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DT175MX 1978 Build

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I've bought an 'unfinished project' as building one from scratch was going to take too long despite my having collected most of the parts... I might start that after this one if I still have the will to live. 😄

I've got engine work to do. Have done one side, fitted side case and auto lube which was missing when I got it.  On the flywheel side the stator wiring is missing a plug and I really dont want to cut the new loom so it's flywheel off to get to the stator.

Flywheel came off easily and obviously wasn't torqued up. Then when I took the stator off the screws were barely hand tight, every single casing screw is loose with many of the heads chewed. Thankfully I have a set of new casing screws for it. Got me worried what the inside of the engine is like though as it's obviously been apart... 😣

That's how the stator was fitted, there's a line on the stator plate and engine casing. Am assuming they're timing marks? They weren't even lined up. So glad I haven't tried to start this without doing much to it.

Onwards to victory... 😎




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Not all I found sadly...

First thing I noticed was the state of the barrel. Am guessing that at some point in its life it's been seized and someone has used a persuader on it, badly. Only positive is that the piston is practically brand new.

So I got another barrel and took the old one off and had a look at the crank. It's badly pitted which leads me to believe that it's been waterlogged at some point and for a long time judging by the state of it. Knew then that this was going to be a full rebuild.

First thing I noticed about the engine was the damage to the barrel as it's quite significant. Plus a couple of other things that I wasn't happy about. Alarm bells were already ringing and figured that this was going to turn into a full engine rebuild. 

I've been practising on another engine because I knew that I was likely going to have to strip this one down and rebuild it and last night I started on it. Am confident now to be able to take it apart and put it back together again. Just money for tools and parts is what's holding me back...

Further in, the clutch is in a hell of a state. There was water in it, plates rusted, grit and grime, so much grit! New clutch ordered!

Poor engine has been badly treated. Gonna have to sell another kidney but it's not beyond saving. All I need now is a lottery win. Wish me luck!🤞








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