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  1. Good point, well made. I just put one of the expanders behind the lower ring [they are sat on the dining table]. It clearly takes up a small amount of play and keeps the ring more concentric. As it is zero hassle to fit them, i put them in. Thanks Neo.
  2. Yes. Just freshening up the top end. Suz's fiches do not show that ring and the original pistons dont have them. Wont bother with them.
  3. Ta. I thought it might be an 'expander' for the lower ring. Funny as there isn't one on either of the existing pistons. I'm gonna leave them out.
  4. Can someone tell me what the 'wiggly' ring is for in a piston kit? like the one below on the top right:
  5. you cant treat whole parts of a circuit as a node using Kirchoff's. Quite normal to do so, as Finnerz says current flow is conserved and measurable at any point in a path. If you think about the long piece of flex, the potential difference at that distance would not be able to drive a current flow (the resistivity would be too high) - you might get microamps of flow [DC has other effects that occur over long distance that arent always desirable). It wouldn't be that there would be energy to light the bulb, there wouldn't be a measurable and usable flow to allow any conversion of energy. What you have to remember is horns, heated grips, bulbs are all electrical devices which are specifically designed to convert electrical energy into other forms (sound, heat and light). You can switch a DC circuit anywhere - general convention is that you do it at the most positive part of the circuit, automotive circuits buck this by switching close to earth. As you stated mains AC is different mainly because the Lives is alternating between a positive and negative potential and there is a risk that any thing which is connected could create a dangerous potential difference, hence equipotential bonding. Not sure i get the first question. The second though is like this: the substation transformer that feeds you estate (and probably others) has 3 live lines out each out of phase by 120 degrees. A group of houses will get a live line each so the transformer, so the windings in the transistor will drive the current for all those houses in that group. Typical house in very typical conditions drawing several amps (between 2-20A unless cooker or electric shower on), so it's a summation (Kirchhoffs) of the current draws of all the houses.
  6. Well I have to disagree, but current is the same throughout the circuit (Kirchoff's Law). It's a legacy of automotive electrics to switch to earth - I think it was because having both sides of the switch at a potential of zero when it the contacts are closed causes fewer malfunctions.
  7. I'm confused. Isnt the soundbomb 12v? Isnt the feed from the loom also 12v? There is no difference in voltage. Like Cynic, I would relay it however, as the current draw will be larger.
  8. How did you test your battery? measuring the voltage across the terminals only tells a small part of the story.
  9. The front shocks on the 535 are pretty soggy generally. New springs and oil would be a start.
  10. Todtnau and Titisee (lol) Feldbergpass [the legengary part of the B500] A lot of Swabia is good. The roads around Albstadt and back towards Stuttgart are amazing and not well known - G-Earth is worth looking to see the climbs and decents and find the hairpins. Eg. Gosheim and the Lemberg and the road to Lichtenstein castle. Go over the Vosges too. The Route de Ballons is as good - i did it once in the snow - got turned around at 4000ft by some Elsassien forestry guy who must have thought i was nuts. + the wooden footbridge on the Rhine. +there is also a great biker cafe not far from the Hohentwiel, but youll need to google for it. Germany has some many awesome roads and many are not well known to UK riders. Lots of hairpins in wooded districts with little traffic.
  11. pilninggas

    Time has come...

    Wales has that affect on people. From one iconic motorcycle to another. The vmax is a pussycat though!
  12. not sure of this helps: https://bikez.com/motorcycles/yamaha_rs_100_1975.php looks like haynes is wrong.
  13. pilninggas

    New Bike

    Why not introduce yourself in new members? The R125 is very popular. Yamaha took styling queues from it's sports bike range for the design of the bodywork. They have also updated it at reasonable intervals, avoiding it becoming staid like the CBR125. As with any bike you view check the VIN plate has not been tampered with. Check for crash damage [imo minor marks are normal] but things replaced with gleaming new parts should set alarm bells ringing. Always ask if it has been dropped. And qualify this with 'at what speed?'. Also HPI it. Some kids buy them on finance and then discover their apprenticeship wont cover the payments and try to sell them on. You'll be lumbered with the finance if you buy it. Some people may also put damaged repaired bikes back on the road [nothing wrong with this if done with scruples] with out declaring to potential buyers the previous 'write off'. The earlier ones were a bit fragile reliability wise, not helped by attempts to tune. Anything after 2012 should be better, but make sure it's had regular oil changes, has been cleaned and check wheel bearings, if it has done more than 12k miles. Avoid anything with modifications, they may be tempting but if not done correctly they may shorten the life of components. I'd get an insurance quote to. These R125s, due to their popularity with idiots and thiefs is quite a lot more than some other 125s. I like that they have brought new blood to motorcycling, i dislike the new price, it's obscene. Edit: also notice at the bottom of the ad, there are links to the MT125. Look at those too.
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