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  1. Thanks for the reply Neo, unfortunately this is the case with the engine number on and with the frame it's out of it's numbers matching. I really want to try and save it.
  2. I don't do facebook but thanks for the suggestion Not looking good for Kickstart either I found several down south so would have to post it off but would prefer somewhere I could drop off and collect in person to reduce the risk of losing them or them getting damaged in transit. Shame that, Manchester would have been doable Thanks anyway
  3. Hi, can anyone recommend someone who can repair crank cases? The nearer to Yorkshire the better please. Have a couple of DT175 cases that need some welding. There's been issues with parts coming loose internally and wreaking havoc adding new oil galleries, couple of small holes. Also, it appears that some idiot has split them with a hammer and a screwdriver, chipping and denting the casing and ruining the flush fitting. Those sorts of repairs Thanks in advance.
  4. So it's turning into quite the little shop of horrors this engine but I'm going to persevere as it's numbers matching with the frame. Am sure it's all repairable. Some budding mechanic has been in it and they're a lot worse than me at this. I can see why the last fella put it all together and sold it on as an 'unfinished project'. "I ain't had time to look at it, I've got a lot on and need the space". Hmmmm ok It was still a bargain! Even if the engine is knackered. Split the casings with my new tool. Nothing in there was tightened or torqued. There's a circlip missing and
  5. Thanks but too late, they came yesterday. In any case, I have this horrible habit of ruining stuff trying to do the right thing with the wrong tools It's for the best
  6. Crank case splitter tool and clutch tool. Used the refund from the forks I missed out on to buy them. Got a flywheel puller already
  7. I have I think they're probably sick of talking to me now but am hoping that I've made enough noise for them to do something about it because it shouldn't be happening. If they know these are restricted as soon as they arrive at the freight centre then they should know they're restricted the moment they're sold and be able to either warn the buyer and or offer an alternative shipping method. That they can't/won't is a failing on their part. As soon as I got the 'restricted' message on the tracker I looked it up and found endless stories like mine of people who, through no faul
  8. I had to go through a few people but I got the answer that I wanted. Just a shame they couldn't have picked this up before it was dispatched as that would have given me and the seller the option of making alternate delivery arrangements and I wouldn't have lost this item. "Good news you got your money back" I don't want my flipping money back I want what I paid for! For the record, I fully appreciate their position regarding safety as it's via air freight. What I'm struggling with is them not picking this up before they were dispatched and the lack of them asking me if I want
  9. The original forks just need reconditioning. I've got 2 bikes to build and wanted these for the best of the 2.
  10. From what I've read it's totally arbitrary and rarely makes any sense at all. Money back is great but I really wanted the forks, I mean look at them, 40 years old and they're in that good a shape? I would happily have paid double what I did. Gutted. Nope. Like the seller said, nothing we can do. Apparently they will eventually come up for sale again as Ebay keeps the items and resells them through a certain account(s) I'll keep an eye out for them and see if they reappear and try buy them again if they're affordable still. I had a good read up on what
  11. Couple of weeks ago I found a beautiful looking pair of 1978 forks for my DT175 on Ebay that were in the US. If they were as good as the pictures I'd scored myself a decent pair that only needed new seal, oil and a little bit of a polish and they'd have been like new. So in anticipation of their arrival I bought some news seals and some oil for them. I was tracking them daily and after a slight delay because of bad weather everything was going swimmingly, until yesterday evening when I noticed on the tracker "Undeliverable" Never seen it before so I messaged the seller and aske
  12. Not all I found sadly... First thing I noticed was the state of the barrel. Am guessing that at some point in its life it's been seized and someone has used a persuader on it, badly. Only positive is that the piston is practically brand new. So I got another barrel and took the old one off and had a look at the crank. It's badly pitted which leads me to believe that it's been waterlogged at some point and for a long time judging by the state of it. Knew then that this was going to be a full rebuild. First thing I noticed about the engine was the damage to the barrel as it's quit
  13. This is one that I bought off ebay that arrived wrapped in a big ball of gaffa tape with a postage label on so might have been that but there's no damage to the thread at all or anywhere on it actually, to indicate it's been dropped but knowing delivery firms like I do intimately, it wouldn't have been handled with much care. I have clouted it a little on the end with a wooden mallet to get the cases to split when it became obvious I hadn't used enough heat to get the 2 halves to go together. Could have been that too I suppose. This is my spare engine. I have one in the main bi
  14. It's just the threaded part. The tapered shaft is fine Just worried that the bent thread will push the flywheel out of line and cause a vibration. I don't think torqueing it up will take the kink out of it.
  15. Putting an engine together and after spending a great deal of time learning what to do getting bearings out and new ones in I've finally put the cases together and have discovered that the threaded part of the crank is on the piss. It's got a noticeable bend in it and am guessing that this is going to cause a severe vibration and lead to the demise of the bearing pretty quickly. Am I right in this assumption and what are my options?
  16. The bike is 2k4 Vin which there are many UK bikes with that prefix. I only said German origin because that's what Yambits said but what's to say that they're correct and in any case, given the age of the bike, nobody will have any records anyway. So I may as well treat it as a UK bike and apply for an age appropriate registration, no? Have looked at Nova and I'm missing a lot of information to complete their form because I don't know for certain it was imported, when or who by... So I've got my dating certificate from that helpful chap at Air-Cooled place. Is it a V55/5 "first regist
  17. Maybe some crap in the tank that was unsettled by the removal got into the fuel line and carb? Unless you can find an obvious reason externally then maybe time to strip and overhaul the carburettor. Should be a gasket and jet kit available otherwise take apart and clean float bowl and blow jet(s) out. If it is a dirty carb then a tank flush and clean and shiny new hose and inline filter might be a good idea also. Edit: Just checked and plenty of carb repair kits for the SR on Feebay ranging from 10-30 quid... Good luck!
  18. Have bought a few things from the US and some of the postage is a piss take especially when you see how much cheaper and faster it is from countries just as far away. They always take so sodding long as well! I've had stuff arrive from places like Indonesia, Australia and Thailand that I ordered after, that have arrived a week or more before my US purchases have. Have had 2 deliveries so far take over a month. Managed to get some rare parts at reasonable prices though that I couldn't even find or was outbid on in the UK. The one good thing I like about buying from the US is that the
  19. It got here safely in the finish, no thanks to me. If I'd have waited "patiently" a few days more it would have been sent back to the US and I could have lost it. Anyone who knows DT's knows these are rocking horse. It's in really good condition too.
  20. Very informative thank you! I have a decent, genuine, 175 bore it's got a piston with 100 stamped on it. Does that mean it's been rebored and that's an oversized piston? The piston Is a little loose at the bottom probably a mm overall so figure it would slap a bit if I use it in its current state. Also, what's on it currently isn't right. It's a Yamaha 175 bore but whoever fitted it had to break some fins to get it on. As far as am aware all the 78 on side casings are the same, so it's not MX I don't think... Either way am getting rid of it as it's not right. Thanks again for th
  21. All sorted. Dating certificate in the post
  22. Sent payment off then went to send pictures and they bounced because apparently his mailbox is full. Sent a message without pictures, hopefully he gets back to me soon... Point taken!
  23. I've bought an 'unfinished project' as building one from scratch was going to take too long despite my having collected most of the parts... I might start that after this one if I still have the will to live. I've got engine work to do. Have done one side, fitted side case and auto lube which was missing when I got it. On the flywheel side the stator wiring is missing a plug and I really dont want to cut the new loom so it's flywheel off to get to the stator. Flywheel came off easily and obviously wasn't torqued up. Then when I took the stator off the screws were barely hand tight
  24. Oh great! I read something in an old post the other day that mentioned it and looked it up. I was thinking of going for the first time. Well that's that then.
  25. You should be looking at a flasher unit like the one in the picture with a plug like the other picture. According to a wiring diagram I've seen it's supposed to be on the left hand side near the ignition coil which will be right under the tank hanging off the frame (?) I don't think i'm allowed to put up external links but if you search SR250 wiring diagram in google images it should show up. Hope this is of some help. Somebody with more of an idea might be along soon...
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