles a day, three or four days a week and I get around 100~110miles per tank. (7 litre. 1.80gal tank size). semi urban traffic, several sets of traffic lights and roundabouts so tend to be up and down the gearbox a bit. Mainly 30~45 mph. I remember a few years ago I did a trip along a dual carriage way , several 5 to 10 mile stretches for over 20 miles, I must confess , I didn't like running the engine at a constant speed/revs, it got hot and it wasn't very comfortable. In my opinion being a TRIAL bike, its not really designed to cruise, but is better suited to go over rough ground with lots of rev and speed changes. If you're looking at cruising for several hours I'd be looking at a road bike myself.
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    Hello from the Scottish Borders, I hope you are all safe and well
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    Took you a month to hate it, only ever rode a 250 twin round the block that was enough. I had been drawn to the dark side though, had the use of a full power RDZ 125, even now it should be a bucket list item if you have never tried one. 25 odd horsepower in a sporty(ish) chassis with stonking brakes weighing about the same as a bag of chips. How I survived being 17 I will never know. (don't tell my mum that).
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    Yep, Cynic, realist, pragmatic. Some of my finer points.
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    I has an xs250 and hated it after about a month. I also had a xs1100 and fkn loved it
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    Meh, not so sure, they were lacking a little in hp but they could match the smoker for brakes and cornering. Certainly more forgiving in the wrong gear. Probably the best of the XS twins if you ask me, the 650 and 750 just shook your teeth out and really didn't have much more real world go.(the 1100 don't count).
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    Why? its true there are too many of us. We keep fixing the things nature controlled our numbers with. Dysentery, TB, polio, the flu, we have corralled most of it to the point of irrelevance to the greater population. To not think something else would be coming along is very short sighted. The planet, our very species exists because of genetic/biological switch ups. Sometimes the dice don't go our way. Black death, Spanish flu etc.
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    I know it's a horrible thing to say but the human race in general needs thinning out a bit. You can do all you like to protect the environment but the truth is there's just too many of us. Nature will kick back eventually. I'm off work now for 3 weeks, got plenty to get on with. The Mrs is working from home
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    Salt and nasty will be gone soon enough, time to start looking at options for this year. Maybe kevs back garden so he has a better than even chance of finding it? Suggestions..
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    lets have a ride out to Procter and Gamble in Trafford park.
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    Two weeks ago it was all "be kind" now it's fk you I NEED 72 loo rolls
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    Sniff must have caught the virus. I thought this thread would have been filled to the brim with corona memes
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    FURTHER UPDATE: ....a little more redtape. When I did my 400/4 in 2018 I completed an online form to declare the bike MOT exempt, however, that was using V11 reminder. When I did my change of address and change of taxation class for my DT175 (see post above) there is no online declaration!, so I phoned them up. Guess what? ....I now have to send back my new V5C along with a V112 form Declaration of Exemption of MOT. ......and another V10 form!! I did point out that I'd already done this! but apparently they come as a pair!!, you can't send one without the other! All being well, it will come back in a ? few weeks.... So two slightly different procedures. The Honda from the V11 and the Yamaha using the V10 plus a V112. You won't find the process written down on the DVLA website that's for sure! It always helps when someone's actually done it and is able to share their experience I always say! Hopefully this may be of help to anyone else changing their taxation class to Historic.
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    Let's get some dates sorted then! I'm happy to do 2 meets also
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    The more the merrier! It’s a small, but fun group. I’ve not made it to all of them (like Cynic) but did last years which was in Wales. Amazing weather and great roads. I was the “tail-end Charlie” on the rides and captured some footage - Anyway we camp (though a nearby B&B is always an option), ride, eat, drink and have a good old laugh.
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    I know, been meaning to do it for some time!
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    I’m up for this, as I’m new when is it usually held? I’m up for the lakes, I rode a bit around the Windermere area and the roads were pretty decent. However, that was last season before all the ‘salt & nasty’, storms and snow... but happy to travel to any new place, just want to be out on the bike!
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    Indeed mate. I drove launches, but occasionally used to be out on a Rhib in the middle of winter, and by eck it was cold. I drive a desk now, so look back with rose tinted glasses thinking it was a great job, although it could be cold on a Launch as well at times
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    and very nice too
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    Don't care where we go, after all the work I have done on the bike I just want to go! Give me a map reference and I will meet you there.
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    I was watching The Pennine way ,, what lovely little villages and roads in that series, runs up to the borders, .. just thrown this in , ,,
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    Yes, somewhere north works for me too. We might even be able to get Jimmy to join us along with John [emoji846] My only bike related jaunt in the Lakes was a leisurely ride up to Scotland for some wild camping. It was a very foggy and cold October on my Street Triple and I spent most of the time trying to find a suitable roadside wall I could jump behind for a wee haha [emoji23] it was an agonising ride over every bump. You men don’t realise how good you’ve got it!
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    Well for those that have been following this topic, I've just had to 're-tax' my HONDA 400/4 which was declared an HISTORIC VEHICLE on the V5c the fee being £0.00. I received the V11 reminder which states the fee of £0 but also states "This vehicle needs an appropriate MOT test certificate" so I went to the GOV.uk website, put in the 16 digit reference number which stated the details of the £0 and then It stated "This vehicle was constructed over 40 years ago and may be exempt from MOT. To which you have a choice of selecting a declaration that the vehicle had not been radically altered from its design and thereby declaring it exempt from MOT, If you select otherwise the you then have to organise an MOT). i selected the declaration and the next step was saying no fee to pay for next 12 months. it would appear that every year you have to declare its exemption and your no tax, which is not transferrable. You still have the option to declare SORN. Well there you go, a relatively painless process from someone who's actually done it. ((you can now ignore any other stories you may have heard!!)) Nice one.
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    Speedos dying are a common issue on these bikes, do i search on the forum you'll find plenty of threads about it. I'd fit a trailtech vapour kit. Trail Tech Parts Fullelove Rd, Brownhills, Walsall WS8 6BW 01543 362047 https://g.co/kgs/71hFux Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
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    Suppose it will have to. I find it embarrassing, China, Italy and spain are dealing with more death and infection. Have they had people mugged for bog roll, have the shelves been stripped. No. Im afraid im ashamed to live in this country at this moment.
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