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    Yesterday a van turned up bringing a pressy to myself Younger version of the one I got with only 16.5K miles on the clock. FJ-1200 3XW That also means that the 3CV is on the market.
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    Engine top-end is back together. Compression is low on all 4 but holding it. Looks like I have to reshim it again since the rings are holding the pressure. Refined coconut oil wipe downs work well. Abosrbs in, no residue. Will continue until it won't absorb any more.
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    1980 xs250se low miles as it has been sitting. 13.6v at 4000rpm, 12.9v at 4000rpm with the lights on. Changed the reg/rec to single unit from the 2 solid state items (xs750/850 item). 4ohm resistance between the white wires, 0ohm between brown and green. I am not sure how these generate power, but is the rotor supposed to be a permenant magnet, or is it charged by the inner stator? (brown/green wires). anything else I can check before I go nuts with a sledge hammer?
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    Yeah, a lot of friends in family had some damage but everyone's safe.
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    I decided to rebuild them. No since chancing it over $60. Also switching flasher and headlight relays to LED. I plan on riding late at night when there's less traffic here in the foothills of North Carolina. I want to be seen from all angles so I'm going to LED everything. Even thinking about LED's on my helmet.
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    Oh no - I’m so glad you’re ok, Blackie. Sounds like you were very lucky for a high-side. Take it easy.
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    Yamaha Yzf R1 R1m R1s Rectifier Voltage Regulator On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-Yzf-R1-R1m-R1s-Rectifier-Voltage-Regulator-2cr-81960-00-00?
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    Sorry to hear that bud. Hope the recovery is going well
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    This is going to be sooooo funny in around 30 years time when the next people replaces the decking I'm doing today You can't beat a £2 B&M bargain Hahahahaha
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    Haa" jim has had this experience . is it like the RD250, where the rotor is inside the stator, with brushes on the slip rings,, if so the brown wire needs 12volt , to magnatize rotor,,
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    Sledge Hammers are your friends, oh and Fire, they love fire
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    Yup, for £11.499 (rather that the 1499 I was aiming for) ....no thanks.... lol
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    Thank you. I was thinking the tires on the bike when I got it were the originals (very bad shape), so I'm going with 2.5-18 and 2.75-18 Bob
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    Since the engine work is on hold I finished up the carb rebuild and reassembly. I had a struggle to get a good butterfly and proper shaft for #1. Most of the butterfly screws stripped or sheared off. I either ended up ruining the threads drilling out the screws or destroying the butterfly trying to get it out of the damaged shaft slot. I managed to get all the pieces needed back in place and even got the plugs out of the idle mix screw tubes and cleaned the idle mix screws. The o-rings were skinny plastic discs instead of o-rings so they needed to be replaced a long time ago. Some shiny new screws here and there will finish it off before it goes back on. Time for wet set and bench sync/adjustments.
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    Air leak if there are no cable/carb issues. Could be a gasket, carb rubbers, even the crank seal behind the mag. get squirting with wd40, that will show if its a gasket/seal leak. One thing you can rest easy on, we know exactly what bike your talking about, many of us have had one for years. I got mine 30 years ago.
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    Hi, it's a sad day to write this, this week alone I've come across three bikes stolen and thought we could help promote the bikes to make them harder to sell, strip down, and more likely to be found. The more information you can post the better and of course if you have any photos please upload them. Please add as much as possible when writing your post: Make, Model Year, Capacity VIN, Engine number Customisations: Exhaust, Suspension, Brakes, Paint, Decals,
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    Bent an exhaust valve blocking the valve to get a shim out. It's back apart again, new valve installed. There is oil in the head gasket after oiling the cam gallies before disassembly this time. I swear this thing wants to end up being a boat anchor.
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    Its been quiet on here nowadays , [ facebook ] am ok ,, had an off on the bike [ highside] so still recovering , as for politcal mess , were getting there too ,
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    I've threatened to part it out 3 times now... I hate these pistons. My expenses grow, but not the project progress. This is the 4th time one has slipped out and bent beyond re-use.
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