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    Yeah I've noticed that, I'm still waiting for support to get back to me on it. Oh well we have super smilies now, animated gifs!
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    All good my side bud
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    Mot done. All clear. Season begins. I was in the garage fixing the ruddy indicators that decided to stop working till after 10 last night when I was double checking. All I could find in my spares box was a relay from a mk2 escort. Worked would you believe it, older than the tdr same connections etc. Now you can hear the plink plik as they work.
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    Ok well done with the bolts, just keep looking you never know stranger things have happened, as to the oil filter spinner, I think that they do one for the FJ model, it's a 1100 or 1200 cc bike but pretty sure the oil filter and spinner are the same? I used one on my FJ and it really made it much easier to fit new ones. Found this on another site fj1200 oil filter conversion kit. Might not fit but surely worth a look!
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    Well that's a good idea, all threaded rod might work all depends on the tensile strength of the original steel used in them. As to the old block on ebay I sent you, my idea was to just chop the old cases away from the studs and scrap it, after all you only need the studs! Plus a lot less time and money spent faffing around with lathes and postage from far flung lands. Good luck anyway mate.
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    Hi David, well truth be told it would be best if you took your bike to the FJ owners club, I bet they can fix it! there is not much they can't do to your FJR and as for main dealers well let's just say they can on occasion be a little unhelpful if there is no money in it,. It costs about £12 to join the FJ club and Ernie or Peg will be only to willing to offer free advice or fix it for you at considerably less than a main dealer. This is the web address http://www.fjclub.co.uk/ Plus look up the prices on the FJR catalogue page, you will be surprised at the savings on servicing and parts. Really depends where you are in the UK but they can even offer overnight accommodation at local B+Bs. Try it, at worst your out 12 quid!
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    It really is an amazing and cheap treatment for bearing surfaces. The racing and motorsports industries have been using them for over 10 years to gain an edge in performance. I learned about them from researching how to increase the valve train rev limit from 6500 to 7500 on my 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 GDi turbo build project. With the OEM flat-tappet lifter design there was an inherent rotational limit due to friction heat as well as lifter slop at higher revs. I never finalized my head testing but based on the engineering specs; the Ferrea valve springs (40+ lbs each over stock), high-zinc synthetic oil and WPC treated cam surfaces I would be able to hit 7500 without issue even under 25psi boost.
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    https://www.hawthornstalybont.co.uk/ https://www.hawthornstalybont.co.uk/
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    The smilies aint working
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    looks very similar to my fz600 head
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    welcome Stu, post questions in classics or workshop, I'm sure they'll be answers
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    I wrote "FB seems a contingency so you'll get me there if you want, jimmy mckenna" Fuck me that worked well. I was inundated with FB requests from all on here Oh no wait, I never
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    Valves are in with new Viton seals and ready for the camshafts. WPC shipped the cam and I should have it early next week to finish the head work. Well, the frame is almost ready. The plan is to replace the harness since someone chopped it up. I'm going to get a replacement headstock sticker since all of the stamps match on the bike. I think for the time savings and durability I will get the local powder coater to handle the frame. I need to pull the head apart anyway and check all of the bearings. I'll eventually get around to the forks and front wheel assembly but I want to get the engine done and rear wheel done first.
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    Me too, just logged in , thought i "d forgot to put a Shilling in the Meter ,
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    Hi, yeah there was an issue over the weekend, the hosting company auto upgraded Linux which needed patching which took the server down.
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    Alex I have had no access to the forum for the last week. Clicking on it, on a variety of devices gave me the message 505 bad gateway. Was it the same for all? Anyway get me realising if this forum died, I had no way of contacting some decent folk,. FB seems a contingency so you'll get me there if you want, jimmy mckenna
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    Hi All its been a while, the bike is almost finished but I cant find anyone to re-chrome the exhausts. BTW the exhausts are not the origiinals, they are still waiting to be chromed.
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    sorry to hear that John, great bloke too.
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    Really sorry to hear that, Blackie...
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    Very sad John, I rode with you and him on one of my trips in Scotland. A very nice man. Was it an illness or accident ? Rest in peace Sye !
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    Hi, I have just finished a custom rebuild of on of these and parts are difficult but not impossible to find. I found an air filter on eBay and it came from Vietnam, I think they make pattern parts. I can't seem to post an image of my finished bike but let me know if you want to see it and if you need any info. I have a spare Haynes manual if you need one
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    Hi and welcome to the nuthouse
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