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  1. Hello I only have one coil unlike the one in the photo you posted a while back had 2 thanks
  2. Sorry it made sense to me do I need to buy the 7 wire cdi or the 6 wire cdi?
  3. Hello I have one more question I'm buying a new cdi for my bike from Rex's speed shop the bike currently has a six wire cdi but there is 7 wires the spare wire is red from the bikes loom I also have 5 wires coming from my stator but the bike starts and runs now with the cheap 6 wire cdi thanks
  4. Hello yes mate sorry my work colleague was checking it and asked to check the ohms from the stator he said you could do it to see if anything had broken as theres a few split wires which i have fixed now
  5. Sorry I've got one more question what's the output from the stator before i put it back together I won't to check it's all ok I've ordered and manual but taking for ever to come thanks again
  6. Yes I believe I have it's got 4 slots and it's f3T251
  7. Hi mate that's exactly what I've got so I'm just going to buy a second hand original cdi and try that thanks for your help mate!
  8. My phone won't let me post photos so have to copy and paste I'll try agin tomorrow in the computer
  9. Hello mate I looked my stator is actually 5 wires
  10. My bike has a square swing arm but it was changed to this so I guess it's a mk1 also when I got my bike it was all striped back I'll get some photos later
  11. I want to get the bike on the road for the summer so I will keep and eye out for a second hand one on eBay just unsure what the correct one is I think it's the 7 wire mx version
  12. Ok mate thanks for all you help my engine is stripped ATM but will let you know if I can get it working thanks again!!! Top bloke
  13. Have they loaded now? And I've got the line on my flywheel and in the casing just not on the stator god knows why thanks for your help though mate really appreciate it
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